My Little Pony: A New Generation

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Title: My Little Pony: A New Generation


Synopsis: Friendship and harmony have been replaced by fear, and Ponies now live seperated by species. Sunny - a feisty and idealistic young Earth Pony - is convinced that there's still hope for this divided world filled with paranoia... however, when she befriends a lost Unicorn named Izzy who wanders innocently into the Earth Pony town of Maretime Bay, the town reacts in outrage. Izzy and Sunny run away together and embark on an epic adventure that will take them to faraway lands and force them to challenge the status quo by facing their fears and making new friends out of old enemies. The world Sunny has dreamed of her entire life could finally become a reality as Sunny and her newfound friends fight to prove that even little Ponies can make a BIG difference.


Release Date: 24.09.2021

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I want to put extra effort into my review for this movie, so it's gonna take some time for me to put it together.


I also plan on watching the movie multiple times as to not miss any details and just to make my review as good as i can.


I hope you're all gonna have fun and enjoy the new movie. :)

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My Little Pony: A New Generation



You know what's the best way to start off the new generation?


By starting this movie out by showing us the old one!




Holy fucking shit, that was unexpected!


That's some gorgeous looking animation though. So the Mane 6 talk about going on another adventure as they gather on a hill. "Earth Ponies, take the lead! Pegasy fly beside me! Unicorns, horn at the ready!"




They're the guardians of harmony. With the power of their friendship they will spread love, as said by Pinkie Pie, and give hugs like Fluttershy says, because of course she fucking does.




What a way to start off the movie and hook all the G4 fans right from the beginning. This beginning sure as hell surprised me and it made me smile like a little child seeing my favorite characters again.


But sadly this beautiful scene doesn't last too long because Rarity responds with "...frying brains" as her face becomes all twisted and evil and she says "Yeah, I'm an evil Unicorn and i'm gonna zap everypony with my hornlasers." before starting to shoot blasts in the direction of her friends.




As i thought it would be, it cuts to the new world in which three young ponies, Sunny Starscout with a pair of paperwings on her back, skinny little Big Macintosh and James Hitch Marsden play with their G4 figures. The red filly named Sprout was the one who interrupted their peaceful little playsession by shouting the whole "frying brains, evil unicorn, zap you with my hornlasers" thing, to which Sunny responds with "No, no, no. That's all wrong. The ponies are all supposed to get along, remember?" She keeps going, much to the dismay of Sprout and she says that they never used their magic against each other. Except you can go fuck yourself with that statement 




because you're




But hey, Sunny probably doesnt know about every incident and conflict that occurred so long ago, so i'll let it slide.


Sprout explains that his Mom told him that the Pegasy and Unicorns tried to eat up all the Pegasy and Earth Ponies by zapping them with lasers and frying them to a crisp as he jumps on the table and throws around their figures. "The earth ponies kicked their butts in an epic battle and if they ever came back to Maretime Bay we would do it again.".


Sunny somewhat panicks and angrily begs Hitch to confirm that those are lies, to which Hitch responds by saying that this is kinda how it is because those are the things their teachers teach them in history class.




Rewritten history used as manipulation? Interesting, i guess.


They go back to playing as the camera pans down to show the room below, which is full of G4 references and easter eggs. Including a picture of Twilight, a map of the old Equestria, i think a quill that Twilight used to have or at least a replica of it, pictures of the Mane 6 cutiemarks, a replica of Grogars bell, a picture of Stars Swirl the Bearded and a picture of the chest that contained the rainbow powers from S4 are what i managed to spot. Pretty stacked when it comes to the references and we're not even 5 minutes into the movie. Also, Sunnys father is in the room too. He's working on some lampshade thingy and since the little G4 figures looked like they were made of wood he probably crafted them for his little daughter himself. He also has some sort of pendant around his neck which seems to resemble Twilights cutie mark but i could be wrong about that.


