DREAM DROP DISTANCE REVENGE!! Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Remix thoughts/experiences

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Creating this now so I don't have to do it later.

I finished Yo Kai Watch 2. So it's time to move on to the next game.

Which I've decided is going to be Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Remix. Which has an HD version of the 3DS game Dream Drop Distance, another cutscene EXTRAVAGANZA called Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover, and a HD version and/or KH3-esque form of the Secret Episode from Birth By Sleep Final Mix with Aqua in the Realm of Darkness.

I sucked HORRIBLY at Dream Drop Distance when I first played on the 3DS. At least when it came to the final bosses. Which is why I'm hoping I'll get my REVENGE on the game during my re-play of it for the HD version. Though... something tells me... it may not happen. :twitch:

Either way I'll be doing another thought/experience type-thing for this game as well. The only difference being that there's no additional 'challenge' or anything like that.

So... yeah... I'm afraid for my life. :why:

First up for this game... Dream Drop Distance. :nnghaloo:

For now though...





Next time:

We begin Dream Drop Distance with Sora and Riku's Mark of Mastery exams. Which is done by 'falling asleep' and going into 'sleeping worlds'



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24 minutes ago, LostSanity said:

Creating this now so I don't have to do it later.

I finished Yo Kai Watch 2. So it's time to move on to the next game.

Which I've decided is going to be Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Remix. Which has an HD version of the 3DS game Dream Drop Distance, another cutscene EXTRAVAGANZA called Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover, and a HD version and/or KH3-esque form of the Secret Episode from Birth By Sleep Final Mix with Aqua in the Realm of Darkness.

I sucked HORRIBLY at Dream Drop Distance when I first played on the 3DS. At least when it came to the final bosses. Which is why I'm hoping I'll get my REVENGE on the game during my re-play of it for the HD version. Though... something tells me... it may not happen. :twitch:

Either way I'll be doing another thought/experience type-thing for this game as well. The only difference being that there's no additional 'challenge' or anything like that.

So... yeah... I'm afraid for my life. :why:

First up for this game... Dream Drop Distance. :nnghaloo:

For now though...





Next time:

We begin Dream Drop Distance with Sora and Riku's Mark of Mastery exams. Which is done by 'falling asleep' and going into 'sleeping worlds'



I don't like you that much, but I love your reviews. This isn't kh2, but its close enough

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If anyone cares...

I probably won't really be able to start doing this until possibly Wednesday though it could take me until Thursday or Friday.

However... here's a preview of what you can likely expect for Part 1...










Where's my TWEWY2?


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I sympathize with your desire for TWEWY 2. The original is amazing (even if controlling it was kinda difficult at times... seriously, hats off to you if you can somehow play both screens simultaneously without autoplay on top, I know I couldn't do it consistently). I really should go back and do all the chapters on Ultimate some time (never actually did much above Normal, and I look forward to getting wrecked over and over again by random used-to-be-weak enemies until I get used to it again).
I wish Neku and co. had more to do here (or at least stuck around outside of cutscenes, though that's more something I could hold against DDD in its entirety)... Eh, maybe Neku'll join the party in KH3? I can dream...
There wasn't even a single Noise in Traverse Town... C'mon Square-Enix, I wanna see some Noise-Heartless-Nobody-things!
At least the music they took from TWEWY was great. Not sure how they could screw that up, but they didn't. So there's that. Which is nice.

--There may be late-game spoilers past this point. Not sure if you want those in spoiler tags or not, so just say so if you want 'em hidden and I'll hide 'em.--

Also, I enjoyed Dream Drop Distance when I played it (on 3DS, years ago)... though it definitely had its problems (forcing you to switch is something I'm okayish with... sometimes... even if it kinda sorta completely kills the flow of gameplay at times when you run out while you're doing stuff and I wish there was some way to turn it off... but I could live with it... EXCEPT DURING BOSSES, DAMMIT... Rinzler took far too many tries because I kept running out of Sora time before I could kill him...)

Also didn't like Young Xehanort, if only for that damnable time-reset thing he does. Though from what I recall, the rest of it wasn't so bad if you bring a few Curagas in your menu-deck-thing (forgot what it was called, sorry), so you'll most likely get revenge on at least one of the final bosses (good luck with the others tho, I don't remember them much... though I don't recall having much trouble with the final final boss, so you might be good to go for revenge on two of 'em).

Flowmotion was awesome tho, and it alone made everything I didn't like about DDD worth dealing with, because flying around with Flowmotion was too much fun.
The combat was fairly fun too, and the Dream Eaters were alright, but Flowmotion made this game for me. Did you enjoy it on your last run of this game?

As for your penultimate question...

Quite a lot can go wrong. But at least you'll have good music to listen to while it does.

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Part 1: The World Ends With Traverse Town

Or is it Traverse Town Ends With You?

Well you get the idea I guess. :mlp_DERPE:

The game starts with a CG cutscene... that... really doesn't make sense. But I guess Kingdom Hearts never really has made any sense. :pinkieshrug:

Let's just talk about what's actually going on instead.

We find KH1-like Sora and Riku on Destiny Islands wanting to leave the island. Wait... I thought this was Dream Drop Distance, not Re:Coded. :rariwhat:

Things take a quick turn though and as they are on a small raft in the middle of storm... URSULA FREAKING SHOWS UP. FOR REVENGE.

I don't have time for you. Come back some other time.

I don't have a choice... do I? :doublefacehoof:

I complete a tutorial and take Ursula out relatively easily. YOU SUCK URSULA.

We get a flashback scene explaining what's going on. Master Xehanort is on his way to a return thanks to what happened in KH1 and KH2. In order to combat him, Sora and Riku must 'wipe their slates clean and start training' all over again according to Yen Sid.

In other words... they're taking a test to determine if their true Keyblade Masters. In Sleeping Worlds. BECAUSE THAT MAKES SENSE. :eyebrow:

Well whatever. I guess. We do a ridiculous mini game with Sora called a 'Dive' (which I suck at AGAIN :angrytwi:) and we end up in Traverse Town.

Been awhile since I've seen that world. It hasn't changed. Not even a little bit.





Sora talks with Neku and quickly decides that Neku is his friend. BECAUSE IT'S SORA.

He didn't even notice the headphones which blocks everyone else out (play TWEWY for this information)

He also quickly decides to help Neku out and find his 'partner' MORE TWEWY CONTENT.

Wait... DO I HAVE 7 DAYS TO COMPLETE THIS WORLD?! :flutterdear:


Oh... never mind then... :flattered:

We chase after Neku and get introduced to 'Flowmotion' (kind of like Reaction Commands but also not)

In the next area we get introduced to 'Reality Shifts' (specific Flowmotion commands for worlds) and then... get attacked. OF COURSE.

By... Dream Eaters. The enemies of this game. If their enemies... why are they cute? :ajlie:

Flowmotion Battle Tutorial.


WAS I PLAYING THIS GAME WRONG?! I remember sucking at Flowmotion when I played it on the 3DS but all of a sudden... I'm like an expert at it. WHAT CHANGED?! :applejackhate:

My skill aside... battle theme...


*dances* :partyhard:

Flowmotion makes this battle simple. We are then introduced to the 'good' Dream Eaters. Yep. There are good ones and bad ones. The bad ones (the ones that are fought) are called Nightmares. While the good ones (the ones we can make as party members) are called Spirits.


After creating a Meow Wow (yes that's literally it's name) we continue chasing after Neku. With the additional WAY TOO DAMN CUTE assistance.:rariwat:

Again for some reason... it's like I'm better at this game. I seriously have no idea what changed. Maybe it was because of the 3DS? I'm seriously trying to figure out how I'm so good at this game all of a sudden. :rariwhat:

As we find Neku... he betrays us. THAT DIDN'T TAKE LONG.

He had a 'deal' with someone in a black coat. WAIT WHAT?! BUT ORGANIZATION XIII ARE ALL DEAD. Yeah... that'll be explained later. :gasp:

Sora gets sleepy all of a sudden... and collapses. CHARACTER SWITCH!! :rariwat:

Next up... we do the dumb Dive mini-game with Riku. Which somehow I'm better at but still not great at. Riku arrives in the same Traverse Town.





Hi Joshua. It's been awhile. Although... I'm not sure about this...

*resists temptation to give TWEWY spoilers (SERIOUSLY. GO PLAY IT. RIGHT NOW.)*

Riku doesn't trust him. GOOD CALL RIKU. :approve:

Then he mentions Sora.


