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Sorry, but you cannot add any more reactions today.

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I don't know if this has ever happened to anybody else here but to me this has been happening more and more often recently.


I haven't counted the exact number until this message pops up yet but i'm definitly gonna try to do that next time when i have the chance. After giving a like or a laughing smiley face or sad smiley face or thanks, basically after reacting to someone elses post here, after 20 or so times a window pops up that says "Sorry, but you can't add any more reactions today" to which i can only respond by clicking or tapping on okay.


I don't know if that's supposed to happen but up until last year this has never happened to me before so i assume it might be a problem.


If it is something that isn't supposed to happened it would be very appreciated if somebody could fix this somehow.


I hate it when i want to give reactions to so many great posts when suddenly i'm not allowed to do that anymore and i have to wait one or two days and then go back to the posts i wanted like and catch up on it.

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