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Azalea Floria

Selling TF2/Dota 2 Arcanas for real money(really need it)

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Hey guys, so in case you didn't know, I'm having money problems irl, at the moment I have two different part time jobs and we occasionally get my dad's pension money (he's passed away for those who didn't know)


And a few kind people sends me some money from time to time (you know who you are~....)


So....I doubt these'll sell but....well, leave your offers here and if i think its worth it, its sold


Stuffs for sale:

Team Fortress 2:

Unusual Milkman Terror-Watt effect

Strange Night Terror Scattergun (Kills while low health, Point Blanks Kills, Dominations)

Square Dance Taunt

Kazotsky Kick Taunt

Schadenfreude Taunt

Flippin' Awesome Taunt

Boston Breakdance Taunt

Skullcracker Taunt

Rock, Paper, Scissors Taunt

The Essential Accessories

Gift Wrap


Dota 2 Arcanas: (I ask for an offer "above" $50 for these if possible, please, minimum i'll accept is $40)

Exalted Frost Avalanche (Crystal Maiden)(35 Ward Kills)

Exalted Manifold Paradox (Phantom Assassin) (36 Assassination Score)

Fiery Soul of The Slayer (Lina)

Inscribed Blades of Voth Domoth (Legion Commander) (Duels Won 449)


Here's my full inventory



(everything's for sale except for my Medic Unusual and any custom-named items, they have....special personal memories attached to them)


OR maybe...if you're feeling nice and generous, and want to donate to just help, my Paypal is


Money Raised so far (hope to make $200 by the end of January from this, but i doubt it)


Toki: $5 (Box Trot Taunt)

Philomena: $5 (Conga Taunt)

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