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15 hours ago, Shadow Dash said:

@Agilaz See, that just addressed three of the biggest problems I have.

The first one: actually keeping track of how many Calories I'm eating. I don't do it often, but I've done it on occasion and found that other than my days where I eat a ton, I tend to barely eat anything...

The second one: The whole gaining "too much weight" thing. Because it is a problem I have. For some reason, there's like a switch in my brain that tells me that anything above the underweight-average weight border is too much weight...

The third one: Other than some running, I'm doing almost nothing to build any muscle. I can't do a real push up, much less try and lift any heavy weights. I really need to get some sort of training regime going, because where I am now, my health is going to collapse one of these days, and I'm going to hate knowing that I could've stopped it. I'm at 4% body fat as well, so even if I put on some fat in the process of gaining some muscle, it would still be beneficial to my health.


The good news is you can recognize for a fact that you aren't eating enough (I think a doctor would probably recommend somewhere around 2400 calories per day). This will sound ignorant but like I said I have the same problem, and basically the solution is just to eat more. I usually eat slightly past the point of feeling sick during meals, with snacks between meals. Don't dump the carbs, carbs are glorious.

I don't know anything about eating disorders, but basically you have a choice. You can either keep the same habit and hope for the best results or you can begin to implement real weight gain and fully expect that you will get the best results.

I'm overwhelmingly confident anyone can do pushups; it's just a matter of being real and doing 10 good pushups vs 50 bad ones. Likewise, I wouldn't say you need to lift much to begin training, so long as you're making progress. What I did was to start small with bicep curls, adding progressively more weight. Even I'm not currently benching on a regular basis tbh, even though I would like to.

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OK, so today I hit back at the healthy/underweight line. But I think that this thread should be enough to keep me focused on why I have to keep eating: so that I don't plummet back below that line and have to start all over again. Today is Day 0. And since you recommend it, I'll make 2400 the goal for a minimum.

I've never really thought of going past that point of feeling sick except for the times when I'm absolutely gorging myself, but I tried it today with the simple task of eating breakfast, and then again with eating my lunch. Judging by the results of today, it definitely made a difference. Here's today's totals.

2842 Calories
79 g Fat
402 g Carbs (275g Sugar)
98 g Protein

I'm excited to see the Calories, Fat, and Protein shoot way up from normal, especially the protein. I know a large part of that is because I went to Chick Fil A for lunch, but it's nice to see those totals rising. But the one thing to obviously be worried about is that 275 grams of sugar part. That's 1100 Calories from sugar alone. Take those out of my diet, and I'm only at 1700 Calories. I've really got to find a way to balance my diet more. Since today wasn't exactly typical, I'll measure again tomorrow to see a slightly more accurate representation.

I really don't have much in terms of weights to lift until school starts back up again, but I'll look up some exercises I have the materials for and work on those. Hopefully, by the time the weight room at school opens, I'll be strong enough to actually lift something. It'll take a little bit of courage to show my face in that room doing anything other than running on a treadmill, but I have to try. This problem won't go away on it's own.

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