Sunnys friends come down and now Sunny asks her father to tell her friends that what they said are lies. He tells them to go home. They walk towards the door when it suddenly opens as Sprouts mom stands in front of them. She says "How many times have i told you, you cannot just go trotting off on your own without my permission? Especially not here." while giving Sunnys father this pretty hostile look. Sunnys father asks "And why is that again?" to which Sprouts Mom responds with "Because you are brainwashing their minds with all of your nonsense" to which he responds with "It's called research Ma'am. Besides, i leave all the brainwashing in Maretime Bay, to you." as he and Sunny offer her unicorn cupcakes. Freshly baked.



Sprouts mom says "You know you're an Earth Pony, Argyle. You should really start acting like one. At least for her sake." and they walk out the door while Sunny munches on the cupcakes.




On the adorableness scale i'll give her a 6/10. Sorry, still getting used to the CG faces.


For a short moment though Sprout tries to reach for the cupcakes, but he get's pulled back by his mother.




Is that supposed to be foreshadowing and symbolism for him eventually believing Sunny and joining in peace with the unicorns, but his mothers beliefs and indoctrination hold him back for now?




Outside Sprouts mom angrily remarks "Who does he think who he is, talking to me like that. That pony is trouble." to which Sprout himself responds with "Don't worry Mommy. When i become sheriff i'll keep everypony in line." She likes that idea. So, i guess that's the first time Sprout brought this up in front of her.


So we're growing up with different beliefs. The ones who believe in manufactured history are the quote on quote "normal ones" and Sunny and her father Argyle are looked down upon and being scrutinized for believing in the truth which apparently has been buried and forgotten. I can see the parallels to our real world and if done right it could play out pretty decently, so i hope the writing stays solid and doesn't throw such sensitive topics off the rails.


Argyle closes the door and framed picture of him and Sunny that's on the wall slides down a little bit, so he puts it back in place.




He walks over to Sunny who's disappointed that her friends don't believe her.




He says that the important part is that as long as you stand up for what you believe in. Sunny says that one day she's gonna show everypony that she and her father are right. She says they'll meet Pegasy and Unicorns and that they'll be best friends forever. And while she's saying this she has this really fascinated look on her face, which i love.


Her father says "Well, maybe today is that day." and he tells Sunny that there's a Unicorn outside the window. Reinforcing her fascination with the other races she immidiatly looks outside the window and goes "Where? Where?". When she turns around her father says "Here." and Sunny giggles at the paper horn he put on his head. They play a little bit more until Sunny says she has an idea.




Another really nice transition to the rooftop, on which the both of them are putting together a letter that says "Dear Unicorn and Pegasy. You have friends here in Maretime Bay. Please come visit us.". They send it into the sky with a balloon and as they look up we get some beautiful music and animation. You can see the glowing balloon reflecting in Sunnys eyes and hell, you can even see Sunny and her father being reflected off the windows behind them.


Argyle puts his paperhorn on Sunnys head, who in combination with her paperwings now resembles an alicorn. Let's keep this picture in mind for now.




Sunny asks "Can you tell me the story pleaaaaase?" and with another amazing transition from the rooftop to her bedroom inbetween, her father tells her the story of Twilight Sparkle and how she and her friends spread the magic of friendship throughout the world while putting the little G4 figures on the shelf next to her.


He also says that a hundred unicorn horns lit up the night sky, which sounds like some bullshit. I don't remember that happening.


He turns on the lampshade thingy he finished earlier today at which Sunny marvels.




She wishes for a friend who can fly and a friend who can float things before asking "Why can't we be friends anymore?" to which her father responds with "That, my darling, is a big question. And maybe one day, we'll figure it out, together. We'll do our part." and in unison they say "Hoof to heart."


He gives her a goodnight kiss and walks out of the room. After Sunny says "Good night daddy." her father responds with "Good night my little pony." and he closes the door.


Sunny turns her head towards the G4 figures and says "Good night friends." before falling asleep.




