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War in the Nexus - Interests Check

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So I came up with this idea the other day and I want to see if anyone is interested in playing it. This roleplay would take place in the Nexus, the location of Heroes of the Storm, and all the players would be allowed to create their own character for any of the Blizzard Universes. The story of the roleplay would be a War between two of the Nexus Lord, I choose Raven Lord and Ka of Luxoria. The goal is simple destroy the enemies core however rather than like it is in the game you would have to travel through the multiple realms of the Nexus and participate or avoid the conflicts that are in them. As you travel through the realms you will encounter realms that exist in Heroes and some that I have made up myself.


Making a character would go like making a character for the MoBA. You would give your character a trait and 3 abilities with your fourth heroic ability unlocking as you reached level 10, much like in game. The only requirement for character creation would be that they are not god mode and they they are not an existing character in any universe. If you want to make a character very similar to Raynor would be allowed but he or she just can't be Raynor. Also if you have a friend and you are both interested and you want to make a character that functions show how like Cho'gall be my guest. Also you can stretch it a bit as long as the character is believable for the universe you choose, they don't necessarily have to be a class or unit that already exists. Each party should have five players but I can change it up a bit for a few more or less.


So anyone up for this or have questions about how the game would function since I didn't cover everything?

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12 hours ago, Yoko said:

I'm in.

Just I heads up I will not let you use Yoko for this. These characters have to original and fit one of the universes. I am still debating whether to allow people to say their character is from the Overwatch universe since Tracer is confirmed for Heroes.

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