No choice again. Right? :doublefacehoof:

He mentions two different 'Traverse Towns' and Sora may be in the other one. Claiming 'simple logic.' He also mentions a girl name 'Rhyme' is key.

Whatever you say. :derp:

We explore and fight Nightmares as Riku. Not much different than Sora honestly. Just different character I guess. Though that will change soon enough.

As we continue with Joshua...  Riku gains access to the Dream Eaters as well, This time... it's a Komory Bat. (think Zubat but a Kingdom Hearts version sort of)

Then... we get attacked by Daisukenojo Bito. I meat Beat. (I know this... because TWEWY)

Joshua claims Beat has made friends with the 'enemy.' A guy in a black coat. BEAT ALWAYS GETS FOOLED TOO EASILY. :doublefacehoof:

We fight. AGAIN. With the addition of a Tutorial of Linking with our Spirit party members. Sora works together with them while Riku... absorbs them. :stararity:

After that battle (FLOWMOTION ABUSE) Riku gets sleepy this time.


Back to Sora.

He wakes up with Neku and the black cloaked figure nowhere to be seen. Free roam now. I fight my way through Traverse Town (somehow still doing better then when I first played this) and am even able to complete a Link Portal (special portals that are around that either have challenges attached to them or free temporary strong Spirits or other things).

Yeah... somehow I'm better at this game. I didn't complete ANY Link Portals when I first played it. WHAT. IS. GOING. ON. :stararity:

I continue fighting and gathering treasures (BECAUSE FREE ITEMS ARE THE BEST KIND OF ITEMS) and eventually make it to... a Post Office?

Okay... maybe this Traverse Town is different.

Regardless... I grind my way through the Post Office and fight more Nightmares. Still doing better than when I first played this game. Most of it due to Flowmotion abuse with the occasional Reality Shift. After getting all the Treasures and dealing with most of the Nightmares... I finally find a Save Point.

I wonder how long until the game forces me to switch to Riku? We'll see. Because you 'Drop' and switch characters after a certain amount of time. I'M SURE THAT WON'T GET ANNOYING AND CERTAINLY WON'T HAPPEN AT THE WORST POSSIBLE TIMES. :suspicious:

Well... you can do it manually if you choose. Which I may or may not do. We'll see.

For now though... it's still Sora. And Meow Wow I guess.

That's all I felt like I had time for.

Next time:

Neku is still the same TWEWY Neku. More Spirits. More Riku. More me being better at this game then when I first played it apparently? :stararity:

P.S.: I'm officially taking Spirit Recommendations for Sora and Riku. Because I have no idea how to handle these things. AT ALL. I sucked at it when I first played it. So recommend Spirits to me for Riku and Sora.

Because this idea is almost as bad as turning Kingdom Hearts into Yu-Gi-Oh! (Cards) for Chain of Memories. :twitwitch:

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Yeah, as I said before, the forced switching is gonna get annoying. And it only gets worse from here, mate...
As for why you're better now... maybe it's the controller? Maybe they just made some changes for the HD version that made it easier to control? Maybe you weren't as bad as you remember yourself being?


As for Spirits for Riku and Sora... Well, that comes down to what kind of skills you want to give them. However, here's what I recommend for the moment (recipes are listed for earliest possible acquisition, and these are strictly my opinion, feel free to ignore):


Meow Wow: Gives the Cure/Cura/Curaga spells, which you're gonna need, and Leaf Bracer, which you'll want since it prevents you from being interrupted while you're healing yourself. Make Riku one of these, since Sora already has one from the tutorial section.

Me Me Bunny/Majik Lapin: Riku needs one of these, since they give Dark Barrier (lets him block in midair, I believe it's omnidirectional Guard too but I forget, but even if it's only the former it's still awesome). Me Me gives melee skills, Majik gives high-level magics. You'll probably be able to make a Me Me Bunny more easily than a Majik early on, but I would honestly recommend making a Majik as soon as you get 2 Dulcet Fantasys and either 8 Troubling Figments or 4 Fleeting Figments (there are better recipes, this one is just the easiest to get the stuff for, in case you just want your magebunny ASAP... which you do).

Wheeflower: It'll heal you (and give you the Protect status effect, which is nice), and you can learn Blizzard spells off it. Make one for Sora and Riku when you get 4 Lofty Figments & 2 Dulcet Figments. Healing is always good to have, yeah?

Tama Sheep: Gives the surprisingly-good Balloon spells, and also it can learn to cast Regen on you and Slow/Stop on your enemies. Also, it can put enemies to sleep and cast the Balloon spells. What's not to love? Get this one as soon as you have 3 Dulcet Figments & 4 Vibrant Figments. You probably won't regret it in the long run.


Beatalike: This one's just for Sora, because it has Ars Arcanum. It's exclusive to the HD version (you're playing that one, yeah?), so I have no experience with it, but it's an elephant cosplaying as Beat, so it can't be too bad, yeah? You can make it with 3 Intrepid Fantasy & 6 Noble Figment.

Sudo Neku: Neku-cosplaying salamander-thing. Really doesn't look like anything special, but you can use this with Beatalike and have a TWEWY-wannabes party. Make this with 1 Wild Fantasy & 2 Noble Fantasy, if you want it.


Ryu Dragon: Gives Superglide, a Sora-exclusive ability that you might want, and Mega Flare, which is a giant explosion and thus awesome. Consider making one if you like giant explosions. Or dragons. Or Superglide. Or all of the above.

That's all the advice I've got. Hope that helps, mate.

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Part 2: Monkeying Around

I continue exploring Traverse Town with Sora. Fighting Nighmares, getting treasure chests, and all that fun stuff.

Eventually though... unfortunately... it made me switch back.

Riku time. Yay?

Either way... Riku also wakes up to no one being around. Except a girl being chased by Dream Eaters. As Riku gives chase to help.

As for who the girl is... that would be Shiki (also from TWEWY).

Once I fight my way through more Dream Eaters, I do what was suggested and make Riku a Meow Wow as well and help Shiki.

Afterwards... Riku gets teased by Shiki for being a 'knight in shining armor.'

Yes Shiki... Riku doesn't get out much. :awesomecheer:

Now I get to free roam with Riku. Which practically goes the same as it did for Sora. Fighting Nightmares, getting treasure chests, etc.

Sorry. Nothing of real interest happened.

Until it made me switch back to Sora. YEP. NOT GETTING ANNOYING ALREADY OR ANYTHING. :derp:

Back with Sora I continue exploring and come across another girl. This one being... Rhyme. Well... kind of... awkward. :confused:

Either way apparently (according to the walkthrough I'm using) a boss is coming up so I prepare to the best of my ability.

We enter the area and Sora doesn't care that Neku betrayed him. OF COURSE, HE DOESN'T. HE'S SORA.

However, Rhyme just... disappears.

Which somehow leads to the boss appearing. A large monkey-in-a-box called Hockomonkey.


So... this was somewhat of a struggle. Flowmotion abuse helped as always. But that really didn't stop me from getting hit sometimes and having to use Cure.

This jerkass even forced me far away and I had run all the way back up to it. :angrytwi:

Not that it stopped me. Victory was mine shortly afterwards.

Sora sees a hologram-like Riku from the 'other' Traverse Town being stalked by the black cloaked figure and the figure is revealed as... well... I could say it but it would be spoilers. So, let's just pretend we don't know who it is. For now. :rdwink:

Either way that seems to be the end of Sora's side. I wasn't about to start another world as Sora yet so I manually switched characters to try to finish Traverse Town as Riku.

Continuing as Riku I made it through pretty much the rest of the area. Once again... incoming boss.

Shiki runs off and Riku chases after when he hears her scream. It's the black cloaked figure again who again reveals his face and speaks in riddles. TRY MAKING SENSE. :rariwhat:

He summons Hockomonkey. But this time it's more of a 'floating' kind. Still the same enemy though. Sort of.

This battle... I thought I did well in for the most part. But I guess I forgot to heal. BECAUSE I GOT A FREAKING GAME OVER. :twitch:


Round 2.

This time I try to pay attention to Riku's health. Which seems to go better. Even though it was yet another lengthy battle like it was for Sora, persistency eventually led to victory.

Afterwards... Beat tries to grab the hologram Rhyme to no avail.

After all this... we get an explanation from Joshua for both Sora and Riku after they both seal the 'Sleeping Keyhole' or whatever.

His explanation... is hard to summarize. But quite a nice theme plays here during it. More Kingdom Hearts versions of TWEWY music.