Awww. Fuck it man, i take back what i said earlier. She is adorable in this scene. I'm wondering though. Where is her mother? Well, i'm sure i'm gonna get my answers later.


That ends the prologue of the movie. Now, cut to a few years later.




I'm just noticing this, but is this a Spike plushie near the upper left corner? So i guess Spike matters after all.


But whatever.


Sunnys alarm clock rings and she wakes up, looking like this.




Today is marked with a smiley face on her calender. Out of the bajillion hairbands in her drawer she takes out the only blue one.




She fixes her mane and puts on her bag which has Twilights cutie mark on it. It also has three pins on it. One with Twilights cutiemark, one with Fluttetshys cutiemark and one with Rainbow Dashus cutiemark. I don't know if this is supposed to represent that her personality is a mixture of those three but since we're still early in the movie it's a little bit hard to judge. Or maybe she is just a huge fan of those three in particular, who knows.


There is also a huge poster with Celestias cutie mark behind her bed, sooo, Celestia gets some appreciation from Sunny too i guess.




She goes up to the roof where she folds a big piece of paper and packs it in her bag. After going back down, she walks past her fathers glasses and pendant (and i guess he is still asleep at that time) before looking at the photo of Sunny and Argyle on the wall and saying that she finally has a plan.


As Sunny goes outside and closes the door behind her, the framed picture of her and her father once again slides down a little bit. She quickly comes back in to put it back in place though.


That's the second time this happens. Is this supposed to mean something?


With her roller skates on, she skates down the road towards the town and here we're getting our first song, sung by Sunny herself.




Now, A BUNCH of things are happening during this song. So let's go through them step by step.


She arrives in the town and grabs that little container full of smoothies. Because remember, she apparently owns a small smoothie business. Makes me wonder how old she is. But then again, the Mane 6 also supposedly worked full time jobs and their ages were left really vague as well.


Also, FINALLY some healthy fucking food after all the unhealthy shit that Pinkie and to some extend Applejack have been throwing around in G4. Yeah i know apples are healthy. Applepie and muffins and bakery products not so much though.


While this is happening, Sprout, who has been hiding behind a newspaper starts chasing after her. Because singing is illegal.


He steals someponys food and drink and this actually made me laugh.




We see two little earth ponies hitting piñatas that look like unicorns and pegasy much to the dismay of Sunny who skates past this.


She makes a balloon animal that looks like a unicorn and gives it to a filly, only for the filly to show it too her parents who are horrified by it because unicorns evil. How does she make the balloon animal so precisely without fingers?


Next Sprout steals a skateboard from a young filly in order to chase after Sunny but while skating over a manhole the cover get's lifted up and he flies through the air while we see Sunny practice her activism by putting unicorn and pegasy stickers on some lampposts.


Some construction working ponies get spooked by the supposed shadow of a pegasus pony but it's actually just the shadow of two kites overlapping.


Sunny then approaches a poster depicting an evil blacked out sillhouette of a pegasus pony which she brightens up by drawing some hearts and smiley faces on it. An out of breath Sprout doesn't like that at all.




Sunny then let's herself get carried the rest of the way by holding on to a train.




How the fuck does she do this? She has no fingers and her hooves are covered by her roller skates so HOW IS SHE HOLDING ON TO THE TRAIN?!?




Magnetic bullshit hooves.


She finally arrives at her destination.




Canterlogic? Yes, that's what it's called.


The song itself, was alright. Not bad, not great either. Just alright.


Also, i love the wings on her helmet.




Sheriff Hitch then greets her and Sunny notes how the critters are always following him. He is puzzled by how he's such a critter magnet.


Y'all smell something?




Also, why is one of the birds wearing a tuna can on it's head?




Hitch accuses Sunny of trying to sabotage the annual presentation at Canterlogic and after some "Come ooooon Hitch." they do this.




Their weird little friendship hoofshake, i assume. I am too bothered right now to write down what exactly they're saying.


