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Hello! I've just recently been introduced to FIM by some of my friends, and after a few months of timidly dipping my toes into the show and community and slowly growing an obsession; I've finally gone full brony cringelord. I'm 19, in college working for my BA -- I'm an artist, I paint and do digital illustration and design. love to play videogames, talk and laugh with friends, and take care of my flower garden.  


Back when I was around 15, the only exposure to ponies that I had was through an intoxicating slew of cringe culture. Going to a pretty rough school, and having a target pinned on my back for being quiet and weird already; I was too afraid to join the herd (let alone glance at anything pony related). I honestly feel a little bit robbed of the whole brony experience because I was too scared to even acknowledge anything to do with FIM.  But now I think I understand. Sure, it may have been a bit weird, emasculating, and silly to some -- and yes, you could argue that it's only a matter of self -awareness --  but people who are brave and vulnerable enough to publicly display all of the genuine, constructive, wonderful things that they're passionate about (regardless of how loathed) have more strength of character in a forefinger than most ponies do in their entire bodies. That goes for bronies, furries, etc etc. 

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Greetings and salutations, MoonlightLavender! I'm one of older folks here (61), coming into the fandom through my spouse (who grew up with the original MLP toys and show). I was one of the nerdy weirdos in high school too, mostly through being a fan of Star Trek, monster movies, '70s anime and comics. I heard about D&D in my teens, but never got a chance to get into it until after I enlisted into the USAF.

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