Lee Kuan Yih

Looking For Someone Who's Good At Animation

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Hi. I'm a longtime fan of MLP and FimFiction. I have a vision of an MLP music video, but I'm absolutely terrible at animation and drawing. I need help to make my dream video come true. Can anyone help? If so, please contact me and tell me the cost. Also, please send me a sample of a video you've made. I can pay through Visa.


Thank you.


What I'm planning to make is a music video of Fluttershy and her (unofficial) lover, from Song Of Whispers by Wintergreen Diaries. I've commissioned a professional singer to sing a cover of a song I think will be suitable for the music video, now I just need someone to help me animate a video.

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As a part-time film maker, I would advise you to change your title: you're apparently looking for an animator, not a video maker. 

And try to give more details in your post or people won't be attracted by your project...


Anyway, have a great day!



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