 But basically... Traverse Town came to TWEWY characters because Joshua was wishing for a place to send them to give them a second chance. Then the world appeared.

Sora and Riku both try to get Joshua to tell them who he really is... which is responded to by him saying that he's 'just a friend' BEFORE FREAKING GROWING ANGEL WINGS AND FLYING AWAY. (I could explain this but it's more TWEWY spoilers. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! GO. PLAY. IT. RIGHT. NOW.)

End of Traverse Town. Or is it...? :rariwat:

I do the next dive as Sora after manually switching characters again. I STILL SUCK AT THESE. Whatever. They BETTER not be important. :rdnotamused:

We arrive in the next world. Titled... it's a mouthful and a different language.

La Cite des Cloches. In other words, Notre Dame. In other words, the Hunchback of Notre Dame that KH fans were clamoring for CONSTANTLY (I seriously don't understand why though)

We start with an evil-looking judge glaring at Sora and stopping him for being suspicious. FALSE ARREST. :flutterdear:

Well... it's all good, some Captain shows up informing the Judge about monsters before Sora runs off claiming he'll take care of them. YES. THIS WILL STOP THE SUSPICION SORA. TOTALLY. :eyebrow:

Either way... we get another scene showing that the judge is clearly being manipulated by darkness. Or maybe he's just doing it on his own. Evil jerks do that I guess.

Either way... this world's battle theme is admittedly probably one of the best in the game.


But I decided to stop here.

Next time:

Notre Dame. Hunchback of Notre Dame. Whatever you want to call it. I wasn't aware I needed to know Latin to play this game.

Either way... will Sora be able to stop the unjust suspicions of him? NOT LIKELY. :mlp_facehoof:

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Okay from now on... please forgive me if I neglect to mention when I 'dropped.' They're legitimately starting to become hard to keep track of. :twitwitch:

Part 3: Corruption and Genocide

Sora continues and find... Quasimodo. Riding on Dream Eaters. During some 'Festival of Fools' or something. :stararity:

Sora tries to get him down. Frollo shows up. They turn dark. WELP. Yep. A fight. :mlp_facehoof:

Lengthy but I got through it.

Afterwards it was basically Sora chasing after Quasimodo and batting Dream Eaters. Eventually he's found and Sora comes across the talking gargoyles. Yeah... I'd probably react the same way... :applejackhate:

Quasi is practically a prisoner and Frollo is practically trying to cause genocide by eliminating all the gypsies. YET THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE A GAME FOR ALL AGES. :flutterdear:

Regardless Sora chases after Quasi.



Esmerelda is fleeing and Riku doesn't reveal her location. Which he is thanked for. But he was right. He didn't know what gypsies were.

Same thing with Sora. Running around fighting Dream Eaters.

Riku meets Quasimodo and is looking for Frollo. Whose nowhere to be found. Riku tries to convince Quasi to go out and meet people. As appearances shouldn't matter, personality does. Well... maybe but that's not always the case in real life. :nnghaloo:

Regardless he tries to get Quasi to 'follow his heart' and wishes he would take his own advice. YEAH. RIKU'S HAD A BETTER REDEMPTION THAN STARLIGHT GLIMMER. :newspaper:

After exploring the area and fighting more Dream Eaters it's not long before...


Sora again.

We fight our way through large flower Dream Eaters with plants that give Poison status. SO. ANNOYING. :angrytwi:

I survive though. Somehow. Sora, Quasi, and an apparently fired Phoebus determine the location of the gypsies and they have to warn them of their impending possible genocidal attack by Frollo. So off we go to do so. The Town area is quite huge and gathering the chests was a pain. Due to the amount of time it took me...


Riku again.

It's basically just continuing to attempt to find Frollo. Not much cutscene wise. It was honestly mostly just roaming and fighting more Dream Eaters. That was basically it. I didn't drop I just ran out of time to play the game.

As far as Spirits... I created a Hebby Repp for Sora and a Wheeflower for Riku. I pretty much abandoned the Komory Bat for Riku. I'll try to get Sora a Wheeflower ASAP.

Next time:

Riku continues chasing after Frollo while Sora continues to try to warn the gypsies of Frollo's genocidal attack. Will they accomplish their goals? Will the boss be ridiculous? The answer to the latter question is PROBABLY. :anger:

I guess I'll I can do is try my best. :pinkieshrug:

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Part 4: Hellfire

So... not only is this a final battle theme for Final Fantasy XV (STILL BEST. GAME. EVER. IMO) but I guess it's a song from the movie? I don't know. I never saw it. Sorry? :rariwhat:

Regardless Drops are getting too ridiculous to keep track of. I think I'll just do two 'sections.' One for each character.

To be honest... Riku's was the most intriguing and had the most content. Him first.


After making it to the bridge we get annoyed and assaulted by a large dragon-like Dream Eater. So there's practically little choice here...

RUN. :gah:

I wanted to fight the Dream Eaters but the assaults from the large Dream Eater made things to ridiculous. So, run I did.

Even making it to the next area didn't really change anything. This area had to be ran through as well avoiding the large Dream Eater's attacks as well as removing any obstacles in the way.

Eventually escape is achieved. We come across Frollo with Phoebus trying to stop him. Too bad the large Dream Eater seems to be his. Despite Phoebus calling it a 'demon' Frollo calls it 'righteous judgement.' Sure, it is.  In your now darkness-manipulated mind. :flutterdear:


Now we must backtrack. All the way back to the chapel. Which I do accomplish it just takes a while. Obviously.

When I do though... Frollo's lost his mind, as well as his hat, and claims that this is what his power has achieved him. THE WHOLE CITY ON FIRE. NO. I'M SURE THIS TOTALLY ISN'T A DRASTIC MEASURE OR ANYTHING. :confused:

However, FREAKING ANSEM (Xehanort's Heartless) and the other unknown guy from Traverse Town reappear. DIDN'T WE KILL YOU IN KH1?! I CALL BS. :angrytwi:

They taunt Riku about him being 'afraid of the dark' before leaving.

Yeah... you know what's coming. Fight with the large Dream Eater. Official name... Wargoyle

As expected... this fight was intense. I almost lost but somehow pulled off a Cura just in time. GOD. I NEED LEAF BRACER. BADLY. :anger:

This fight was less about strategy and more about 'killing it before it kills you.' Plus, the fact that it FREAKING FLIES AROUND didn't make things any better.

It was struggle, and probably took longer than it should have, but as always, persistency always wins me the day. I eventually come away with victory.

After all of that... Riku is assured by the Hunchback of Notre Dame characters that we all lock things away and keep them secret until we figure things out. Uh... sure? I guess? :pinkieshrug:

With that Hunchback of Notre Dame is complete for Riku.


Honestly... nothing of interest happened. At all.

It was basically roaming around, fighting Nightmare Dream Eaters, and trying to find the 'Court of Miracles.'

We explored a graveyard though. Creepy? I guess? :rariwhat:

Plus, some tunnels and catacombs.

After some searching... the Court of Miracles is found. But this is where I had to stop unfortunately.

Next time:

Will Wargoyle be just as annoying for Sora as it was for Riku? My guess... PROBABLY. :applebelch:

Plus... get ready... because this game is about to become a RAVE. By which I mean a world full of music you can rave to (Tron Legacy world). :partyhard:

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Know what I want "REVENGE!!" on this game for?


Burning me out instead of hyping me for Kingdom Hearts 3.


Believe me, once you reach...

...The World That Never Was...

...expect a whole armada of sharks to be jumped.

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I struggled on the final bosses when I originally played this on the 3DS and it took me WAY TOO MANY ATTEMPTS to finally beat them.

That's what I'm looking for revenge for mostly.

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Part 5: RAVING on The Grid


We attempt to warn Esmeralda of the oncoming danger, however, it FAILS MISERABLY. Why? BECAUSE FROLLO FOLLOWED US THAT'S WHY. GOOD JOB. :doublefacehoof:

Sora tries to stop him but gets FREAKING KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS for his efforts. Once consciousness is regained, Sora rushes to the Square to stop Frollo from basically treating Esmeralda like a witch and attempting to burn her at the stake. YEAH. YET THIS GAME IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR ALL AGES. :flutterdear:

Regardless it's not needed as Quasi ends up actually rescuing her. Leaving us to deal with... you guessed it... Wargoyle.

As far as this fight, it was about the same as the Riku fight. The major difference being that we had a larger battleground to dodge attacks in. Which did seem to help. Not that it really was any less intense but still. It was a lengthy fight but victory is, of course, achieved.

