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Thanks to Ryhaal for the amazing Cover Art


Official Tumbrl Link:
Downloadable Material:

Hello Folks, this is Velgarn, creator of the Pen and Paper RPG Game: Seeds of Harmony 

Seeds of Harmony is a Medieval-Fantasy RPG based on the MLP universe, who uses an hybrid dice system, since uses different die, even if the core die are the d20 and the d100.


The game is more focused on Adventuring, Exploration but also has a good focus on combat.
Roleplay is still a fundamental part of the game, and the rules often grant some material for the GM to work on or will simply let him decide what is better.


Character Customization:

Another important aspect of the game is that the Character Creation allows you to customize the Character as you prefer. Even if there are still restricions for advanced feats, a Character isn't forced to just pick a generic Class or to look for those Homebrew-Unbalanced-Unprobable Classes. Not here.

A Character is based on a Career and Career Type, and while the Career name is not really important per se, it's used to just determine what he is supposed to do, while the Career Type is fundamental since it's used to determine which feats a character can aquire.

Also, there are 9 Races available, instead of only 3 or 4, as i seen many of the other MLP RPG out there, such as:

Earth Pony
Night Pegasi (aka Bat Ponies)



Absence of Crystal Ponies is explained later


Core Edition or Pony Edition:

When i first started to make the game, i based the Core Rules on the use of Anthropomorphic characters for the simple fact that they have hands, so it would make more sense for them to actually hold items, use weapons and all the regular things you do in a typical RPG, but then, since not everyone could like it, i've also created the Pony Edition Ruleset, who still uses the Core Rules, but have few changes to some rules and makes things more show like, such as: Only Unicorns can cast spells, No Hands means No weapons



Pony Edition Example:




Core Edition Example:






Game Setting:

Core Edition uses mostly a Custom Setting, even if i've still used all the Canon material available, with some changes to allow a more vast choice for locations, stories and adventures.

The game is located only 200 years after the Defeat of Nightmare Moon, so the setting is more Medieval-like and most of the stuff who has happend in the show, have to come.

Another important aspect is that no one is actually aware of the existance of the Elements of HArmony, but still, the Core Rule Setting has a more Mature approach, with reigns divided, war and invasions.
The Unification of the Equestrian Reigns, who required a lot of hard work for Celestia, whas then shattered in the End by the uprising of her beloved sister, when she turned into Nightmare Moon, starting a Civil War who divided the four reigns, and in the end of the conflict, the Reigns outside the Reign of Canterlot, decided to become indipended from the Canterlot's Sovereign, while still following his laws and respecting the Solar Princess.


There are four reign available to play who grant different themes:

Nordvern Reign:

The larger of all, the Northen Reign sometimes is often described as barbaric and uncivilized, but still the greatests cities of the North have nothing to envy from other southern cities.

Even if the reign is vast, there are a lot of areas left untouched and far away from pony civilization. The rulers of the Reign are different Jarl, who have one or more cities to rule, even if they do often wager war to each other when trying to exapand their domains.

The Northen Reign is also connected with the Frozen Wastelands, a dire and cold place, where is told the mythical Crystal Empire once stood, before his mysterious disappearing.

Yakyakistan is also located somewhere in the Frozen Wastelands, and Yak raiders often descend from their ancestral home to bring havock and pillagin or to became mercenaries in one of the many conflicts of the Equestrian Race.


Ouestvern Reign:

The most richest and gorgeous of all reign, the Western Reign presents vast plains, beautiful lakes and stunning Arcane Forests, where all kind of strange things can be found.

The reign is more close to the original concept of Princess Celestia about how an Equestrian Reign should be, but even so, while the War of the Two Sisters become more and more a Story, the Reign started to evolve in his own direction. The Reign is also known for the fierce rivalry with the Easter Reign, since the Ouestvern sided with Princess Celestia during the War, while the others sided with Luna.


Östlichvern Reign

Once the direct rival of the Western Reign for both his beautiful landscape and cites, the rise of Nightmare Moon drammatically changed everything.

The Easter Reign is a grim place to live, where dark forests and gloomy swamps cover most of the region, while tall and cold mountains offer also protection and a peril within.

People form the Eastern reign are used to work hard for everything, since not only the enviroment is hostile, but also the monstrous creatures who lurks the woods and the everfree forests within. The reign has also a high percentage of Night Pegasi, while in the other reign they are uncommon or rare.

Griffins and Diamond Dogs are also common both in the Eastern Reign and the Nothern Reign.