Sprout arrives, huffin and puffin, and he tells Hitch that he kept an eye on Sunny just as Hitch ordered him to do. That tells me that Sprout is beneath Hitch in rank.


They then talk about how Sprouts mother banned Sunny from going to to presentation because every year she supposedly tries to sabotage it, to which Sunny responds by saying the she is only gonna deliver her smoothies. Hitch says she should just let Sprout do the delivery which ends up happening as Sprout laughs in Sunny face. But of course, with a smirk on her face, Sunny plans on sneaking into the factory.


Inside Canterlogic factory, Hitch tells Sprout he thinks that he finally got through to Sunny and shortly after, the presentation starts.


"It's the moment you all have been waiting for. As the founder of Canterlogic, she's been keeping us safe and stylish for the last 20 moons. Please go wild for the one and only, Phyllis Cloverleaf!"


Phyllis walks on stage and talks about how she feels happy to create products that protect the earth ponies from the unicorn and pegasy as we get shown more posters that are depicting the other races as evil. Those are some cool looking posters though.




She then happily states her slogan "To be scared is to be prepared." with a really dirty look on her face as the crowd says it with her and cheers. I think i've heard a yahoo in there.



Propaganda at it's finest.


They then start their show.


A pony named Sugar Moonlight walks on stage. She's wearing a weird hat that, as Phyllis explains it, is an anti mind reading hat.




Two things.


First off, i'm sure unicorns can't even read other ponies minds. We've never seen anyone do that. Second, that hat brainwashes you and turns you into a zombie, i'm calling it now.


Next up we have Sparkle Chaser who's wearing some whack ass looking goggles. They're supposed to keep your eye in the sky and protect you from pegasy but since they look so stupid, Sparkle Chaser falls off the stage, as Phyllis says "It's all just part of the show."




If you want to watch out for pegasy coming from above why not just do what every normal fucking creature would do and just look up? It isn't difficult and it won't strain your neck, i swear bro.


And at last but not least we see another pony walk on stage, this time in order to show us a slightly condensed version of Pixars Up.




Basically he has balloons strapped on his back, so that he can escape the pegasy?


What? You could just pop the ballons.


Funnily enough, as he floats up he somehow gets sucked out of an open window, which had me burst out into laughter. :haha:


Phyllis then says that Canterlogic takes great care of the safety of their customers to which the crowd goes "Awwwww."


Dude, one pony just got sucked out of a window! Who knows where he's gonna go and what's gonna happen to him now! Are we just gonna ignore that?


She then tells the crowd to take a step back (which they all do in unison) before unveiling what looks like a robot pony or crash test dummy. But before she can do anything further, Sunny jumps on stage and knocks it away.




Once again resembling an alicorn with a paperhorn and a pair of paperwings.


We get a short speech from her about how all races should be friends while she's holding up a nice looking sign that resembles union between the three races.




However, instead of the crash test dummy getting "tortured" in order to show off all of Phyllis's products as it was planned, instead Sunny goes through all of that. Including a unicorn entrapment body, which puts a helmet on her, and for some reason wings too, resulting in more alicorn imagery.


She gets swung around on a rope while a weird looking machine throws green slime balls at her. Seriously, what are those products Phyllis was so eager to show off? They all seem rather useless and nonsensical.


Also, nobody seems to be concerned about Sunny getting injured through all of this, even though they try to shut down their machines.


Hitch ends up pulling out the plug which results in the slime ball machine shutting down and Sunny landing in front of the crowd.




Continuing on with her speech, she says "Aren't you all tired of being scared? The truth is, we are not in danger. It's all a lie! We don't need any of this canterlogic junk." to which Phyllis angrily responds with "Oh we don't, do we? How do you suggest we defend ourselves? With hugs and cupcakes?" as the crowd laughs.


For a moment Sunny makes two fillies smile by talking about having friends who could fly or float things only to get interrupted by Phyllis saying those friends could fry your brains with hornlaser or swoop down and snatch you away, which terrifies the two little fillies back into submission.