Frollo meets a similar demise as he did in Riku's story and all's well that ends well. I guess? Quasi is already aware that he shouldn't of allowed Frollo to make his heart a prison. However... Sora is called a hypocrite by the mysterious man from Traverse Town. Calling Sora's heart a 'prison.' For what exactly? I'M SURE WE WON'T TOTALLY FIND OUT LATER OR ANYTHING. :rariwat:

Regardless Hunchback of Notre Dame is completed as Sora and I immediately move on to the next world for both characters.

What is it you may ask? Tron's world again. Which, in this game, is known as 'The Grid.'

Starting with Sora... he sees an unknown flying machine/device/whatever and his curiosity gets the better of him. CLEARLY HE HASN'T HEARD THE SAYING ABOUT CURIOSITY AND CATS. :doublefacehoof:

The rest of the world was a lot of roaming around the area, fighting new and old Nightmare Dream Eaters, and getting treasure chests as normal. To practically the BEST BATTLE THEME IN THE GAME IMO.





Eventually Sora gets confronted by guards. Being... well... Sora... he introduces himself and almost gets caught. Until he runs that is.

The guards aren't that bad honestly. Though for some reason... I don't remember if I did well or badly against them when I first played this on the 3DS. But it doesn't matter. We continue running. Until we come across another guard that acts like he wants to fight, but, just flips over us and leaves. YOUR NOT IMPRESSING ANYONE. :newspaper:

We then meet the characters of this area/world as Sora. Sam, his dad, and Quorra. Again... I never watched Tron or even Tron Legacy. Sorry? Again? :pinkieshrug:

Regardless Sora finds out that the guard from before was actually Tron. WOW. HE BECAME DARK AND EDGY. :stararity:

We also learn that Tron's program was basically remade into what he is now 'Rinzler' by the villain of the area/world. CLU. But there may be a way to change him back. Which Sora quickly decides he wants to do. WHY DOES HE NEVER THINK THINGS THROUGH. Well... I guess that's why he's lovable? :rariwhat:

The others agree to help him out, while CLU plots something with Rinzler, Sora, and the Keyblade. FOOLISH VILLAINS ARE FOOLISH. :ohyou:


As far as 'The Grid' with Riku. It's way different. Obviously. Riku gets captured straight away and meets Sam straight away. He's practically FORCED to participate in the Light Cycle games. :bloomgah:

This mini game... isn't bad I guess. I'm just not good with mini games. Or care about them. But I complete the forced stuff I had to do in it. Riku then cleverly uses the Light Cycle to escape. Looks like Sam did the same.

Riku is then told about the Portal as well as about Sam and his dad. YEP. I'M TOTALLY NOT CONFUSED AT ALL BECAUSE I NEVER SAW THE MOVIE OR ANYTHING. :ajlie:

It seems like the gist of things is that Sam's dad has a disc that CLU is trying to get his hands out to get to the outside world and mostly likely destroy it since CLU apparently hates 'imperfect things' and Sam's dad claims what's more imperfect then our world. Sure? I guess? :eyebrow:

Sam has a 'contact' and Riku agrees to go with him to meet said contact. This is the part where exploration pretty much begins for Riku. Roaming the area, fighting Nightmare Dream Eaters, gathering treasure chests, etc.

However, as Sam attempts to find his contact we're forced to fight a large group of Dream Eaters. After surviving that we meet Sam's dad whose disc is now gone. WELP. SO MUCH FOR THAT. :gasp:

It really changes nothing as Sam's dad cautions for patience as they'll find an opportunity to stop CLU. Plus Quorra in Riku's story is practically in a comatose state. With no explanation. Sure. I can just except that and not question it. (not) :rariwat:

That was basically it I think. If I'm forgetting anything please forgive me. Keeping track of two stories isn't that easy. :toomuch:

It seems like Riku's story is just him and the Tron Legacy characters trying to get through the Portal and stop CLU if they see an opportunity to do so.

Regardless that was basically it for him as well.

One thing I do remember from when I first played this on the 3DS though was that it had one of the WORST NON END GAME BOSSES of the ENTIRE game. For Sora. That being Rinzler of course. I remember dying to him WAY to many times. :angrytwi:

Next time:

More Grid for Sora and Riku. More RAVING. :partyhard:


Can I do better against Rinzler this time then when I first took him on in the 3DS version? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. However... something tells me IT'S STILL GOING TO BE RIDICULOUS AS HELL. :applejargh:

Give me advice if you so choose to do so. Or I'll try to manage on my own. Flowmotion abuse? Wheeflower Link which is apparently the Tinkerbell summon? I'll figure something out. Maybe. :twitwitch:

Oh and Riku's boss is a GIANT MANTIS. HOW FUN. :wtf:

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Part 6: Portals & Memories


We continue onwards and finally learn that Quorra is something called an ISO (whatever that is) and is also the last of her kind. Why? Because apparently CLU thought they were imperfect and got rid of most of them. WOW. I GUESS GENOCIDE MUST BE A RECURRING THEME IN THIS GAME. :stararity:

It also turns out the Sam's dad created CLU and he's the way he is because Sam's dad was looking for perfection when it was already right in front of him. This, for some reason, reminds Riku of Ansem and how anyone can create and 'Ansem' if we look too hard for one thing and ignore everything else. Sure Riku. Good try attempting to be deep though. :rariwhat:

As the group continues, Quorra sort of 'sacrifices' herself and gets captured so Sam, his Dad, and Riku can escape. Sam wants to rescue Quorra and get his dad's disc but his dad warns that he can't 'chase two rabbits and catch both.'

However, Sam is still determined to do this, and Riku wants to help. HAH. NO ONE EVER LISTENS WHEN IT COMES TO THIS GAME. :pwease:

Eventually, after more exploration and fighting, Sam's dad's disc is found. However, Rinzler attacks. Not that matters because RIKU USES FLOWMOTION LIKE A BADASS AND GETS RID OF HIM. :applejackhate:

This also allows Quorra to escape and the group makes a run for it. However, not surprisingly, CLU confronts them claiming his 'power' allows him to control the Nightmare Dream Eaters and throws a FREAKING GIANT MANTIS at us.

Welp... you know the drill by now...

Unbelievably, this fight wasn't overly complicated. For once. It's mostly another 'attack when you get a chance, try to dodge as many attacks as you can, and heal when needed' situation.

The only thing that REALLY needs to be done is to use a Reality Shift to stop the giant bug from using a large attack. Which is quite easy. It was for me this time anyway.

Doing things this way gets me a somewhat easy victory.

Sam's dad tells CLU that he's the way that he is due to him being obsessed with perfection before everything else happened. This really changes nothing apparently. CLU attacks Sam's dad but his disc was apparently already given to Sam.

They use the Portal to escape. CLU attempts to give chase but Riku steps in to stop him. But that wasn't necessary either apparently. Sam's dad... does... something that causes CLU to go back into him. Literally. O... kay...? :mlp_Crazie:

This is basically the end of this world for Riku as this world's keyhole is sealed afterwards.

Pranksters Paradise (Riku):

We arrive INSIDE A FREAKING WHALE to Geppetto looking for Pinocchio who is apparently lost. We also pretty much learn what seemed to already be obvious. It's Monstro.

I'm with you here Riku. SERIOUS CASE OF DEJA VU. :flutterdear:

Anyway we...'meet' Jiminy, who doesn't remember Riku for whatever reason, and he comes with us to search for Pinocchio. We also learn that Pinocchio was seen with someone in a black cloak. THESE JERKS JUST DON'T GIVE IT A REST DO THEY? :applebelch:

We begin exploration fully with the same old, same old. Exploring, fighting Nightmare Dream Eaters, and getting treasure chests. As for the battle theme... well... it seems to be the same from KH 1.5 HD Remix. Which is this.

Regardless eventually we find Pinocchio with the black cloaked person. Riku confronts the individual... but... IT'S HIMSELF. WTF?! HOW DOES THAT WORK. IS IT THE REPLICA FROM CoM?! BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS DEAD. THIS ISN'T MAKING ANY SENSE. :confused:

Riku talks about how his 'dark side' keeps following him around wherever he goes. You should do something about that... :nnghaloo:

Something causes a tremor and Riku tells Jiminy and Pinocchio to head back and he'll check it out. That's all for this world for now.


It's basically more exploration to find Tron's 'source code' with Quorra.

But find it... they don't. Yes, I didn't think it'd be that easy either.

