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ETF2L & UGC Highlander Showmatch Dec. 27 1pm EST

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eXtv & evlTV in association with BlackOut TV present:

ETF2L and UGC Highlander Showmatch Series:

The Mapmakers’ Showcase #1

Teams: ETF2L’s Highpander vs UGC’s Dunning-Kruger Effect

Casters: Mario and CeeJaey with Dashner on

Maps: Fubar's cp_vanguard_rc5 and Fubar & BobbleBobbler's pl_barnblitz_pro7 (maybe their koth_product_r8 too)

This is the first time these versions of Vanguard and Barnblitz have been played in Highlander. Fubar and BubbleBobbler will be on hand in the chat to answer questions and receive feedback. Fubar will also be interviewed and taking questions on stream during the intermission. I'll update with a link to the new Vanguard as soon as it's in the workshop.

Match format:

  • Round 1: Vanguard EU server – 1st to 5 or most points at 30 min
  • Round 2: Barnblitz EU server (EU RED, NA BLU then swap)
  • 15 minute interview with Fubar while the teams swap
  • Round 3: Barnblitz NA server (NA RED, EU BLU then swap)
  • Round 4: Vanguard NA server – 1st to 5 or most points at 30 min
  • Round 5: Product – server all players had the best average ping to – first to 3 (OPTIONAL: based on time & if the teams want to play it)
  • Postmatch interviews and wrap-up

Whitelist: available at

Here's how the showmatch will differ from the whitelists ETF2L and UGC are currently using:

  • The Phlogistinator is banned in ETF2L and will be allowed.
  • The Soda Popper, Sandman, Beggar's Bazooka, Loch-n-Load, and Short Circuit are banned in UGC and will be allowed.
  • The Reserve Shooter is banned in both leagues and will be allowed.
  • The Pomson 6000 is allowed in ETF2L and will be banned.
  • The Machina is allowed in both leagues and will be banned.

Although UGC's Highlander Season 18 whitelist is not yet finalized, UGC has confirmed that the Baby Face's Blaster, the Loose Cannon, and the Enforcer will all be unbanned.

The Reserve Shooter unlock is settle discussion as to whether or not its recent changes (and the recent changes for the Pyro) balance it enough for Highlander play. The Machina ban is to test a player-proposed UGC whitelist request. The Pomson 6000 ban is due to its invisible particles glitch (when the beams are fired through a friendly players, the beam becomes invisible to all but those two players).

Betting and Donations: will be covering the Showmatch on their website. I will update this page with direct links once they're live.

If the kinks get worked out in time, viewers will also have the opportunity to donate to ETF2L or UGC, with rival totals and messages appearing on screen.



Sunday, December 27th, 2015 1:00pm EST / 19:00 CET

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Oh man, looking at Barnblitz Pro 7, they've changed spawns pretty significantly. I need to dick around in it properly first, but I think BLU can keep the pressure on RED when attacking last now without needing a tele up. Last still looks like it's going to be easily defended, but being able to practically walk out of BLU's last spawn and be right there outside of last should help a lot.

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While you wait.

Also Steamworks, you shouldn't create always new Topics.

Make one and post all in them, then people can follow that right away.

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