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I just finished one of the most interesting games I have ever played, Event[0]!

Damn fine soundtrack (as small as it is), neat little lore, and a name I've typed dozens of times over! Plus, it totally conforms to my loneliness!

Did I mention it is in space? With bombass space-looking things?

Did I mention the space thing?





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1 hour ago, WonkyStallion said:


Cool,  nice


Anyways, I'm  listening to this



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6 minutes ago, Masturboy84 said:

Cats having romance on the rooftop.

So you ARE listening to the Candlemass videos then? :awesomecheer:


But now I'm listening to some Savatage, 80s-90s progressive metal band who started making extensive use of vocal canons with their second lead singer.

Like in this song about losing a family member. Written when the band's lead guitarist, and brother to their first vocalist, was killed by a drunk driver. That's his surviving brother doing basically all the instruments except a couple of solos, which were done by Alex Skolnick after the rest of production was done.

Basically the whole album was one guy doing all the instruments and co-writing the lyrics with their producer, and their new frontman doing vocals, with Skolnick contributing some solos. This stripped down production seems to make the album more intimate and reflective than if they had utlized the entire lineup.


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