She says "Everypony needs to hear this. Everything you believe about pegasy and unicorns is wrong. They used to be our friends. And they can be again" only to get booed by the crowd and escorted out by Hitch. If things like this have been happening for years now, as Hitch said it earlier, you would think that Canterlogic would improve their security in order to prevent that. But i guess Sunny knows how to sneak in undetected time and time again.


Back outside at her smoothie shop, Sunny gets scolded by Hitch for breaking too many laws.


Hitch says that he can't keep associating with someone like her because he is the sheriff but she wants him to help her because of that and because ponies look up to him.


After Hitch says he wants to uphold the law and keep everypony safe Sunny 300 IQs him by saying that everypony means pegasy and unicorns too. But he also says that the whole pony unity thing was just a false bedtime story made up by her dad and that she shouldn't lose Hitch as her last friend in the town.


Sunny seems hurt by this as Hitch walks away.




She sits down on a bench, looks up into the sky and says "I wish you were here, dad." Wait, is her father still alive or what?


After a moment of silence we see a bunch of ponies scream in panic and run away. A confused Sunny looks around and says "What's going on?" as a wild Tangela approaches through the gate.






Well, actually no. But we all know who it is. Sunny who has stumbled and is laying on the ground is greeted by this sight.




Terrifying. So terrifying in fact, that every pony who isn't Sunny screams in horror and runs away.


Izzy thinks that everypony is playing hide and seek, so she says "I see you!" to one earth pony hiding behind Sunnys smoothie shop wagon.




Left with no other choice, he jumps into the ocean.




Rest in peace stupid mf.


Hitch rings the fire alert upon seeing her and Sprout runs against the door he just came out from.


We then get the scene from the trailer in which Hitch picks up a young colt, gives it to another pony, proclaiming that her kid is save now, only for the pony to say "This isn't my kid!" to which Hitch responds with "You're welcome!".


Square tiles with red x marks shoot out of the ground and Izzy who is amazed at the view towards the sea almost steps into one of those but Sunny saves her.




They run away while Sunny explains to Izzy that this isn't playing hide and seek but that everyone is terrified of her.


Near the Canterlogic factory they are under fire by Phyllis and some of her goons using their machines that shoot the green slimeballs. We get this cool looking long shot that has the camera following them through the street while they're dodging the slime balls which ends with the camera getting hit by one of the slimeballs.


While dodging more of the x marks, Izzy jumps around them playfully.




Kinda like a certain someone.




But after getting distracted near a theater Izzy finally steps into one of the x marks which traps her inside a box.


Hitch tells everyone to calm down since the threat has been neutralized but then Sunny pushes the giant red button on the box that releases Izzy. Also, Izzy finds out Sunnys name through Hitch repeatedly telling Sunny to not touch the button.


While a lot of the earth ponies run into their own traps, Hitch orders Sprout to go to the lighthouse (Sunnys home) to which Sprout responds by stepping into one of the traps and basically bailing. Sprout so far has been the funniest character.


Sunny and Izzy reach the lighthouse, and upon entering we once again see the framed picture of Sunny and her father near the entrace slide down a little bit before getting adjusted back to how it's supposed to be by Sunny.


After closing the curtains on all the windows, Sunny stares at Izzys horn which Izzy mistakes for a staring contest, which is just adorable.




Also, apparently people are shipping those two because of this one scene, which makes me cringe really hard. But hey, you do you, i guess.




Izzy says she lost because she blinked and she starts looking through a telescope, which might be a replica of Twilights telescope. Or at least it's based on it, i don't know.




Sunny says that it's crazy that a unicorn is in her house and after Izzy says that they look exactly the same Izzy approaches Sunny who tells her to be careful with her horn.




