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Remember, souls go in here, 'kay? None of this "food" crap you're trying to offer me. Also, make sure they're HUMAN souls. Last time you tried to feed me bunny souls, and let me tell you; I got diabetes from those souls. Sure, I was able to curse my diabetes onto an Oompah Loompah and that provided for months of laughs, but that's not the point. You were all like, "No, no!! Killing PEOPLE is wrong" but you had no problem massacring that whole hutch of bunnies for me. Let me make this clear... DEAD IS DEAD, REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT IS. Now, bring me my human souls or it'll be YOUR soul I'll be eating next.

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T: "Being the smaller one has its perks! I can get carried around everywhere and give nose boops!"

S: "She makes me carry her everywhere... please help. My arms can't take it anymore."

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