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So, going through the IMDB company credits page for the MLP movie, I found what could be a hint on who is involved in the production of the soundtrack.


Under the "other companies" section, the soundtrack is listed as being produced and released by RCA Records. For those of you wondering what the buck they are, here are a few artists who have worked for RCA over the last few decades:


* Elvis Presley

* David Bowie

* Lou Reed

* Iggy Pop

* Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship

* Kelly Clarkson

* Alicia Keys

* Carrie Underwood

* The Guess Who

* Christina Aguilera

* Justin Timberlake

* Foo Fighters

* Pitbull

* Sia (outside of Australia and New Zealand)

* Dave Matthews Band

* Kings of Leon


I can go on and on here, but you get the picture. Most recently, they released the soundtrack for DreamWorks' Trolls.


Why is this a big deal? Because unlike the previous MLP soundtracks, which were released independently and later through Sony's catalog label, this soundtrack is being released through a major record label. This means that the music we've had in prior MLP works will pale in comparison to this. They are putting a lot of effort into ensuring that this movie delivers perhaps the greatest songs Daniel Ingram has ever written for MLP. That should give a lot of reasons for fans to be excited.


Unfortunately, said fans will also have cause to worry, because unlike the previous soundtracks, which Hasbro owns the rights to and licenses to Sony Music, RCA (also part of Sony Music, BTW) will likely own the phonographic copyright to the soundtrack compliation, which is quite standard for soundtrack albums. That means that fans who are looking to make PMV or remixes of songs from the movie will have to refrain from doing so, because Sony is merciless in terms of copyright takedowns (we know this, given the Friendship Games music takedown fiasco).


Besides that, it'll be interesting to see, if true, how this could play out.


I even made a parody cover for the hypothetical soundtrack, for anyone intrested.


Gonna be quite exciting if this info about RCA and the soundtrack is true.

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