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I will now finish the rest of the Rainbow Rock Shorts. These ones take place during and after the events of Rainbow Rocks if what the shorts profiles say. The first on this list is Shake your Tail short.


1. Shake your Tail is the seventh equestria girl short. It is written Amy Keating Rogers and Daniel Ingram and the storyboard artist is Carrie Mombourquette. 


The song was first revealed in a clip short from Entertainment Weekly. This short and song was adapted into the Rainbow Rocks book chapter's 6, 16, and 17. According to the book both Shake your Tail and a Perfect Day for Fun are figments of Twilight's imagination as she misses her humane friends that much and imagines herself having fun with them doing such activities.


The commentary for the Rainbow Rocks sequence also revealed Carrie Mombourquette also did the film's own segment for Shake your Tail.


Now, for the most part, this short is pretty much a musical short that for the most part just shows the humane five and Twilight Sparkle trying to figure out what theme and aesthetic they want for the party. This would involve going through each of the humane 6's choices such as Pinkie Pie for liau theme, Applejack for a rodeo, Twilight a study session, Rainbow Dash sports, Fluttershy a petting zoo, and Rarity a masquerade until Rainbow Dash decides to combine it all. Now, I'm not exactly a fan of shake your tail song, and especially as I'm not a fan of this short. To make matters worse, the song doesn't match with the short's synopsis well as it says it was supposed to show the humane 6 trying to figure out how to prep the party, but the song itself doesn't convey that so you're left confused and wondering what just happened and what is happening. Really, the short should've been something else.


Grade: Meh: D+


2. A perfect day for fun is the eight rainbow rocks short in my reviews. Amy Keating Rogers and Daniel Ingram wrote the lyrics for this short and Emmett Hall is the storyboard artist. 


The song's name is ''With My Best Friends". The short was adapted into chapter one of the Rainbow Rock's novelization where it was revealed that just like Shake your Tail, it was also a figment of Twilight's imagination as she shows how much she misses her humane friends and imagines of how they can have fun together.


This one here the girls are having fun at a carnival and with the exception of Applejack, speak no dialogue in it as they use their smart phones to text, expressions, and actions to convey what's happening. For the most part, it's just the girls having fun at a carnival before they have to go on stage to perform as the Rainbooms for the Canterlot High crowd. Compared to Shake your Tail, With my best friends is better as it's able to convey the character's actions and story much better in comparison so it fitted better with the short than Shake your tail did. Also seeing the rainbooms only expressing outside of the song through non vocal expressions besides AJ is a bit of fun too. Overall, this one is a much better done short i comparison and one that I like despite being another pop song.


Grade: passing: B


3. My Past is not today is the ninth short in my review. It was written by Jayson Thiessen, Mike Vogel, and Brian Lenard, and the storyboard artist is Katrina Hadley. 


In the barnes and noble special edition for Equestria Girls: Sunset Shimmer's time to shine, there included a draft of the song in Sunset Shimmer's letter to Rarity.


In this short, I really loved of how they went to show off Sunset Shimmer's character progression from Rainbow Rocks where she would lament of how she had allowed her desire for power to corrupt her and now wishes to make amends for it. Notably, when she was introduced to friendship from Twilight and humane five, she would describe this as a rebirth 'like a phoenix burning bright' as the brilliant song would describe it. At the end, we see her showing off her fiery wings to highlight her new chance at life and of course her new outfit. This is not only the best short I've seen yet, but it could be argued to be even the best thing from EQG. This is a fantastic way to show and highlight Sunset's development to becoming a better person and her vow to be the person she wants to be.


Grade: Passing A+


4. Friendship through the ages is the tenth short in my review. It is written by Jayson Thiessen, Brian Lenard, Katrina Hadley, and Micheal Vogel. Corey Toomey served as the storyboard artist for this short.




Now, Friendship through the ages is an utter delight for music fans to enjoy as many of different types of musics they use here is to represent not only the different genres of music, but the way it was ordered can even be shown to highlight of how music has aged throughout the ages, starting from the classic and majestic piano music that was the highlight of many old concerts of old and still is as a classical piece, to the folklore music where it has resonated throughout time and history and given birth to many legends from the wilds, to the rise of rock music led by the beatles as Rarity's Sgt. Peppers style outfit would attest to, to the metal genre and other hard rock music groups, to country music and to pop and electro musics of today. All of the music genres shown highlight and share the parallels of friendship that no matter how old time has gotten or how different folks and genres are, friendships will last throughout time. With that Sgt. Peppers reference and an awesome Bohemian Raphsody reference




paired up with a great music to boot, this is easily another fantastic short for the Equestria Girls short series.


