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King Sombra in G5?

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There's a new plush made by Flair: the My Little Pony Sunny Alicorn Glow in the Dark Plush. The product description includes what might be a pretty big spoiler for either the upcoming special or the regular series:


Sunny is the main character of the last generation of My Little Pony. She's an Alicorn who plays a pivotal role in saving Equestria from King Sombra and his minions. This special edition Sunny Alicorn plush toy includes gold wings and horn, with combed hair, and glow in the dark elements on the body and hair and plays the movie soundtrack. The perfect gift for any My Little Pony fan!


What are your thoughts about this? Are you excited for the possible return of Sombra? are there other villains that you would like to see return?

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