Like Riku's story, Rinzler attacks. But Sora tries to reach Tron. YEP. TOTALLY GOING TO WORK. (lolnope it didn't) :doublefacehoof:

Quorra attacks Rinzler but is put down. Before Sora can do anything, a door closes on him but not before he tries to shout at Tron/Rinzler to stop.


They taunt that Sora's memories may not be his own and someone else's but Sora doesn't believe so. They also say something about Sora being 'chosen' for something. I'M SURE THEY'RE JUST PLAYING MIND GAMES AND THIS MEANS NOTHING AT ALL AND WE WON'T FIND OUT LATER OR ANYTHING. :rariwat:

Then... Sora gets pulled out of the area by the wind and ends up... in another arena. Oh goodie.

Here we go everyone...

CLU tries to get Sora to give him the Keyblade in return to returning Rinzler to Tron but Sora refuses. Quorra reappears and informs Sora that he did seem to get through to Rinzler/Tron as it allowed her to escape. CLU decides to take the Keyblade by force and uses Rinzler for that. BECAUSE I'M SURE THAT'LL WORK. :eyebrow:



I'll be honest... I did SO MUCH BETTER this time than on the 3DS. I SERIOUSLY have no idea why I was so bad at this game on the 3DS but CLEARLY, I'm doing better now.

It's somewhat like the Riku giant mantis fight. Though different. You must hit him with a command or some attacks if you can, and then run. WATCHING YOUR HEALTH IS KEY IN THIS RIDICULOUS FIGHT. Whenever it gets lows, RUN AWAY, AND HEAL.

I had commands like Thunder Dash, Spark Dive, and Ballonra. They practically were my savior.

When the battle shifts to the ceiling and the controls get flipped JUST DODGE. DON'T TRY TO ATTACK. Unless you trigger Flowmotion (which I sometimes did) then you can try to hit him with some flowmotion. Wait it out until the battle returns to the ground.

It was basically rinse and repeat after that.



After that... CLU tries to take matters into his own hands. But... RINZLER ATTACKS HIM. He drops into a hole but REACHES FOR SORA'S HAND. Actually, kind of... tragic... :sadpie:

Quorra assures Sora about him and his special power with his key. That was basically it for this world as Sora as well. Again, sleeping keyhole sealed.

AWW. NO MORE RAVING. :fluttersmith:

We're blazing through the worlds it seems. I just hope that I can still do well once I hit RIDICULOUS endgame.

Next up... a playground, a circus, AND A GIANT WHALE?! You know... I never fully understood what Pranksters Paradise was supposed to be based on. Oh well. I guess it doesn't matter? Regardless it's up next. Riku first this time.

Next time:

Prankster's Paradise. I guess I'd better start trying to get those better Dream Eaters. I'll get a recipe guide and work from there I guess.

More Prankster's Paradise for Riku and Prankster's Paradise for Sora with an actual new battle theme.

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I think Prankster's Paradise was the place where Pinocchio was brought where he started turning into a donkey (I think, it's been a long time since I actually watched Pinocchio).
Though now that I think about it, I have no idea where Monstro comes from.

Also, congrats on the revenge! Kinda thought Rinzler might take you a bit longer than he appears to have (if not due to dying, than due to dropping to Riku midway through the boss fight... which I believe makes you restart the boss fight when you go back to being Sora, though I don't remember). Good luck with the rest of the bosses!

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Part 7: If You Could Play Forever

Ironically... this is also the title of a Yu Yu Hakusho episode. Regardless...

Sora heads to Prankster's Paradise and finds himself... in an amusement park. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT SORA. THIS IS SERIOUS. NOT ALL FUN AND GAMES. :derp:

He finds Jiminy, who's searching for a lost Pinocchio. GEE THIS SEEMS FAMILIAR. :rariwat:

However... he also doesn't seem to remember Sora and we're finally given an explanation in a flashback. Sort of. Apparently... due to these worlds having fallen to darkness but still in a 'sleeping' state, familiar faces basically won't remember anyone until they are woken from their dream or something like that. Honestly... it didn't make that much sense to me either. But just go with it I guess? :rariwhat:

The strangest part... is that Pinocchio still knew Sora. Or at least his name. Someone in a black coat wanted him to play a trick on him. GEE I CAN'T POSSIBLY IMAGINE WHO. :angrytwi:

This really doesn't stop Sora from offering to help Jiminy search for Pinocchio though. So we do that and start exploration in full. Fighting Nightmare Dream Eaters, gathering treasure chests, etc.

We're finally given an actual new battle theme. A downgrade from the previous world but still okay I suppose.

Eventually we find Pinocchio. OR NOT. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE DREAM EATER IN DISGUISE. JERKS. *REKTS THEM* :applejargh:

This continues for awhile. Until we seem to see the real Pinocchio and chase after him.

At this point it was just more exploration, fighting, and treasure chest gathering for awhile.

Until we enter a circus area and finally do find Pinocchio. In a weird donkey-like form. O... kay... :stararity:

Regardless he's being attacked so we help him out. After that fight...

YAY. MORE MIND GAMES FROM MYSTERIOUS GUY AND XEMNAS. They insult Pinocchio for being a puppet that has a heart but Sora retorts claiming that Pinocchio found a way so Nobodies should be able to as well. Xemnas then compares Sora to being like Nobodies and leaves. YEP. I'M JUST GOING TO CHALK THIS UP TO MORE BS MIND GAMES. :angrytwi:

We try to re-locate Jiminy and Pinocchio and meet the Blue Fairy along the way. I guess this means this world is based on the actual Pinocchio world and not just Monstro? Well either way we learn from the Fairy that when Jiminy and Pinocchio learned that Geppetto was still alive, but inside Monstro, Jiminy and Pinocchio chased after him without thinking. TOTALLY SMART. :doublefacehoof:

Sora gives chase. Just more exploration, fighting, and treasure chest gathering after this. That was basically it though unfortunately.


Not much to really talk about here. Just more exploring inside of Monstro (eww...), fighting more Nightmare Dream Eaters, and getting the rest of the Treasure Chests.

Eventually... Riku discovers the cause of the tremors inside Monstro.

What was it?


So... yeah... you know...

Actual Boss name: Char Clawbster. No I'm not joking. :rariwat:

To be honest... this fight was more 'annoying' then 'hard.' Why? BECAUSE THE JERK KEPT RUNNING AWAY. COME BACK AND FIGHT LIKE A MAN. :anger:

In other words... it's a coward. Not that it really made that much of a difference. Even though the battle took longer then it probably should have... persistence wins me the day once again with victory.

Pinocchio is returned to Geppetto and all's well that ends well I guess? Well either way the sleeping keyhole is locked for this area as Riku.

Believe it or not, that's really it. Hopefully the boss for Prankster's Paradise won't be ridiculous as Sora. We'll find out soon enough though I suppose.

Next time:

Another Giant Lobster Boss Fight for Sora. Will it be ridiculous? I suppose if I expect it to be, I'll at least not be so angry if it is. :applejargh:

We'll be going back to Traverse Town again soon. So this time I guess we can call it Traverse Town Ends With You? Well you get the idea anyway.

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Part 8: Reaper's Game

I had some extra time to play this for once. Though there's not much to really say it was practically Sora only.

Sora gets through the rest of Prankster's Paradise and finds Monstro... who... swallows Jiminy and Pinocchio. WELP SO MUCH FOR THAT. :rariwat:



This boss is known as Chill Clawbster. Same boss theme.

This fight is VASTLY different then Riku's. BECAUSE IT DOESN'T RUN AWAY LIKE A COWARD. :applejargh:

It wasn't even all that difficult honestly. I barely took that much damage and really only had to heal a few times.

However... the finish of the battle... requires using Reality Shift to Bubble Burst Monstro. NOPE. NOT JOKING. :applejackhate:

For some reason... I seriously have no idea why... I failed on my first attempt but succeeded on my second. Yeah. I wish I knew why. But I don't. :pinkieshrug:

Afterwards... Sora queries that this explains how Pinocchio's world fell to darkness and then he met them all later. DOES IT REALLY THOUGH? SURE I GUESS I'LL JUST TAKE YOUR WORD FOR IT SORA. :ponder:

Regardless Prankster's Paradise is completed as Sora and the sleeping keyhole sealed.


We learn about the Reaper's Game in full and Joshua flat out comes out and asks for help for Sora on a really tough mission the Reaper's gave them apparently to ensure Neku and the other game participant's 'existence.'

It seems to involved a strong Dream Eater that can apparently summon other Dream Eaters.


