Drawn Ponies in Splatoon 2

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Have you Found or drawn Ponies in the Splatoon 2 Draw App?

Then this is the best Thread to post ist.

For these who not know what it is!

In the Game Splatoon 2 there is a message function where you can draw message ore picture



I make the start with these 2 pictures that i post ingame.



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13 hours ago, Bakaarion said:

I didn't know that you can draw with splatoon 2 ! Nice !

Yes it is possible.


In Splatoon 1 was it the Miiverse Message System where you can write or draw.

Splatoon 2 has no Miiverse but the Message System is in the Game and there you can write or draw.

And there are different Way like Touchscreen, Joycon/Gamepad or Automatic System ( here you must draw on the PC).


The pic for the Splatfest

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