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With G5 right around the corner i was wondering if maybe some of you would like to see G5 related additions to the forum.


Of course they would take some time to be implemented (if they can even be implemented at all) but until we get to that point we can talk about what exactly you all would like to see.


There are two things that came to my mind.


You see our beautiful banner up there? The one with the two pegasus and Cloudsdale in the background?


There is no way in hell i would want to get rid of that. But if you know, you can actually change the banner to a different one called Friendship is gaming and a dark version of it. I was thinking about maybe we could add a fourth one for G5 if you would like something like that.


The other thing i was thinking about was adding some G5 related emotes. You know, those things. :sunset::angrytwi::haha:


For example.




A smaller version of this could be used as an emote to welcome new users to the forum.


Another example.


A smaller version of this would make a pretty neat emote too, don't you think?




If you have more ideas and suggestions, please share them here. And if enough people want it, we could add a lot of G5 related things later down the line.

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If I see G5 ponies here I'm leaving this site forevah!



I think that the site is gonna be about both G5 and G4, elements from both are a requirement. I fully support the idea of the emotes.

And while I love the banner, I think it could afford to be updated with added elements. Let's wait and see what the new movie provides in the form of ideas and vistas that can match the cloud metropolis. Maybe a composite image?

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