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Hello World! How are you today?!


Fresh member of Equestria Daily, I decided to make a bit of self-promotion 'cause hey, that's what this part of the forum is kinda there for.

Let me introduce myself: French guy writing in english on FIMfiction, one story currently in progress. Loves bagels.


Now for the interesting part (because honestly, how gives a sh*t about me? Just kidding everybody loves me):

Are you looking for a Equestria girls fanfic that has romance, drama, comedy, colorful characters, mute Vinyl, and most importantly, Octascratch?!

Allow me to present "Silent Love" !! 

Six chapters by the time I write these lines, new entry every four or five days, done without any help or proofreading (but that's because I like to hurt myself).

This is my very first story, and the very first time I've ever written something seriously (not just in English!)

I'm of course interested by any form of constructive criticism! Comment! Share! Make me those sweet sweet views!


If you need any more specifications about the story, feel free to ask me!

Love & Tolerate,





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