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[Help] Anypony know a developer team/artist that need a programmer?

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I know that this forum is maybe not the best way to find an answer but since I can't find anything, it is better to try here instead of doing nothing


Does anyone know a game developer team, an artist, a website or anything that is looking for a programmer to make/work on a MLP Game? (And using Unity if possible)


I have posted on the MyLittleGameDev website but the forum is almost dead so I don't count on this to find a team.


I know there is a lot of website that regroup developer to work on a game but I prefer to see if I can find a MLP project first because it is probably going to be more fun to work on.


As a programmer, this is not really fun to work on a project alone when you know you can't finish it because you are too bad at art, so this is the main reason why I ask if anyone of you know if there is a team or someone out there that would like to work with me on a game.


I will gladly show my portfolio even if I don't have a lot of stuffs (I think?), before joining (a team/someone).


Anyway, I think this is everything, thanks for taking your time to read this!

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