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On September 2, 2015 at 2:21 AM, SNESChalmers said:

Been listening to a ton of Animals as Leaders lately.


Tosin and Javier are quite the duo [understatement] Navene K was still drumming for them, dude is a beast on the kit. He went off to form Entheos with bass master Evan Brewer. Go see them live if you haven't already.

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I recently got super into podcasts instead of jamming out to video game soundtracks in the car. Things like Dave Ramsey's getting out of debt help, GameDev Unchained for game development career advice, Kinda Funny Gaming news & pop culture,  NPR success stories, Adam Ruin Everything busting myths and misconceptions, and Bill Nye science talk.


But when I'm not being a nerd I'm groovin' to EDM and OSTs :getsome:

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