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EQUESTRIA part 2: The day has come

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On the next morning. Arolius and Twilights parents still lie in their beds until an exited Twilight Sparkle, who has gotten up very early today, runs through the house. She runs into Arolius room jumps on him and bounces up and down on him.


Filly Twilight: Arolius, Arolius! Wake up! Today is my day! Yaaayy!


As he wakes up Twilight smiles at him and bounces out of his room into the room of her parents.


Filly Twilight: Mommy, Daddy, Wake up! Today is a special day!


Her father Nightlight and her mother Glitter Sparkle, bothstill very tired, opened their eyes and saw their little filly bouncing as happy as never before.


Glitter Sparkle: Ohh Twily. Couldn't you just have waited a few more minutes before you bounced into our room.


Nightlight: Oh honey, just look at her. She's soo exited for her big day, i think it's okay when we wake up a bit earlier today, right?


Glitter Sparkle turns her head out of her pillow. Twilight looks at her with big eyes.


Filly Twilight:  Pweeaaaaaaaaaaase!


Glitter Sparkle: Awww alright, alright.


Nightlight: Let's get up.


Her parents get up. Nightlight leaves the room. Glitter Sparkle sits down on the edge of her bed, looks at Twilight and fondles over her mane.


Glitter Sparkle: Everything for my little filly.


Filly Twilight: Yaaaaay, yay!


Glitter Sparkle: We are so proud of you Twilight. All three of us. Not every little unicorn in who lives here get's choosen from Celestia to study in by our great princess herself.


Arolius was standing outside of the room. He looked at them and smiled.


Glitter Sparkle: So let's get down. I'll make us breakfast.


Filly Twilight: Yayyy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


Glitter Sparkle and Twilight left the room and went downstairs. Arolius right behind them.


Nightlight was already sitting at the table, reading the news paper. Her mother started to prepare the breakfast and Twilight sat down on her chair.


Arolius: I'm going to the bathroom.


Arolius went to the bath room.


Twilight could barely sit steady at the table.


Glitter Sparkle: Soooo, Twilight. Which story did Arolius tell you last night?


Filly Twilight: Oh, oh, it was a greaaaaaat story about our Princess and her younger sister Luna. A long time ago...


Twilight was explaining the rest of the story to her mother. Meanwhile in the bathroom. Arolius was looking out of the window.


Arolius: Ahh. I just hope everything goes well.


Then he saw a horse drawn sleigh pulled by two pegasus ponies in the distant sky.


Meanwhile in the kitchen. Twilight already reached the end of the story. Her parents were listening to her while her mother finished making the breakfast.


Filly Twilight: ...but at the end Celestia used the elements of harmony and banished Nightmare Moon to the moon but before Nightmare Moon lost, she promised to come back 1000 years later. The end.


Her mother brought the breakfast to the table.


Nightlight: Luna? Elements of harmony? Ohhh Twilight, sounds like you had an exiting good night story.


Filly Twilight: It isn't just a story, daddy. It really happened. If you look at the full moon at night then you can see...


Glitter Sparkle: Ohhh, oh, Twily. Since i can remember the moon always looked like that. Even when i was a little filly.


Arolius came back into the kitchen. Glimmer Sparkle sat down at the table next to Twilight.


Glitter Sparkle: ...and a little sister called Luna? Ohhh Twily. We all know that Celestia always raised the sun and the moon. There is no little other princess or an evil called Nightmare Moon. Maybe that story was a bit too fantastic for my little Twily.


Arolius. I'm glad she could sleep after all.


Everyone laughs.


Filly Twilight: But, i think...


Her mother interrupted her.


Glitter Sparkle: Enough for now my little filly. You need to eat to have energy on your great day.


Everyone ate and drunk some breakfast. After a few minutes, Twilight looked out of the window and noticed a sleigh pulled by two pegasus ponies coming closer to her house. She pointed at them.


Filly Twilight: Mommy, Daddy look! They are here! The guards from Celestia! They are here!


Twilight run out of the house, Arolius run after her. Her parents looking after her.


Glitter Sparkle: Twily!


Arolius: Twilight, wait!


The sleigh landed slowly in the front of the house. Glitter Sparkle and Nightlight went after her filly to look after her. Twilight bounced very exited up and down. The two guards who pulled the sleigh stopped and a third guard left the sleigh. He looked at the family and pulled out a sheet of paper. He started to read.


Guard: *clears throat* Twilight Sparkle, Arolius. Both of you are officially welcome the great castle of our princess Celestia for two days.


Twilight bounces around very exited and happy.


Filly Twilight: Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yeeeees!


Arolius: Alright, here we go.


Twilight went to her parents to say goodbye and hugs both of them.


Nightlight: I'm sooo proud of you Twily.


Glitter Sparkle: You can do it!


Twilight and Arolius entered the sleigh yogether with the guard and the two pegasus guards slowly pulled the sleight up in the air. Twilight was waving to her parents and her parents waved back.


Filly Twilight: Goodbye mommy, goodbye daddy. I see you both in two days.


The sleigh flew in the direction of the big castle on the horizon.

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