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Is EG RR Mane 5 Argument Went To Far?

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Now this is just personal because this is the only scene I don't like in Rainbow Rocks. Sure, that's The Sirens plan all along but The Rainbooms didn't know better enough on what there doing in the Battle Of The Bands. I know they start this thing at the beginning of the movie when Rainbow Dash keeps saying that it's her band, but I can let it slide because this was before the Dazzlings show up. But my problem with this is that everyone is under the Sirens Spell and The Mane 7 know this. I'm just going to get this out of the way about Twilight doing the counter spell. On one hand, She does have a reason on why she's in this predicament of doing this for the 1st time. But on the other hand, Her friends act like the Sirens spell never happen at all during the Battle Of The Bands. Look I get bands ALWAYS go through this but in a very serious, they giving The Dazzlings the upper hand here especially when there trying to save the school. Also if you going to say that this show doesn't always take it self seriously all the time, Than that's a poor excuse when this movie is different from any Band movie.



Let me talk to you about the 5 characters who make the arguments even worse.



Rainbow Dash

Even thought she maybe the one showing off most of the competitions but she's just trying to help for the most part. Granted she Pony up but during this time in EG, they don't know how to do it on their own. The thing she seriously needs to understand is everyone is in trouble. If this was just a normal Bands movie then I can let this slide but I'm not done let.



I get she's trying to help but she's the one causing all the arguments to get worse. When you are in a band in the spell situation, you need to be at least kind and keep it calm. The thing I don't like is that no one not even Sunset calls her out on why she started the arguments. To me she's the worse when she make things worse when you have a temper problem (I know Applejack doesn't have a temper problem but in EG I think she does).



She supports to help even she makes the dresses. For 2 reasons, 1 the outfit she wore in the 1st round was unnecessary since no one was wearing anything special. 2, even though it's her Character and she never been in a band before but again, The only time were Bands were special outfits is in the finals and she did that right, but I think the writing on her was way to much.



I know she didn't do anything except wanting Rainbow Dash to play her song. (I'm broken record) But there in a serious situation were everyone is not listening to the Mane 7. I know she's supposed to be kind but she's not deaf.


Pinkie Pie

She wants to have the band to have fun. Um Pinkie Pie? Do you remember anything about the Sirens taking over the school? See this is way I SOMETIMES taking anything like this seriously!



The Final Argument

This (in my personal opinion) is just to hard to go along with it. The Mane 5 not learning anything about this is just forced writing. When everyone is missing the point of stopping the Sirens and making Twilights counter spell worse makes me not only cringe, but sad and furious at the same time. People like Rarity saying "I wish I never agree to be in it!" (A line that I really hate and takes this way to far) is sick, makes me annoyed, and probably doing this just so The Sirens can win. And here's 3 reasons why this I hate the Mane 5's Final argument.


Reason number 1

They never say sorry to each other. After some mean and load lines from characters which crosses the line for me Should at least say sorry to each other. Look I get they need to get along as a band after this and that's the hole point of the climax of the movie, but no one doesn't even get lines after they stop fighting and before they work together. Also there friends and best friends should always work together to begin with. My point is that the set up they did makes sense, but they took it way too far.


Reason number 2

Even thought Twilight was struggling to make a counter spell on The Sirens, I think it could of work better if the others know better. I know the Mane 5 didn't know The Dazzlings were taking there magic but they know that EVERYONE were under there spell. I get there not supposed to be really smart but this is way to obvious for them to understand what there doing.


Reason number 3

I got nothing against Sunset Shimmer in this movie at all. But I think this is the main reason why everyone is arguing in the first place. They want to give Sunset Character development and I get what there doing. But that doesn't mean everything was okay. I mean if Sunset or Twilight calls out the Mane 5 nicely about what they did was wrong would of make the scene a bit better but they probably didn't have enough time to do any of that. Sunset Shimmer maybe great in this, but her development was just force because of the agreement. And I still can't get along with it because of everything that happened.


Look, I'm not saying I hate Rainbow Rocks, in fact it's the best movie in the Spin Off series. But the Mane 5 Argument to me takes it away from being a Great movie. I know Bands always go though this, but when you add something that involves saving th school, You make this very hard for me to accept. I'm not done let, I'm going to make a video on a Fanfic where someone made a rewrite on the Mane 5 Argument were..... he takes it way too far.



If I was in this situation and I know what I'm doing but still get yelled and getting called at, I'll quit the band and it's there fault for not listening to me.

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Honestly you nailed it. And hey don't worry, being able to critic doesn't in anyway mean you automatically hate it. Just means that it could have been better. And it always can be better, nothing is perfect.

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I think it was fine.

It was basically a story about a group of people falling apart because of internal issues, which is really something that happens quite often.


To a certain degree, you can say they got a bit cocky, they all believed their contribution was super important, to the point where they just pushed their own idea without any regard for the rest of the group.


Next thing is, they never resolved these issues themselves, they just ignored them, gnashed their teeth and moved on, they already started piss off each other, but they were still going on and ignored these "smaller issues" because they had a school to save.

However, these personal issues might become a tripping stone once the faith in your group gets tested, and that's just what happened, being stuck in that basement, they started to lash out at each other because they were frustrated by the situation as a whole.

Of course, in the face of great danger, fighting amongst yourself because of minor issues is stupid, but that happened time and time again that some people split up because of some really minor problems.


I see the argument as pretty realistic, egocentric people (Rainbow Dash), people who distract too much from the actual project (Pinkie / Rarity), people who just take things way too seriously (AJ), People who don't speak up at all (Fluttershy / Twilight), it's really something that probably any person has experienced to some degree in some kind of project / Sport team.


That's why i think Sunsets Lesson was really good, if you're in group, working on a project or whatever,  work out personal issues while there's no pressure going on, because once the situation gets stressful, these personal issues might lead to very heated debates that could threaten the unity of a team.


Obviously yeah, the argument also happened to give a Sunset a big moment, Twilight in particular suffered there because she swallowed this whole boasting from the Mane 5 and Spike that she's the one and only that can write a counter spell and never spoke to anyone directly about it.

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