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worst video games ever!

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29 minutes ago, Spider said:

2 games I can't stand are  Bakugan Battle Brawlers (Wii Version) and Bakugan Defenders of the Core

now my main gripe with Battle Brawlers was

that the controls are super sensitive like nearly as bad as Sonic and the Secret Rings these motion controls are your only control scheme

so yeah you're stuck with them it makes the game a lot more difficult because you're fighting with the crappy motion controls more then the bosses

now onto Defenders of the Core or as I like to call it

Defenders of the Obvious Advice

in Defenders of the Core the characters never shut up

they constantly shout tutorial advice at you during the battle

they even do this during the final fight

and they do so in the most condescending tone ever (Looking at you Shun Kurosaki)

as if they had so little confidence in the player they ruined a potentially decent game

the combat is your typical 3d fighter with the Bakugan as Kaiju cool idea but ruined by the fact most of the fights tend to

have Rubber Band AI so bad it make Mario Kart's Rubber Band Ai look tame by comparison

or cheap Difficulty Spikes (Looking at you Percival)

For battler brawlers the only one i had trouble with was the PS2 version (which i rented while my Wii was being fixed) I never minded motion control so i actually prefer the Wii version. As for Defenders of the core......yeah that game isn't that good. It's not bad but clearly a redo of Godzilla Unleashed.

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Related image

I can't be the only one who remembers this game

this game was horrible

the final boss was cool

but at the same time the Laggy Controls killed any sort've fun I had

though not as sensitive as Secret Rings

this game was playable (though its Repetitive as all sin thanks to the Laggy Controls)

but the motion controls came off as laggy there was a delay between each move

like a good 15 second delay between each attack

so the combat felt really slow and sluggish

Sonic and the Black Knight had better Sword controls 

and not to mention this game has some really nasty difficulty spikes

only reason why I got this game it was a buy 2 get 1 free and this one was the free game

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On 9/1/2017 at 3:56 AM, Spider said:

1 of my worst video games is without a doubt 

Valkyria chronicles (ps4 edition) never got into it 


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By far the worst game I ever played in my life was Doki Doki Literature club because even though it was well made, it twisted my brain forever and I would have been so much better off without it :( 

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