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EQUESTRIA part 3: An uncertain destiny

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Twilight and Arolius were on their way to the great castle. It was a sunny day and the wind blew through Arolius hair and Twilights mane.


Guard: We will reach our destination, the great castle of our princess in 30 minutes.


Twilight could barely sit steady and wiggled with her hooves.


Filly Twilight: Ohhhhhh, i'm so exited! For the first time in my life i will be in the great castle and see Celestia herself! How will she be? How will she look like? Do you think she's as kind and lovely as in the books? What lessons will she teach me?


Arolius: Well, i'm sure she is...


Twilight interrupts him.


Filly Twilight: Ahhhhhhh i have so many questions.


Twilight screamed and giggled in exitement.


Arolius: Ohhh Twilight, i'm glad to see you so happy. But we still don't know exactly what awaits us when we meet her. Do you think you're really ready for that?


Twilight smiled at Arolius and answered short and confident.


Filly Twilight: I am.


The sleigh was coming closer to the yard of the castle.


Arolius: Twilight, look! we're there.


Guard: We are reaching our destination, the great castle now.


As the sleigh approached the yard, Twilight and Arolius looked around in fascination. Every looked so magnificent. The huge towers around the castle, the sidewalks, the yard with all the beautyful flowers and the ponies itself. Not far away was a huge entrance which led directly into the west wing of the great castle. The entrance to the castle was surrounded by many guards who watched everything. The sleigh landed on a yard of shimmering grass surrounded by red and white flowers which was connected to the right sidewalk. The guard stepped out of the sleigh.


Guard: We have arrived our destiny. Please watch your step when you get out of the sleigh.


The guard clears his troat and thank's the two pegasus guards who pulled the sleigh.


Guard: Thank you, gentlemen.


Arolius and Twilight carefully stepped out of the sleigh. The guard started to walk towards the big entrance. The two pegasus guards with the sleigh slowly pulled up again and left.


Guard: Please, this way.


Arolius and Twilight looked around, their faces filled with fascination.


Arolius: We are finally here, Twily. Today your biggest dream comes true in this maginificent place. Are you nervous?


He looked at her but she was just too fascinated to answer. Her exitement turned into calm and respect. The guard showed Celestia's invitation to the two guards on the big entrance. They gave the signal to the other guards to open the door.


Guard's on the entrance: Welcome to Canterlot!


Arolius: Thank's.


The guard, Arolius and Twilight entered a long floor in which was a long red carpent. Huge chandeliers hang down from the ceiling and paintings and golden statues from Celestia and other ponies were to their left and right until the end of the floor.


They walked down the floor.


Guard: You know. This floor is already one hundred years old, so are the paintings. They were made by a...


Twilight looks at the paintings and whispers to Arolius ear.


Filly Twilight: Is that her? She looks beautyful.


Arolius: Yes Twilight. I know.


Filly Twilight: Just as the books describe her.


The guard finishes his sentence.


Guard: is indeed a unique and beautyful place.


After the end of the floor they reached the main hall of the castle which was huge and heavily guarded. They went left, up the stairs and passed a huge colorful window which showed the sun, the moon the castle in the background and in the middle Celestia. Twilight's jar dropped as she saw the window.


Filly Twilight: Wooooooooooow. So beautyful.


They went left another time until they reached the second floor. The guard stopped and pointed at the door to their right. He looked at Arolius and Twilight.


Guard: Our tour end's here, i hope you enjoyed it. Please, enter this room to your meeting with our princess.


Arolius: Thank you, sir.


Filly Twilight: Thank you, sir.


They walked into the room. Arolius whispered to Twilight.


Arolius: That's it. Are you ready?


Filly Twilight: I am.


They entered the room and the guard closed the door behind them.


In every corner of the room stood a golden statue of an unknown pony. In the middle of the room was a white pedestal. On top of it, an orange egg under a glass box. Two unicorns who looked like teachers stood next to the pedestal. One male with white coat and blue mane, the other one female with white coat and blond hair.


Twilight whispers nervous to Arolius.


Filly Twilight: What is that? Where is the princess?


Male unicorn: Welcome to canterlot Twilight Sparkle, Mister Arolius. I'm sorry for all the sunspense, Princess Celestia will join us soon.


Arolius: We shall wait here for her?


Female unicorn: Not exactly, but the Princess gave us instructions to watch our guests and and something special for our little filly.


She fondles over Twilight's mane. Twilight giggles and looks exited.


Filly Twilight: Something special? What is it? Is it this egg?


Arolius: Easy Twilight.


The horn's of both unicorn's started glowing yellow. They conjured a letter out of nowhere. Their horns stop glowing and the female unicorn takes the letter and started to read it loud.


Female unicorn: "I have this egg now for many years but it just won't hatch. No matter what i do, no matter which spell i cast the egg remains unhatched. I put it into this chamber, hoping that one day i'll find a way to make it hatch. But what if i can't make it hatch? What if i'm not talented enough to make it hatch? There are many talented unicorns out there. Some even more gifted than i am. There is one little filly which is very talented and maybe even more talented than i've ever been. This filly is Twilight Sparkle. I believe you are the one. The one unicorn who can solve this riddle even i was unable to solve. Make this egg hatch and i will make you my personel student.


Your Princess, Celestia."


The both unicorn's use their magic horn's to make the letter dissappear and look at Twilight.


Female unicorn: That is your task, Twilight Sparkle.


Twilight stared at the egg with a wide opened jaw.