Sudvern Reign:

Thile the Southern Reign is still a little gem of his own, the charming landscape is often ruined by the frequent battles and skirmishes between the numerous Cities who fight for theyr territories. This reign is also famous for his inventors, mercenaries, explorers but also that it always divided into many factions who spend more time waging war to each other than try to use diplomacy. Politics, War and Betrayal is a common theme fro the Nobles of this shattered Reign, but even so, they stand still, proud of their origins.



This is a simple summary of the setting,a nd as you can See the Game is placed outside Canterlot, who is seen more as a Far Away land, who was once the centre of what some called the Equestrian Epire, but no more.

Celestia still tries to reason with all the new rulers, but so far many of her invitation to peace or diplomacy receive no answer or an educated "no".

Even so, she is still looking to find and recover all the Shards of the Elements of Harmony, shattered during the final battle with Nightmare Moon, while she finally managed to banish her on the Moon.


About the theme of the Game:

The game is not Sugar Coated as the show is, and involves degrees of what is called "Fantasy Violence", but nothing too different from other classical RPG Games, such as Dungeons and Dragons or Call of Cthulhu. Even so, many of the elements can be played or ignored as you prefer.
Combat is quite intense and tactical, but also promotes Cooperations from players (because Friendship is Magic, you know)




Italian Edition and English Reduced Ruleset:

Since i'm Italian, the Game is originally written in Italian, but since i am the only writer, it took me a lot of time to do so.
Now i've also done the Reduced Ruleset, who still allows to play the game, with less content (such as less Feats, Equipment and Spells) but also without the Lore.

While you can still play a lot with both the Reduced Ruleset and Pony Edition, having a complete translation of the Core Rules would be better, but unfortunatley, i am only one person and so far i have found no one to help me out. If someone is interested into helping me with proofreading, correcting the grammar erros i probably do while writing in english, send me a message on my tumbrl


Roll20 and Roll20 Tokens

I've also made some Roll20 tokens for the game, who can be found in the download section.

If you are not aware, Roll20 is a site where you can organize and actually play RPG games with others, and is very useful for those who have no friends nearby to play, but maybe have numerous firends online. And since you know now that you can still play a RPG with others who are not necessarily with you, you have no excuses to play the game.
PS: just use google to find it is quite simple.




Q: How it costs?

A: That's not how you spell "Generosity" you silly filly. Seeds of Harmony is totally free. Just grab it, learn how ti works and play.
    I mean, why i should make a game for fans and ask for money. Or even create a Kickstarter, or Patreon.


Q: But i don like Anthro

A: That's not a question. Still there is the Pony Edition who allows you to hae Actual Show-Like ponies. Go get it, champ.

Q: "Generosity"? So your favourite Pony is..
A: Princess Luna, obviously.

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Some Additional Sketches




Earth Pony berserker






Armored Diamond Dog Mastiff




Minotaur Adventurer





Also a Screen from a Game Session on Roll20









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Thanks. It took quite a lot of time writing in italian and also Translating it into english, since i had to do all the work by myslef,.
There are still probably some grammar errors, that's why i'm still looking for those who can give an hand with it.

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In all seriousness though, this is amazing and I commend you for releasing this to the public and willing to put in the effort and time to translate it as well. I will certainly be looking into this being a fellow Pathfinder player myself, I think my friends and I will find this very interesting.

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5 hours ago, Toki Zensekai said:

In all seriousness though, this is amazing and I commend you for releasing this to the public and willing to put in the effort and time to translate it as well. I will certainly be looking into this being a fellow Pathfinder player myself, I think my friends and I will find this very interesting.

So far everything in the downloadable material is everything you need to play and covers the core basics plus some advanced stuff.

Even if the translated version is called"Reduced Ruleset" there is still alot of stuff in there.
Consider also that i will continue translating feats and spells and add them in the reduced ruleset, while waiting for someone who could help

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8 hours ago, Topaz said:

This looks pretty cool! I always welcome more Pony RPGs for people to try.

Well, give it a try and then let me know how is it. I Always appreciate feedback of any sort

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I've recently updated both the Core Rules and the pony edition with fixes and new contents, such as additional Feats and Spells, but also adding 2 new races from the Movie (Lizardfolk and Catfolk) plus reworking the Hippogriffs to fit what has seen in the Movie and would be seen in s8.

Pre-made Pony Adventurers has also been updated, plus some new are being created to try out.

As always, any feedback, question or else is always appreciated, or even if you guys try the game and then tell me how it was would make me quite happy.

Also some new Sketches for the Pony Edition:




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New update coming soon.

An update to the core rules is coming soon, which adds more feats, spells fixes and some additional Elite Careers.


It has also some small grammar fixes

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Mostly used as Npcs, since with like 12+ Races i thought it would be enough to choose and also they seem to have problem interacting with other races

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