So yeah. Revenge Part 2? Somehow... I don't think I'll be getting my revenge on this one. :anger:

Well... I'm sure persistence will win me the day again. Eventually. :applejargh:

So that this was pretty much it. I did some exploration and treasure chest gathering as well as fighting new Nightmare Dream Eaters. The battle theme is the same as it was in the beginning of the game. Of course that's obvious but just letting you know I guess. :mlp_DERPE:

Either way... I'm getting way too close to the end game.

I guess I'd better start legitimately attempting to get those good end game Dream Eaters huh? Like Me Me Bunny, Majik Lapin, Ryu Dragon, etc. Yeah... I'll try to do that. Still worried though. Perhaps you can give me advice for a good grinding area? Or I can just run around The World That Never Was constantly I guess.

Next time:

Traverse Town Take 2 with Sora & Riku. What's with the Reapers doing a TWEWY mission in KH? Not that it matters... but still...

Either way things may start actually legitimately starting getting ridiculous now. :twitwitch:


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Part 9: Ruffled Feathers


Riku comes back to Traverse Town and is basically told the same thing by Joshua that Sora is told. The only real difference is that Riku can figure things out faster, causing Joshua to give me lots of 'bravos.' :ohyou:

However, there's some confusion over the 'two' Traverse Town. Even though the game participants found and were able to reunite with their 'partners' their 'game clock timers' on their hands seem to be different. Joshua thought this was because the Traverse Towns were parallel worlds, but queries that this can't be the case because even if that were true, they should run at the same timeline.

Overall, this confusing logical conundrum that I don't see how kids are supposed to understand lead to one conclusion. The most obvious one. It's a dream. WELL DUH. THE GAME IS CALLED DREAM DROP DISTANCE. :eyebrow:

Well whatever. The whole point is Beat and Rhyme need our help so Riku goes to help them. Which begins exploration for the second visit of Traverse Town for Riku. Same old really. Exploring, fighting new Nightmare Dream Eaters, and gathering Treasure Chests.

Eventually... Beat and Rhyme are found. With the Spellican Dream Eater. As Riku comes in...

This begins a hilarious diatribe between Beat and Rhyme with Riku chiming in sometimes as well. Not only that... THE SPELLICAN JUST FLOATS THERE. BEING IGNORED. This was just HILARIOUS. :ajlol:

Eventually... the Spellican loses it and this brings everyone back to their sense. We chase after it.

Eventually... IT THROWS FREAKING DINOSAURS AT US. Cera Terrors. But they don't cause me any real trouble and I dispatch them relatively easily.

Afterwards... Joshua informs Riku that they are going to trap it in the other Traverse Town in the Third District so we head that way.

We do so. The Spellican runs but is just going to be pinned down by Sora, who Riku believes in. Another diatribe between Beat, Rhyme, and Riku begins. Joshua comes in on this eventually too. This practically ends the Traverse Town revisit for Riku and the sleeping keyhole is sealed... again. Okay... :confused:

Joshua warns Riku about the Dream trying to trick him into thinking it's real, but Riku seems to already know this.

Now Sora just must do his job...


It was basically more exploration, fighting, and treasure chest gathering. Until Neku and Shiki are found. The difference here is that Sora fights the enemies that were wearing them down.

Afterwards... Sora tells all about how Neku was worried about Shiki. To Neku's dismay. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT. THIS IS SORA AFTER ALL. :mlp_DERPE:

Sora is determined to help them complete the 'Game.' IT'S NOT THAT KIND OF GAME SORA. :rariwat:

Regardless Neku then shows some Sora tendencies when Joshua reappears by wanting him to come back to their world as well, because he is his friend as well. Interesting... CONSIDERING THE STORY OF TWEWY. But... you'd have to play the game for that information. :rdwink:

Contradictions aside... Sora continues his way to help Neku and Shiki and it was just mostly more exploration, fighting, and Treasure Chest gathering after this.

Unbelievably, that was really it. In case you’re wondering, I finally got Me Me Bunny for Riku so I'm at least trying to work on getting the best/good commands and Dream Eaters and other things for Sora and Riku.

It's more complicated then it seems though. But I am trying. :rariwhat:

Also... I was mistaken. The second worst non-endgame boss is Spellican in another world. Not Traverse Town. Still though... :angrytwi:

This may mean nothing. It could still be ridiculous. So, I should prepare for ridiculousness I guess. :applejargh:

Next time:

Spellican Take 1. Will it be ridiculous? Also, the second 'set' of worlds are coming quick though I'm not sure you can call it a 'set' as it's only 2 and then ENDGAME world.

Yeah... I'm in trouble, aren't I?


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Well, good luck with Spellican, mate. I would give advice, but honestly I'd managed to mostly forget about Spellican, so here's a bit of general stuff since you're approaching the endgame:
Get Leaf Bracer, because you're going to require it, if not for Spellican, than for the endgame (and it's good to have now anyway). Seriously, get this ASAP.
Also, procure at least one Curaga. If you can stack more than one healing spell on your command deck (I honestly don't recall if you can), then get either multiple Curagas, or just have at least one of Curaga and Cura, but if not, then get Curaga because it's pretty much mandatory late-game (from what I remember, anyway) so you might as well get it now.
Alsoalso, I want to say you should look and see if you can make yourself an Aura Lion for Sora and Riku. It has Second Chance (and also Leaf Bracer, but you should get that off your Meow Wows... you do have those for both Sora and Riku, right?), which I think will be a pretty good thing to have in the endgame. Not sure you can make one yet (you'll need 3 Noble Fantasy and either 3 Intrepid Fantasy or 3 Savage Fantasy), but as soon as you can, consider it.

As for grinding areas... you might be best off running around The World That Never Was, though for some reason I want to say the Fantasia-world might be a decent spot too (dunno why, but it's a thought). Also if I'm remembering correctly, that's where the really annoying Spellican is, so you should probably grind for a while there anyway, just to get materials to make the really good Dream Eaters, and to get the good abilities off them.

Again, best of luck getting revenge on Spellican.

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Actually I already have Leaf Bracer. I just kept forgetting to mention it. I kept Meow Wow until I got it. I also already have Second Chance from Escarglow. I'm trying to get Once More next. But thanks for the advice.

Anyway... it's nice to have extra time to play this.

Part 10: Mouse-keteers

Into the Third District we go.



Luckily... this one isn't the ridiculous fight. Not yet anyway.

All this jerk does is summon previous Dream Eater bosses. Hockomonkey, Wargoyle, and Char Clobster.

Being confined in the Third District wasn't the greatest for this. The only good thing is that you can spam Flowmotion. Which I did for Hockomonkey. For Wargoyle I spammed Flowmotion for a bit and then used a link. With Sir Kyroo.

Char Clobster just let me wail on him until he died.

I only had to heal a few times.

So it was an intense fight but my victory was achieved.


Sora assures Neku, Shiki, and Joshua that he'll chase after Spellican to complete the mission for them because he's not part of the 'Game' so he should be allowed to break the rules. Well... sure. I guess you could put it that way. IF SORA ONLY KNEW HOW RIDICULOUS THIS BOSS TRULY IS. :applejargh:

Regardless the sleeping keyhole is sealed again.


Neku says he'll 'see Sora in Shibuya'


Not confirmation yet... but... there's always hope. I guess. But something tells me that may not happen. Because they never did a Final Fantasy world in KH. Radiant Garden doesn't really count. :rariwhat:

Well... we'll see.

Anyway the next world is gone to as Riku. It's... a Musketeer world. Yeah. Not joking. With MIckey, Donald, and Goofy as the Musketeers. BECAUSE THAT MAKES SENSE. :rariwat:

Riku sees Pete and wonders what world he ended up in. IF ONLY YOU KNEW RIKU. IF ONLY YOU KNEW. :mlp_Crazie:

This begins exploration as Riku. Same old really. Exploring, fighting new and old Nightmare Dream Eaters, and gathering treasure chests. Admittedly... I quite like the battle theme for this world. It's about the only good thing about it.

Unfortunately... extra time or not... it wasn't much extra time as this was all I did.

Next time:

What are we in store for here? Musketeer-ness. I guess. :pinkieshrug:

Ridiculousness too? ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE I SUPPOSE. :twitch:

Anyway the point is that the next part will be more Mickey Mouse Musketeer world with Riku as well as Sora probably.

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Ah, good to see you've got Leaf Bracer. And Second Chance too!
Forgot Once More was even a thing, but it sounds like a good thing to get now...