Filly Twilight: Whaaat?!? A test? But, but i'm not prepared for this. What if i fail? When not even Celesria herself could make the egg hatch than how could i...


Arolius interrupted her and held her tight.


Arolius: Twilight! Eaaaasy Twilight, breathe.


Twilight took a deep breath.


Filly Twilight: Arolius, i'm so nervous. What if i...


He interrupted her again.


Arolius: You won't fail Twilight! Celestia choosed you because she believes in you. I believe you. Your parents believe in you. We all know you can do it.


Filly Twilight: But i'm not...


Arolius: Twilight. You already did things that were actually impossible for a young unicorn like you. No matter how hard to learn the spell was you always did it.


Filly Twilight: I know, but...


Arolius: Sometimes we have to face something that seems impossible to do for us to suceed. And sometimes we are scared. But if you believe in yourself and do it for the people you love, then you can overcome anything. Even the impossible.


We all believe in you Twilight. You can do it.


Twilight looks up in Arolius eyes.


Filly Twilight: Alright. I will suceed!


Arolius and the two unicorns walked a few steps away to gave Twilight more space.


Arolius: You can do it, Twily.


Twilight looked at the egg. She closed her eyes and began to concentrate. Her horn began to glow purple. It glowed stronger and stronger. Then, small purple glowing beam shot against the egg. Twilight concentrated as much as she could to keep the beam flowing. Slowly the egg started to glow in a white light.


Arolius and the two unicorns looked thrilled at it.


Arolius: Come on, you got it.


Twilight's beam kept flowing. Then, the top of the egg started to crack in a purple light.


Arolius: Yes.


Female unicorn: She did it.


The crack kept growing.


Then, the crack started to change colors, from a light purple color to a darker and darker color. The crack grew bigger and started to expand out of the eggs pile in the air in the front of the egg. The whole room started shaking and the crack glowed more and more dark blue. Everyone looked scared and tried to stand steady.


Arolius: Twiiiliiiiight, stop it!


Femal unicorn: What is going on?


Arolius screamed at Twilight.


Arolius: Twilight can you hear me?


Twilight tried very exhausted to open her eyes. She looked at Arolius and screamed.


Twilight: I can't! Hnnnnnnnn!


Then suddenly, then beam from her horn stops and the crack blasts out a dark blue glowing energy wave around it. Everyone in the room collapsed and Twilight lost consciousness. Arolius tried to get up and saw the unconscious Twilight and a dark blue glowing portal.


Female unicorn: What is that?


A black glowing magic started slowly to come out of the portal and shroud the room. Arolius run in the front of the portal, grabbed Twilight and rushed into the corner of the room. The darkness expanded more through the room until it reached the male unicorn. He screamed until he got completly covered in darkness and dissapeared. The female unicorn screamed in fear and and tried to reach Arolius, as the darkness tried to grab her hoof. Arolius grabbed one of her hooves and tried to pull her to him.


Female unicorn: Ahhhhhhhhhh! Help me!


Arolius: Hold on! I got you!


Arolius held her as tight as possible but the darkness was stronger, pulled her away from him and shrouded her completly until she dissapeared.


Arolius looked at it and screamed.


Arolius: Noooooooo!


He held Twilight as tight as possible.


Out of nowhere, a demonic voice started to laugh diabolic.


Unknown voice: Hahahahamuhahahahahahahaha!


An eye appeared on the surface of the portal.


Unknown voice: I AM FREE!


The darkness tried to reach for Arolius. He lost all his hope and closed his eyes, prepared to accept the uninevitable.


But then, the door opened and a bright light shined through it. A pony stepped into the room. It was Princess Celestia. She looked fearless into the eye and her horn started glowing in all colors of the rainbow.


Celestia: Not today sister.


She shot a bright glowing light beam into to portal and made all the darkness and the portal itself dissapear. A bright glowing shockwave blasted through the whole sky even outside of the castle.


Celestia walked to Arolius and the unconcious Twilight. She tapped at Twilight's body with her glowing horn. Arolius slowly opened his eyes and spotted Celestia in her bright light.


Arolius: Ah. Princess. Princess Celestia? What. What happened? Where is the evil...


Celestia interrupted him.


Celestia: Fear not. Everything is fine. You are safe.


Celestia's voice woke Twilight up. She slowly opened her eyes.


Filly Twilight: Arolius? Princess Celestia? Did i pass?


Celestia looked at the cracked egg which began to hatch. A young and beautyful phoenix came out and flew to Twilight. It landed an Arolius shoulder. Both stood up and looked at the phoenix.


Arolius: Twilight, you did it!


Filly Twilight: I, i did?


Celestia smiled.


Celestia: You passed Twilight. You could do what i could not for so many years. You brought this beautyful creature out of it's egg and now he is all yours now. Your own phoenix.


Twilight and Arolius looked at Celestia and smiled. But Arolius was still worried about the incidents on this day.


Arolius: But what about the...


Celestia interrupted him.


Celestia: Come with me. There's a lot we need to talk about.

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If EQUESTRIA would be the movie i want it to be then Twilight MUST look like this.




Well, at least in the later parts when she is stronger.

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I actually wanted to release part 4 of EQUESTRIA like 6 or 7 months ago. But most of the time there are so many things getting in the way of properly writing the next part.


I'm faced with many characters and plot points that are very complicated to write right. I want it to make sense, to feel right and just to be really good. But if won't be able to do that i might cancel part 4 completly.


No part 4 is better than a shitty part 4.

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