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Would equestria girls Twilight (sci twi) be an alicorn if she went through the mirror to Equestria? Would she take on a form that resembles her trans-dimensional Equestrian counterpart, or would she appear as a unicorn seeing as how she was never a pony to begin with. Maybe she could preform some act in the human world that would make her an alicorn if she went to the other side of the mirror? As this is purely theoretical and will likely never happen in the canon, discuss!

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I've wondered that myself. I'd have said "no" to that if I hadn't seen this happen in Legend of Everfree:




If you compare them to the wings Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy get when they Pony Up, you can tell that they're Alicorn wings.  So, in light of canon material, I'm going to have to "yes" to this question.  

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