A fun pony browser game!

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>CLOP is a pony browser game that parodies the country simulator >BLOC.

Directly copied from the site:

>CLOP is a game of war, politics, markets, deals, and ponies. Join an alliance, build an empire, and rule your equines how you like.
Be warned- what is easily established is easily overthrown, and if you displease or neglect your nation, you will no longer have it.
Featuring frequent ticks and a robust trading system, >CLOP is an addictive, maddening experience for aspiring politicians and horse lovers alike.

The game's pretty dead at ~35 active players but it doesn't take much dedication past checking back a few times a day and it's a lot of fun, and a lot of the community is off of 4chan... yea. Despite that, the game is clean and the community is very welcoming of new players!

Check it out at clop.us!

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