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What better way to promote obscure musicians than make an obscure Youtube channel that promotes them!


I was just browsing Youtube when I found this nice channel that deserves a little attention:

Cider Party is a Youtube channel that promotes pony electronic music from the lesser known artists in the fandom. The songs are sorted by subgenre in playlists and there are download links in each description. There's ~150 songs all hand picked for anyone looking to freshen up their electronic pony music library. They've even released their own collaboration ep on Bandcamp and all the music and art assets look quality for the attention it's been given.

Something good that's already established and only needs more people to use it. Sounds familiar....

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How wasn't I aware of this channel? It's great!

Thanks for sharing!

Edit: I now blame you for introducing questionable content in my music library. If someone ever asks why I have a song called "Rule 34" in my playlist, I say it was your idea. Your idea only.

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