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Sure @Evan I actually told them in another thread, but I will elaborate a bit more here.


MLP is in a critical phase, but most do not realize this. As you all know of course many examples of, tv-series have the tendency to be out of ideas after a while, and then it becomes milked; weird things happen just to have something different, plots get reused and so on. MLP cannot live on forever. Either the show gets cancelled or it becomes a dragged on dead horse. (pun intended). Right now Hasbro does whatever it can, and it does so fine; the ''villain redemption'' character arcs are well done, but they cannot last forever. Then we'll probably have more focus on unknown/background ponies, but even that can only go so far. See, normally companies like Hasbro/Mattel/Disney kill a franchise, only to revive it a few years later for a new generation of children, using new techniques and cultural chances. With bronies and little girls being so different, this is impossible to continue for both audiences properly - not unless they stay within the same universe and do something that appeals to both very different groups. Remember; none of this is Hasbro's fault. It's just a difficult situation for everybody involved to make the right choices.


Because I've analyzed every problem with all franchises, and know every generation of MLP I have some ideas on how to go about it, but it's better if I won't tell them. 1) it will be useless to say them here, since they won't use it and 2) if they want to know it and come to me (1% chance), there can be no copies of these ideas online.

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