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TSO is kind of a winter classic at this point. I always end up listening to Wizards in Winter on repeat at some point during the holiday season :P

Alright In no particular order, here are my 10 favorite songs right now based on a combination of play count, what they mean to me, and whether or not i'm actively listening to them.


The average song length of these 10 songs is over 20 minutes.

in fact, a quick total tells me it's somewhere around 4 hours worth of music between these 10 songs.


Close to the Edge - Yes

Everyone knows Yes for Roundabout, but this is my favorite song from them. The 5 minute keyboard solo followed by the drum solo blows my mind every time. 


Luminol - Steven Wilson

A combination of one of my favorite bass licks, and a prog flute solo right in the first minute make this song one of my all time faves.


Anesthetize - Porcupine Tree

I always listen to this song during the holidays. I'm not sure why but it always makes me think of snow during the nighttime. 


Octavarium - Dream Theater

This is the song that got me into Prog Rock Epics. It may start slow, but as it picks up throughout the song, so do my emotions. Just like any song from this list there's a lot to take in, but this song in particular has so much to take in that there's a dedicated wikipedia page on it:


Visions - Haken

Visions is the climax song of the album by the same name. It revolves around a story of a guy who is able to see the future and visualizes his own murder. He then goes insane trying to stop this future from happening. 


Celestial Elixir - Haken

Celestial Elixir much like the previous Haken song is the climax of the album Aquarius. The album is a concept album about a fisherman who finds a mermaid and ends up selling her as a circus freak, just to find out that she is the only savior mankind has from an inevitable death as the ice caps melt and the world becomes flooded.


The Architect - Haken

If it isn't obvious at this point, i really like Haken. The Architect is about a Machine sending a love letter back to it's creator. It's also a symbolism for human life and how we have turned on our creator. The whole thing is a masterpiece, but the guitar part get's me every time. 


Thick as a Brick - Jethro Tull

Now for the longest entry on the list. This FOURTY THREE MINUTE piece is a classic. The way he sings and plays the guitar at the same time is quite a few steps above the basic four chord acoustic players you see on the street. Also there's a 2 minute drum solo near the beginning of part 2 and flute solos throughout so that's pretty cool.


Cassandra Gemini - The Mars Volta

There are so many levels and layers to this song that i could write a multiple page essay on it. For simplicity's sake and because this is already a big enough post, i will say the saxophone solo 29 minutes in is incredible. No one really knows what this song is truly about. There's some good guesses on how it ties into the other songs on this album, but Omar Rodriguez Lopez keeps us all stumped with is clever word choice for the lyrics. 


The Odyssey - Symphony X

This one is Incredibly simple compared to Cassandra Gemini. It's a musical interpretation of Homer's Odyssey. That doesn't mean it's not impressive, as this song combines the best of a full Symphony, and Progressive Metal. 



I apologize for making such a massive post but hopefully you guys might appreciate some of the songs listed!

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I'm no friend of hip hop, don't you ever dare to think otherwise. However this song is pretty hilarious. I just hope that somepony will hold my hand when I die. Maybe I'll just have to pay for that to happen.:happy_twi:

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