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So, couple things really bothered me about this.

1) We know that alicorns live for thousands of years, so where are any of the princesses?  

2) if it has been long enough for ALL of the alicorns to perish, what about the other species? 

3) if it has been so long, how do they know exactly what the Mane 6 look like?

4)why do they only have cutie marks on one side of their flanks?

5) why did the Unicorns, pegasus and earth pints separate when some of their cities were so we'll founded and diverse? 

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1) I'm guessing that at least Celestia and Luna may have left Equestria and maybe the entire world. We don't know how long Cadance or Twilight might have lived. Maybe they weren't really immortal. Flurry Heart might be in isolation. Maybe she's the one controlling the Sun and the Moon.


2) I think it might have been 1000 years since the start of Twilight's reign. MLP seems to like periods of 1000 years. When Equestrian society fell apart, the other species might have retreated to their own lands.


3) Some records and artifacts must have survived, including sculptures and paintings.


4) Frankly, I didn't think the ponies wouldn't have cutie marks at all until magic was restored. In the real world, I think the decision came down from Hasbro.


5) I think we'll get some answers in the upcoming series.

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