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I was wondering who have their own pony oc?


I got 2 oc.



His name: Tinker Doo aka Tinker.

Here is as gender bender when he usually is "cursed"


and here is my second oc:


Her name is Liara Doo and it's Tinker's sister.

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Depending on what the hell I'm doing I'll probably make a small technicolor horse OC. But then they might be one-shot because I'll probably only need them for that reason. Though it doesn't stop me from thinking about *who* they are. In particular:




I haven't necessarily given her a name, though a concept. Her working "name" right now is simply Voodoo/Vodou Horse.


The basic premise is she serves as an earth pony shaman of the Voodoo type, living in some deep swampy city parallel to that of New Orleans. She is in fact a direct borrowing from the love I discovered I had for New Orleans when I was last there and the general aspect of its culture and my understanding of Voodoo as a life-style both of NOLA and of Haitian (discovered more in some way after the fact and prodded around when I discovered Dr. John).


Some of the backstory and her premise is pulled from Naw'leans jazz and blues mythos as told through Dr. John and the classic performers of the southern jazz and blues circuit. As a Voodoo priestess she conducts the rituals and intervenes with the spirits and can manufacture gris-gris to punish individuals and potions to help others. Though I never drew him, she is married to an ex-con who I named Iron Belly in reference to Lead Belly, where as it would go she inspired the ex-con who was then in prison to write a song that impressed the warden so much he got out of his double-life sentence (which is the circumstances and mythology behind Goodnight Irene as I heard it told by Dr. John).


And I wouldn't be a half-assed writer or unfocused artist without others. If I got off my ass I would get to writing a Fo:E spinoff involving a morally and emotionally apathetic merchant at the end of his ropes and barely able to cope with the bullshit of other pones by the name of Rusted Bits. In-so-far I've only been able to RP him which gave me the framework for his character. And I've yet to draw his "I'm tired of this shit" self.


I've also played with and toyed about with the general idea of Epona as /mlp/ understood her whenever an Epona general is launched, where I put Majora's mask on her and throw in a creepy murderous affection from Epone to Link horse.



And then there's the rest.



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I have one main one and two subs


Archean Gene (main)

He studies multiple kinds of magic and is fascinated in science




Based of me mostly, nothing more


Lila Hen

Because I was bored:pinkieshrug:

All artwork here was made by one person if you noticed.

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I have 3 main ones.


Serenity Singer



(art courtesy of Egophiliac)

I got the name by plugging my name into an online Name Generator. I used her in an RP forum set in the time just after Discord was defeated by the Two Sisters, which by forum canon wasn't terribly long after the events of Hearth's Warming. She shunned the warlike Pegasus culture, and instead did odd jobs around Canterlot to earn a living. She always has a fairly neutral expression on her face and doesn't tend to show emotions outwardly; her talent is to be able to keep calm as well as extend that calmness to those around her.

She also has a tendency to come off as odd in the head, because she says weird stuff.


Dark Matter


(art by me)

Dark Matter is the son of a retired Canterlot guard, Grave Matter. He knows some basic combat spells to protect himself, but his talent is illusion, more specifically illusions used to alter appearances rather than create images of things that aren't there. He loves to alter his cloak while he's out to be much more fancy than the dull brown it actually is.

He moved to Ponyville to help take care of his aging uncle, Tall Tales, who loves to hang around the Guiding Light Inn and tell stories. He's a big fan of Rarity's work, as anypony who studies appearances as much as he does almost has to be.

His sister, Laughing Matter, works in Manehattan as an actor specializing in dramas.




(cutie mark only)

Baron is the ponification of my online persona, Baron von Faustenberger. Born to a minor noble Unicorn family just before the events of the first Hearth's Warming, he learned how to manipulate truth and information in such a way that he became one of the most influential unicorns in the city until he was banished back to the Frozen North after attempting a coup.

While banished, he discovered one of the secrets of immortality. He managed to sneak back into Equestria eventually, but decided against another bid for the throne, having discovered that he would rather control the ebb and flow of power from the shadows.

Throughout history he's orchestrated a number of minor calamities, but not because he wishes to destroy or conquer or anything; just because he enjoys the feeling of control.

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Meet Steamworks. Born in Los Pegasus, graduate of Canterlot Institute of Technology, currently living a short flight outside of Cloudsdale and working on building better equipment for the weather factory. Also a former companion to Doctor Hooves which resulted in his picking up the bad habit of sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. 


A little more out of character, after I starting toying with the idea of him making a stand against Tirek when he came for Cloudsdale, he's kind of gotten away from me. Discharging all the lightning in the factory into Tirek seems to have given him a major confidence boost and a bit of arrogance when it comes to being willing to stand up against major threats. I originally saw him as a bit of a coward. Well, maybe "coward" is a bit too strong of a word, but he was definitely reluctant to participate in big things going down unless directly prompted (he just hunkered down in his workshop when he realized the night was lasting longer than it should have during the events of the pilot episode, for example), and then his travels with Doctor Hooves were meant to rid him of that. I saw him post-Doctor as a companion in the style of Sarah Jane Smith or Jack Harkness in that he'd continue to deal with things that come up in Equestria when the Doctor wasn't around, but that also was originally intended more as weird monsters that could be banished via incantation or something and stuff like Starlight Glimmer's cult rather than weaponizing the weather factory against a major threat against Equestria.

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I do have one, but it's just a hyperbole of myself when it comes to video games and music. 


I would have a picture, but it's just in my head and I'm not an artist... :T

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Nope. I have an avatar that can be used to represent me, but it's not a character I play. I do some tabletop roleplaying, and have played on a roleplay enforced MUD off and on for nigh on a decade,  but that's about it. 

Have some.


Drawn by the lovely Fruitycola, aka Halfpint

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