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Hello, fellow Bronies!

I grew up in the 80s and thought that eras My Little Pony was okay, but I never got into it. Fast forward to MLP: FiM... At first, I wouldn't watch it thinking it was just for little kids, but after giving in and finally watching an episode around season 3 I changed my mind. LOL! I found the stories to be good and well thought out. And I liked the positive moral messages presented in a fun, entertaining way. I've been hooked ever since. I only collect the season sets, some blind bag sized ponies and a few books.

I checked out EQD a few months ago after reading about it in a book about the MLP history and Bronies. I never realized I wasn't alone as a grown male liking MLP: FiM, and that there are so many others. I finally decided to join last week and am just now getting around to introducing myself. LOL!

I hope to make some new friends and have some interesting conversations here, and I've already done so a little bit.

By the way, I do have several other interests besides MLP, ;)

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Hello and Welcome to this forum. I hope you enjoy your time on here. Keep up with the show as well if you are able to, as S7 is now once again on-going.


But just remember... that I'm the controversial one. :megusta:

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