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NBA, we all know that the GSW will keep on winning. They're continuing their dynasty.

But then, trades and free agencies happen.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Season 2017-2018? Will the GSW still win the championship? Will LeBron's Finals Run continue? Or will the newbies do the impossible?

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Bracket Predictions for 2017-2018


First Round

1 GS vs 8 MIN - GS wins in 4 *BOLD move number 1: Timberwolves predicted to make playoff

2 SA vs 7 POR - SA wins in 4

3 HOU vs 6 LAC - HOU wins in 5

4 OKC vs 5 MEM - OKC wins in 6

1 CLE vs 8 IND - CLE wins in 4

2 WAS vs 7 CHI - WAS wins in 5 *BOLD move number 2: Wizards take number 2 seed. The East is weak.

3 BOS vs 6 MIA - BOS wins in 6

4 MIL vs 5 ATL - ATL wins in 7 *BOLD move number 3: 7 game upset


Second Round

1 GS vs 4 OKC - GS wins in 5

2 SA vs 3 HOU - SA wins in 7 *BOLD MOVE number 4: This one's hard to predict

1 CLE vs 5 ATL - CLE wins in 5

2 WAS vs 3 BOS - BOS wins in 6


Conference Championship

GA beats SA in 6

CLE beats BOS in 6



GS wins game one.

GS wins game two.

CLE wins game three.

GS wins game four.

CLE wins game five.

GS wins game 6.

GS wins Finals, 4-2

tl;dr: Golden State will win again, but not as dominant as this year.

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