It'd be nice to see Shibuya in KH3... I doubt it'll happen, since there haven't been any Square Enix worlds up to this point (and if they do have Square Enix world(s) in 3, I'd bet they only do one, that being either Midgar (because Final Fantasy 7) or whatever-FFXIV's-world-is (because it's the newest FF)), but it'd be so nice.
Well, that or a TWEWY sequel, but that seems even less likely than suprise Shibuya in KH3 right now (though I'd love to be surprised on this one).

Although, to be honest, I'd be cool with Neku just showing up in a Disney world (maybe the Big Hero 6 world? I mean, San Fransokyo's partially based on Tokyo, so it could conceivably have a TWEWY!Shibuya-looking area for the TWEWY cast (or at least Neku) to show up).

Also, pretty sure Mouseketeerland is gonna be a breather... at least compared to Fantasia.
Where the Spellican awaits. With at least one pure-Flowmotion section. During which you can't heal (or at least I never figured out how to get to my Cure spells during that part).
So, uh, yeah. Enjoy the relatively easy world and bosses. And the nice battle music.

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Part 11: All for One & One for All





Believe it or not, there's really not much to say here. In fact, this was probably the shortest world in the entire game. I practically completed it without even dropping to Sora. :applejackhate:

We continue exploration until we come across a theater and a bunch of weird cloaked and masked beagles called the 'Beagle Boys' that seem to be Pete's cronies pretty much. BECAUSE WHAT ARE VILLAINS WITHOUT CRONIES. :eyebrow:

Either way... they set up wooden cut-outs of Musketeer Mickey, Donald, and Goofy and Pete drops wooden boxes on it, destroying them. Claiming that this will get rid of them once and for all. YEP. I'M SURE THAT WILL TOTALLY WORK. :ajlie:

He then finds a moving locked chest with... who else? Minnie inside. We also get a scene of how Minnie got in there in the first place. It looks like Pete is basically trying to take the throne for himself and have a Minnie 'double' make the announcement. THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS AT ALL. :mlp_facehoof:

Well... guess we'll stop him anyway. We're informed of a certain 'device' that is needed and said device is practically shown to us by bungling Beagle Boys. GOOD JOB. :mlp_DERPE:

After them we go.

After this it was basically exploration the rest of the way. Fighting, getting treasure chests, and finding the three Beagle Boys. Who are slightly annoying to defeat but they still fall eventually.

After all 3 of them are taken out... A FREAKING HUGE MOLE DREAM EATER APPEARS. Holey Moley. Again I'm not joking about that name. :rariwat:

They never make it easy. YEP. TOTALLY CORRECT RIKU. :applebelch:

To be honest... I'm not sure why my walkthrough listed this boss as 10/10 Annoying. I mean sure... it warps around but it was easy enough to find. I'd say the most annoying part was when it summoned a bunch of hands and I almost died. Somehow I survived though and healed just in the nick of time. :flutterdear:

After that this fight was barely a boss. Just chase it down, wail on it, and rinse and repeat and victory is pretty much assured.

Afterwards... we apply the device and what we did apparently did the trick and Minnie thanks us and informs us of the Musketeer saying. Sleeping Keyhole sealed.


But I still need more treasure chests so I'll get the rest. For now though...


This one is... slightly... more exciting I guess? We actually meet said Musketeer Mickey, Donald, and Goofy and Sora rescues them from some Nightmare Dream Eaters. These three don't remember Sora either. This is getting... weird and sad all at the same time... :toomuch:

Either way after the 're-introductions' Mickey allows Sora to come with them to 'protect the princess' Why am I not surprised? :mlp_DERPE:

Just so you know, though, this Mickey is the 'King Mickey' we know but seems to be masquerading as a Musketeer and figured out quickly that Sora was from another world, but still doesn't remember him. :wtf:

We get on a wagon to transport the princess. Not surprisingly though, the wagon the 'princess' (Minnie again duh) is on is assaulted by a FREAKING TYRANNOSAURUS REX DREAM EATER. So we have to deal with that. But I do so with only some wagon damage.

However, the Beagle Boys re-appear in Sora's version of the world and get him to fall off it like a clumsy dolt. GOOD JOB. :doublefacehoof:

So we fully begin exploration as normal. Exploration, fighting new and old Nightmare Dream Eaters, gathering treasure chests. Eventually we reach a Tower where the Princess is being kept and the Beagle Boys try to stop us Donkey Kong style by THROWING BARRELS AT US. YES. THIS WORKED FOR DONKEY KONG SO IT'LL WORK FOR YOU. :confused:

By the way... it didn't. :ohyou:

When the top of the tower is reached... mini-boss against the Beagle Boys. SO. FREAKING. EASY. I barely broke a sweat in this fight. :pwease:

So after that... impediment. Goofy and Mickey do a weird jump out of the tower, use a tree as a slingshot, and catapult into the Beagle Boys to send them out of the tower. Yeah... okay... :eyebrow:

So it seems that all's well that ends well. Or not. Because we're informed that Pete making Mickey, Donald, and Goofy musketeers was just a lie and he's attempting to take the throne for himself. AGAIN. IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THIS. :rariwat:

Well either way the princess has to be saved AGAIN. However... Donald runs away like a coward. SERIOUSLY?! THIS IS NOT THE DONALD I KNOW. :suspicious:

Cowardice aside... Sora tries to assure Mickey that Donald will be back. Until we're attacked by Me Me Bunny Dream Eaters and Sora is knocked unconscious as Mickey chases after Pete. SERIOUSLY SORA?! YOU ARE NOT THIS WEAK. :derp:

Well once we wake up we find Musketeer Goofy and Donald in front of us and Sora wants to chase after and rescue Mickey and Minnie. Goofy and Donald aren't sure but Sora figures that they wouldn't have come back if they weren't ready to save them.

Reasoning aside we're off to Mount Saint-Michel which is apparently where they were taken.

That's was all I was able to do as Sora.

Next time:

The rest of this clearly unbelievably short world as Sora and getting the rest of the treasure chests for the area.

I'm approaching THAT WORLD and THAT BOSS though. GOD HELP ME. :anger:

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Part 12: Compromised Test

I had internet troubles on Friday so I didn't get to play this until yesterday and the only reason I was able to do so was because Toonami was doing a marathon of DBZ Kai The Final Chapters episodes. Ones I've already seen.

That aside... Dropping is officially annoying now. I had to mess around as Riku in other worlds because I dropped as Sora before I could finish the Musketeer world as Sora. Even when I did I still wasn't able to completely 'finish' the world (get all the treasure chests) so I'll likely have to do it again.

Because I refuse to get ahead in the game as Riku and be behind as Sora. That's dumb, stupid, and annoying. So... yeah... :applebelch:

Anyway... it should be clear that this will be Sora only once again.

It was basically more exploration. Until we reach a Dungeon area. Where we successfully rescue a drowning Mickey. YIKES. HARSH MUCH. :applejackhate:

With that catastrophe averted Mickey is cheered up by Donald that it doesn't matter if it was a lie or not, they are still Musketeers. Role reversal I see. :awesomecheer:

Pete has taken Minnie to another area so we give chase.

Eventually... Pete tries to uses wooden boxes to crush Mickey, Donald, and Goofy... but... the box disappears. THANKS RIKU. :happybonbon:

With that... BOSS TIME.

This boss... wasn't overly difficult. Even Pete wasn't that hard. I found a chest with Sonic Blade and that helped TREMENDOUSLY. As well as Sparkga. I even linked with a Cera Terror and did practically the rest of the damage, ending with a Reality Shift. With that Pete is stopped and all's well that ends well and Mickey & co. (including Sora I guess?) are officially made Musketeers for real. This ends the world with the sealing of the sleeping keyhole.

Meanwhile... we find out, from Axel/Lea of all people, that Sora and Riku's test have been compromised by... Xehanort. Yes that jerkass. The one from Birth By Sleep. OH GOODIE. :wtf:

Yen Sid is apparently having trouble locating Sora & Riku and it's become more trial then test. So let's just keep going BECAUSE IT TOTALLY WON'T END HORRIBLY OR ANYTHING. :ajlie:

Despite that the game keeps going. Because why wouldn't it? Regardless... once I'm through with Musketeer world... it's finally time for THAT WORLD with THAT BOSS.

There's only one thing left to say at this point I guess.

