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Hey.  I had always given some thought to Starlight.  And her final battle with Twilight.  And something about that episode always bothered me.


We see a bunch of different futures, but they are all removed from one another.  I suppose ot is possible they are just timeline jumps, but I was always curious...


What would it look like had Starlight succeeded?  Nightmare Moon would return.  And take over, but then what?  Perhaps discord would have never escaped, but that is unlikly.  How would Nightmare Moon contend with the Crystal Empire?  Or a Chamgling invasion?  While there might not be as much love as Equestria Proper, NMM still seems pike she loves her subjects in that tyrant like way.  So I was always curious if anyone delved into this kinda timeline where Starlight achieved her goal, and the main six never meet up.  Or if it hasnt been done if I should try my hand at it and see how it goes?

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