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if there was a cartoon that would make a great movie what would it be?

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A lot of the good answers have already been said:

  • Gargoyles
  • Steven Universe
  • Beast Wars (Dinobot Forever!!)

...but I still have a few that I think would make for a good movie:

  • Bravestarr - This was a halfway decent toon for the 80's that, if you take what I say next quite liberally, was Trigun before there was Trigun (I told you you'd have to take that comparison with a grain of salt). It was a western set in space, and like many 80's cartoons, was quite toyetic. It was one of the better cartoons of the time, and somewhat stranger ones. Seriously, Bravestarr's horse 30-30 was a cyborg that could go from normal horse to anthro, and Bravestarr himself could call the power of I think it was like three maybe four different spirit animals (I think they were the hawk, the puma, the bear, and the wolf?) which gave him special superhuman abilities, and gave the show a Native American twist. 
  • Thundercats (Preferably based on the 2011 version mythos) - Dude, it's Thundercats. They're badass. Why shouldn't they have a movie already? Yes, even the original 1985 version was great. However, the 2011 version was simply better in every regard, far more polished, and made more sense narrative wise, so that's why I, if they made a movie based on the Thundercats, I hope they'd base it on or closely to, the 2011 version.
  • Sym-Biotic Titan - This series was never given its due, and has a mythos that feels ripe for a movie to tell it.


14 hours ago, J. Brony said:


Also a child of the 80's but I'm going with He-Man & the Masters of the Universe.  A good one this time.

I don't know. I halfway liked the 1987 flick with ol' Dolph as He-Man...

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