ALL. OF. MY. RAGE. :flutterrage:

Next time:

Treasure chest completion in Musketeer world as Sora. Possibly... Sorcerer's Apprentice world as well. NO. NOT THIS WORLD. ANYTHING BUT THIS WORLD. :applejargh:

Will I survive? All I can really say is... LET THE RIDICULOUSNESS COMMENCE. :twitwitch:


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Part 13: Musical Ability Required


Most of this was Riku only. I did start the Sorcerer's Apprentice world as Sora too but only the beginning of it.


Riku comes to the Mysterious Tower flooding. Well... that didn't take long. :rariwat:

After some brief exploration we discover the issue for this world. Which is pretty much the same for both Riku and Sora. Mickey is in a weird catatonic-like state and needs help finding a 'Sound Idea' to release the darkness and his weird catatonic-like state. So we jump into sheet music (again not joking) to find it for him.

So... yeah...



Also... there's no battle theme for this world. It's basically REALLY LOUD background music. Even the flashbacks are practically silent save for the loud background music. It's like silent movies. Except with loud background music. What's the point of that? Seriously? Sorry but I'm not really a fan of musicals or orchestral music or anything like that. I'm just not. Sorry? Another reason I'm not a fan of this world. :rariwhat:

Not counting of course, the fact that things in the game are beginning to get RIDICULOUS.:angrytwi:

After all of this exploration begins for real. Exploring, fighting new and old Dream Eaters, and gathering treasure chests. The only 'problem' Dream Eaters are the Ryu Dragons. Which I know I need but I don't have the materials for. SO HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET ONE? UGH. This game and it's BS is starting to get to me again. :applejargh:

There's literally nothing else for me to say. This world has very little cutscenes. There's just the beginning one and the rest is mostly exploration I think. I think I may already be close to the end of it for Riku. There's like 30 some chests and I already have close to 30.


The only difference here is that we see Mickey cause his own catatonic-like state by putting the magician's hat on. I THOUGHT YOU WERE SMARTER THAN THAT MICKEY. :doublefacehoof:

We also see...


I don't have a choice do I? OF COURSE I DON'T. :derp:

Similar to Riku, Sora needs to help Mickey get a Sound Idea. So we'll do that. Next time. Also... I'm finally going to attempt the Lord Kyroo mini-boss as Sora. Will I succeed? DON'T COUNT ON IT. :applejargh:

Next time:

Ridiculous musical world as Sora. I don't think I'll do any better with the Reality Shift as Sora then I did as Riku. Lord Kyroo. Preparation for second worst non endgame boss Spellican. Suggestions for this boss are fine if you feel generous. Or I'll just keep trying until I win I guess.

My plan? Well... I'm trying to get Thundaga from Thunderaffe so I'm hoping that plus Sonic Blade or Slot Edge as well as maybe Aerial Slam will do the trick. I don't have Kab Kannon or Frootz Cat and can't seem to create them and I haven't found a free Faith or Salvation yet.

I'm screwed... aren't I? :twitch:

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Sorry for the delay. Believe it or not, there are times when I get busy and don't have the necessary time to play this. Trust me, I don't like it either.

Moving along...

Part 14: Face the Music

So I was right. The rest of the worlds for both Sora and Riku was basically exploration, finding said 'Sound Idea' for both characters, and then the boss fight. So that's practically what I did as both characters.

Now that you know this. The character stuff will just be descriptions of how I did for said bosses for the most part.


Mr. Unknown reappears to taunt Riku for his mistakes causing trouble for others but he admits to them. GEE. ALMOST SEEMS LIKE RIKU ACTUALLY LEARNED FROM THEM WHICH IS UNLIKE A CERTAIN OTHER CHARACTER THAT WILL REMAIN NAMELESS.  *coughstarlightcough* :ajlie:

Anyway he threatens Riku will 'fall into the abyss' and...


As for the boss theme. It's the same as it was in KH1. Which I'm not a huge fan of. But here it is anyway.

Meh. :mlp_facehoof:

The thing about this fight... is that it's A HELL OF A LOT EASIER then it is in KH1. It's practically like the Boss Fights that sometimes occur during the Dives for the characters. Other than that... there's really not much for me to say about this fight. It wasn't overly difficult. Honestly... I have no idea why I struggled with this when I first played this on the 3DS. I really don't. Well... I guess it doesn't matter now. :rariwhat:

Victory achieved.

The Sound Idea is returned with a second one, obviously obtained by Sora, and Mickey recovers from his catatonic state. That's pretty much the end of this world.


Not much else to do here either. The Sound Idea is retrieved to more taunting from Mr. Unknown again. Claiming it's 'almost over.' SURE IT IS. :derp:

The Sound Idea is returned but nothing happens. So we're off to take down the Spellican once and for all.



The only bad thing is that there's no boss theme. It's just the LOUD background music for the world. That's... disappointing. :suspicious:

So... the worst part about this fight... was the beginning. I couldn't dodge the annoying attacks. I almost died. Not even joking. Somehow, though, I didn't and got the first hit in before that happened and quickly healed when the actual fight began.

As for this fight...


Well... that, Triple Plasma, Ice Barrage, and 2 Ballonras. Plus Curaga of course. That's practically what I used.

Don't get me wrong though. I'm not saying it was easy. It wasn't. It was quite harsh. I had to heal a good chunk of times. I tried using a Dual Link but it didn't really do me much good. But it didn't really matter.

Despite it being harsh....


:flutterrage:YOU SPELLICAN.

With that done, the same thing basically happens in Sora's world as in Riku's world and the world is complete.

With Axel/Lea apparently undergoing some 'trials' of his own... Mickey is left to attempt to find Sora and Riku to stop Xehanort's meticulously well thought out plot.

But can he really find him?


So... yeah... that's all I did.


Why? Because I DON'T have the following:


Majik Lapin, Ryu Dragon, Lord Kyroo, Keeba Tiger, Aura Lion


Meteor Crash, Meteor, Faith, Salvation, Balloonga, Dark Firaga, Dark Aura, Firaga Burst, Mega Flare


Once More

Am I screwed?

YOU BET I AM. :twitch:

Next time:



Here's mine:





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Part 15: Never Ending Sleep

So... when I did The World That Never Was Dive as Sora... I somehow A ranked it and got a free Meteor. Not that this will help all that much.

Sora wasn't able to do much. Because he got confronted by Xigbar who practically informed Sora of what was really going on and that Sora was a target. For what though? It's not really said yet.

We get a lot of weird first person cutscenes as Sora reliving a lot of the stuff that has happened as the Unknown Guy, who's apparently a form of Xehanort, reveals the meticulously well thought out convoluted plan involving time travel. BECAUSE THIS SERIES WASN'T COMPLICATED ENOUGH ALREADY WITHOUT THE INCLUSION OF TIME TRAVEL. :doublefacehoof:

That aside it gets to the point where Sora is forced to drop and we're forced to play as Riku for a while.


Unbelievably, there's not much to really say. Not much happened. Riku wasn't sure why he hadn't returned either so he decides to investigate.

The rest was basically regular exploration. Exploring, fighting new and old Nightmare Dream Eaters, gathering treasure chests, and so on. No major happenings. Not yet anyway. The battle theme for this world is quite good.

Unbelievably, I didn't struggle as badly as I expected to with the fights in this world. Not that it still wasn't annoying or intense at times. But I didn't really get any Game Overs.


I'm practically almost to the end of the area as Riku. But ran out of time.

Back with Sora... we get weirder first person relived cutscenes and even see Namine... WHO THEN TURNS INTO XION. Okay this is getting WAY to complicated. Even for me. :rariwat:

Eventually it becomes apparent that Sora seems to be in an ever-lasting, never waking up dream. Which seems to be the point. It's still not flat out told why though.

At this point, I seriously need to get at least a few of the necessary commands. Dark Aura and Firaga Burst are the ones I will be shooting for. At minimum, I think Firaga Burst is VITAL. So, I can abuse Doubleflight and that command to make the endgame Riku bosses less ridiculous. They will still be ridiculous, obviously, but just less ridiculous.

Once I get to the areas before the final bosses I may begin a grinding session with an unknown end. Until I get what I feel is necessary to make the endgame as less ridiculous as possible. Again, it will still be ridiculous, I'm just trying to make it less ridiculous.

So yeah. I'll be trying to do that and then grinding afterwards. Will any of this really help me get my FINAL REVENGE though?

AGAIN. I DOUBT IT. :twitch:

Next time:

Endgame world as Sora. The rest of endgame world as Riku. I HATE GRINDING BUT CLEARLY THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO CHOICE. So yeah... grind fest begins.

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