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Ninty Consoles Code Sharing Thread!

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I decided to uhh, port over the thread from PF2 so we can share our friend codes/Nintendo Network IDs for this current generation of Nintendo consoles. Now listed in alphabetical order!


Nintendo Network:

ArcticEight: ArcticEight

Aquamarth: aquamarth

benderfan: techogre

bigger0gamer: bigger0gamer

ChaosLord121: ChaosLord121

dargereldren: dargereldren

DawnOfNoob: DawnOfNoob

Demox: DemoxS

Furry-Wolf-Corgi: Tymari

Jarg1994: Jrg1994

KirbyFluttershy: KirbyFluttershy

kitmehsu: kitmehsu

Linkuser: Linkuser

Metroid: FluffyMetroid

MoltenKitten: MoltenKitten 

Nepeta Leijon: Kaethela

NS2_Lt_Surge: NS2_Lt_Surge

petras607: petras607

PolarisAegis: kirbyfreek33

Romana Colgate D.D.S: Tank1319

Scratchpad Scoot: AquaticEspeo

sfrance: sfrance

superzainy2611: superzainy2611

Toki Zensekai: TokiZensekai or just Toki (try both)

Yukito: Yukito_Kaminari

Zen: Bryzen

ポケットモンスター: OrasGamer

3DS/2DS Friend Codes:

Aquamarth: 3093-7357-5843

bigger0gamer: 3239-3983-3084

ChaosLord121: 2766-9432-8524

DasBoot: 2578-3661-2230

DawnOfNoob: 1848-1725-4558

Demox: 4356-0145-7491

Ebon Wing: 2680-9393-2579

errorman: 5327-1151-9456

Furry-Wolf-Corgi: 1289-8673-2612

Jarg1994: 4639-9066-2744

Jolly Roger: 1134-7553-1416

KirbyFluttershy: 2363-5641-1771

kitmehsu: 1032-1386-4500

Kobalt Kitsune: 0662-3631-1985

Metroid: 4339-2967-9679

Nepeta Leijon: 2981-6200-5094

NikuSama: 3050-7770-9993

Noobvig: 3153-4700-1663

NS2_Lt_Surge: 1762-2676-6545

Omlette: 5086-1812-5714

petras607: 5129-4462-0186

Romana Colgate D.D.S: 3539-9001-5932

Rose: 0791-2335-4385

Sedos: 4313-0646-7977

sfrance: 1177-6627-3131

SiLuca: 5241-1976-9424

Steamworks: 3583-2658-0952

superzainy2611: 0301-9928-7944

The Power: 3754-7176-9658

Toki Zensekai: 0516-7443-8958

TwoPintPony: 3196-3669-2835

VashTheStampede: 1392-5188-8017

Xam: 3411-3270-8748 (Old one was killeryellow123: 4914-2923-5189)

Yoxy: 3239-3001-1476

Yukito: 1504-6591-4875

Zen: 5172-1081-7662

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I can't remember which ID is which for the Wii U, so try either TokiZensekai or just Toki

My Friend Code for the 3DS is as followed:


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Updated again. I don't know how to check Nintendo Network IDs on computer, probably have to log into NN but I honestly can't be bothered right now so uhh, put both up.

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