Strangely enough, Sunny then mentions all the misconceptions Maretime Bays earth ponies have about unicorns as she tells Izzy "Well i, don't want to get zapped with a wayward laserbeam. But you probably know already. You've probably been reading my mind this whole time. Isn't it supposed to glow by the way? Or does that only happen when you levitate stuff?"


I have a small issue with this scene. I know Sunny is curious and nervous at that moment. But hasn't she been screaming up until now that all this hornlaser mindreading crap is nothing but lies? Yet here she is acting as if there is actual merit to those stories. I know that's her first time meeting an actual unicorn and she doesn't have any first hand experience that goes to the contrary against those stories. But couldn't we have just solved this a little bit differently? Maybe some time later, after they got to know each other a little bit more and Izzy turns out to be harmless, they could have had some dialogue that goes something along the lines of "Well, the ponies here in Maretime Bay like to believe that you unicorns shoot laser out of your horns and that you read our minds ane stuff." "Hornlaser what? Hahahah you're so funny, Sunny! We don't do that, silly!" Just a quick little suggestion.


Sunny runs to the kitchen table and whips out her notebook in which she has 104 questions for a unicorn. Izzy answers Sunnys first question about where she lives by saying "Bridlewood." to which Sunny responds with "I knew it!".


A few more nonsensical questions later we get the infamous bean can scene.






After Sunny asks whether Izzy has magic or not, they get interrupted by Hitch and Sprout who are outside the house screaming through a megaphone that they're surrounded. Even though they're not. 




Sunny asks Izzy how sneaky she is and Izzy tells her, medium sneaky. Unphased by Hitches threat, Izzy goes outside and tells them "Hi guys. Now, i know what you're thinking." which scares Sprout away because he interprets this as Izzy reading their minds. Which is once again, pretty hilarious.


They use this moment of Hitch being distracted to escape.


Sometime later as Sunny and Izzy are leaving Maretime Bay, Izzy tells her that they have lost their magic many many moons ago and that everyone thinks that the pegasy had something to do with it. By moons, do they mean days or years?


Izzy also sniffs on Sunny saying that she doesn't smell, before telling her that the unicorns told her that earth ponies smell like sardines. In response to this Sunny asks her what else the unicorns say about earth ponies to which Izzy replies with "Oh, just that you're lazy and not the brightest crystals in the forest." while chasing after a butterfly as Sunny responds to this with "Charming."


Sunny announces to Izzy that they are going on a quest to Zephyr Heights, the pegasus city, in order to find out what happened to the unicorns magic since the pegasy have magic too.




Izzy is concerned about this, saying that the pegasy are bad news but Sunny tries to calm her down by saying that what Izzy has heard about the pegasy might be wrong, just as what the earth ponies have heard about unicorns is wrong and that they might welcome the both of them with open wings.


We then get our next song, this time from Izzy and Sunny.




It's pretty short and not much is happing during this song. They mostly treverse through the area to reach Zephyr Heights. There are some beautiful visuals accompanying this song though, and the song itself gives me slight Lion King vibes.








I wish this song would have lasted longer.


Uhhh, back at Maretime Bay. The police station to be precise.


Hitch tells Sprout that they are gonna chase after Sunny and Izzy but Sprout once again bails by messing up his desk so that he can be "busy cleaning it". I'm starting to get the feeling that Sprout is all talk and no action and that he's somewhat of a coward.


While walking out the door Hitch flexes his ego and confidence before Sprout has a little outburst of jealousy towards the sturdy alpha male giga chad Hitch while looking through Hitches calender. Sprout remarks how Hitch has a perfect mane, shredded abs (how?) and a payd off mortgage before throwing a little tantrum. Wtf is going here? :haha:


Sprouts mom bursts through the door, asking about Hitch and panicking about how everypony in Maretime Bay is scared. Sprout tells her that Hitch is gone to which she responds by giving her little sugarcube the sheriff star and telling him that since Hitch is gone he can be sheriff now.




Back to Sunny and Izzy who are walking through a foggy valley.


