LFG - d20 modern, voice and tabletob, online game.

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So. I like Playing role playing games.

I've been getting tired of the same old runs. And I had a though:

What in stead of a grizzled gang of mercenaries, benevolent adventurers or merciless marauders we just had a bunch of kids. (With magical equivalents of armed hand grenades at their constant disposal)

So, I am recruiting for just such a game.  Specifically an Urban Arcana d20 modern game. Yes this isn't a primarily MLP game. There WILL be ponies, among other species that get lost, but you don't get to play as them.

Long story short your character is about to discover that reality is much, much bigger then you thought. A place full of wonder and d̡͍͓͖̘͞á̘̘n͘҉̰̜̥̝g͍͓̞͓̭̫̠̺͢e̙̜̫̙̺̘͙͓̞r̤͓̼̱̟͟.


Game times: Thursdays any time would be ideal since that's my day off. I'm also free on Fridays.

-Be willing to have your character write a journal entry after each session and before the next. This is to help me gauge what you took from the session. A sentence describing what happened from your point of view will do. 500+ of quality writing and you get an XP bonus. (No more than 5000 words unless you have immense fun writing that sort of thing. No bonus XP for novels. )
-Have an email (temporary fake one is acceptable) and an thus be able to make an account on roll20.net (Or make a good case for a completely different free tabletop platform. Traipse openrpg seems to be dead. )
-Be willing to use Discord for voice chat.
-Be content to keep things PG 13. (For obvious reasons. R rated violence might be acceptable in extreme circumstances but not anything sexual. Experience taught me that I HAD to say it.)
-Have a Microphone and be willing to use Discord

For the player selection (A short-ish 1 on 1 session with me) you'll be playing a Level 1 human with any standard d20 modern class. 20 point buy. If we don't hate each other you gain boosts based on in game events and a bonus class or template. Don't worry about that for now.

You will be getting liberal, rapid and drastic improvements as the game progresses and become quite magical. This is the "live hand grenade bit".

-Double XP from normal (You'll need it to pay for all the improvements and any gestalt you may choose to raise. :P )
-Enhanced attribute improvement.
-Optional Feat Purchases each level at 1/10 of XP cost to reach that level.
-Optional Modified Gestalt with a second class/template/bloodline. (Advance and Prestige class requirements mostly waived, though you have to have at least 1 rank in any needed skill and a vague promise to eventually buy feats if they are crucial to the class. )

I mostly lurk here, if that. I will probably forget to check this daily. For faster contact ping me on discord ( JadeCriminal#0282 )

Post a character concept (or questions)  if you are interested.

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