Izzy advises Sunny to be careful since pegasy can steal your luminescence. Sunny asks what that is and Izzy says it's your sparkle. The happier you are, the brighter it shines. Sunnys luminescence is seems to be lavender. That's really vague and i'm not sure what luminescence is exactly, but now i'm really curious and want to know more.


They then notice an unknown figure starting to pursue them, so they decide to flee and climb up the mountain. Sunny slips and nearly falls but at the last second she manages to grab onto Izzys horn and gets pulled up. I'm pretty sure Sunny is gonna bring this up later on and say "I gOt OnLy SaVeD bEcAuSe ShE iS aN uNiCoRn."


They look down to see if whoever was chasing them is gone now. They think they're safe only for their pursuer to dash through the fog a split second later.




She performs some acrobatics and lands behind them.




Shocked to see an unicorn and an earth pony together, she says "Okay, well this day just got a whole lot more interesting.". Two guards slowly appear from behind the rocks as our pegasus tells Sunny and Izzy not to tell them about having seen her as she jumps down into the fog.


Izzy says "There is no way we couuuuuld, we don't even know your naaaaame." in a kinda funny way, making me like her more and more as the movie goes on.


The guards spot Sunny and Izzy. One of them panicks while the other one mocks Sunny for supposedly having a tiny brain but when it comes to Izzy, we got do something about that horn.


The guard spreads out his wings, walks towards Izzy and it cuts to black.


Next thing we see is the four of them in an elevator. Izzy finally got her trademark tennisball on her horn. So, i guess the guards thought putting a tennisball on her horn would prevent her from using magic if she had any? They have no magic proof rock or metal? Izzy and Sunny are not even cuffed. Also, when exactly did they put the tennisball on her horn anyway? Did one of the guards just happen to have a tennisball with them while they were patrolling the area, or did they ask Izzy to be nice and not hurt anyone until they got their hoofs on a tennisball on the way to the elevator?




Well, that explains the origin story of how Izzy got the famous tennisball on her horn. Are you happy now, fandom?


With her notebook already open, Sunny starts asking the green guard countless questions. The other guard tells her to shut up because they could be spies.


The elevator goes up and through more fog as we see a giant city on top of the mountain.




Two news reporter being broadcasted on big televisions announce that the weather is gonna be excellent for todays royal celebration. They say "Tonights royal bash for Queen Haven is gonna be stunning. But the real jewel of the crown will be princess Pipps perfomance!" before showing everyone Pipps livestream.


Pipp tells everyone that she has a new song for later tonight and that she loves everyone. Then they all say "Pipp Pipp Hooray!" including Izzy, before ending them livestream. The "Pipp Pipp Hooray" is so silly, i love it.


Sunny and Izzy get escortet into the throneroom of the castle.



I'm 30 minutes in, so i have officially covered 1/3 of the movie.


So far, i'm loving it. I love the characters and visuals. I hope it doesn't fall apart later on.

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6 hours ago, Leonbrony17 said:

I'm wondering though. Where is her mother?

She passed away with a condition known as Bothersome Parent That Would Prevent the Plot, also known as Murder by Writer and Disney Syndrome.


That introduction after the 2d animated sequence was probably one of my favorite movie intros in ever. Very effective in setting up the plot, heartwarming and so adorable.

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Overall loved the movie. It should have been in theatres and idk why it wasn't. This was a good way to introduce the new generation and i look forward to what this new Gen has in store.

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8 minutes ago, baltoist said:

Overall loved the movie. It should have been in theatres and idk why it wasn't. This was a good way to introduce the new generation and i look forward to what this new Gen has in store.

how's covid in your area?

Also, I'm pretty sure that Netflix is cheaper.

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1 minute ago, Metemponychosis said:

how's covid in your area?

Also, I'm pretty sure that Netflix is cheaper.

1. i stopped following that MONTHS ago cuz covid shouldn't be feared.
2. i don't care how cheap netflix is

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