Grade: Passing A+



5. Life is a Runway is my eleventh short in my review. It is written by Jayson Thiessen, Brian Lenard, and Michael Vogel. Katrina Hadley is the storyboard artist for this short.




Life is a Runway does a great job in both song and animation to show off Rarity's desire for her fashion outfits. There, as she dreams, we see that she wishes to give every lady she can find a fashionable outfit for folks to wear so they shine with their beauty and become the glamorous models they can be as we see them strutting across a runway like models typically do. While the short is rather simple, the music, the meaning for Rarity's own desire to help folks out with her fashion, and the many nice outfits shown in the short is a delight for many Rarity fans to watch and see.


Grade: Passing A


My rankings for each shorts here are:


1. My Past is not Today

2. Friendship through the ages

3. Life is a Runway

4. A perfect day for fun

5. Shake your Tail


Tell me what you guys thought please :)




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Congratulations to My Past Is Not Today and Friendship Through the Ages! You have managed to be the only EQG products that I like so far! :) 

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Yes, I know I'm doing the movie instead of the Friendship games shorts I'll be doing instead, I'll rectify that one eventually. Now, by error I will do the Friendship Games review.


The Friendship Games is the third movie in the Equestria Girls movie series. The movie was directed by Ishi Rudell with Jayson Thiessen serving as a consultant. The writer for the movie is Josh Haber with the music score and songs done by William Anderson and Daniel Ingram respectively. 


The forest clearing used in both Season 5's episode Bloom and Gloom and Friendship Games was previewed in a background image that was shown in an online image in November 2014. Ishi Rudell would tease the release of the third Equestria Girls film and to Jayson Thiessen on if the film would be about Friendship Games. Jayson would jokingly reply that it would be an extensive lecture on quantum physics and M theory for kids. In their announcement in acquiring the license to distribute Seasons 4 and 5 for the show, Australian home media distributor Beyond Home Entertainment stated via facebook they acquired the distributing rights to the 2nd and third equestria girls films. This would get officially confirmed by Hasbro at the 2015 New York Toy Fair. The motorcross animation was made by Ken Chu and Top Draw Animation. Rudell would state the song Dance Magic is unrelated to the movie. The concept designs for the film's ending credits were done by Katrina Hadley with Chris Lienonin and Jerremy Mah on the layouts. The film's storyboarders were Hadley, Roxana Beiklik, Jen Davreux, Hanna Lee, Mike Myhre, and Jocelan Thiessen. 


While the Friendship games between Canterlot High and Crystal Prep is going on, Sunset Shimmer struggles to find what is causing the magic powers of the humane five to flare up without needing magic as a catalyst while she deals with a Twilight look alike who may be responsible for the disturbances.





1. I enjoyed Sunset Shimmer's conflict in this movie and I especially love the progress she's undergoing throughout these movies. Perhaps the film series greatest asset is a reformed Sunset Shimmer. Starting from Rainbow Rocks with her excellent reformation, we continue that with Sunset Shimmer facing a challenge where she's essentially trying to figure out a problem with the magic disturbances happening to her humane friends where they now no longer need music to charge up into their powered up forms.



Now they no longer need an instrument to go furry.


Due in part to being tasked by Vice Principal Luna to go and try to keep their magic under control and how Twilgiht was currently busy trying to defeat the time travelling shenanigans of Starlight Glimmer to provide immediate aid to Sunset Shimmer, she would feel pressure in trying to resolve this on her own essentially.



Sunset misses Twilight


During the film, she would be competing alongside her friends at the Friendship Games, a series of competitive events where they would be facing off against their rivals, Crystal Prep, a hyper competitive school that seeks to win at everything and they're hell bent on it as we would hear that Canterlot High always loses against them.



To show their dominance.


During these events, Sunset and her gang would notice that whenever they go powered up time, they would without explanation feel winded out and lose their powered up form to something. They would eventually suspect it would EQG's Twilight, better known as Scitwi as she would be walking around with suspicion and Fluttershy would find that her magic was drained when she was Scitwi's presence. 




However, due to the barrier of the competition and SciTwi dodging the gang at every turn, they could not tell her to stop or what is she doing even until at the motorcross event where Sunset Shimmer would chew Scitwi out for causing the mess that happened there only to immediately after regret it as it caused SciTwi to be upset and sad.



I on the other hand love this scene so much I'll do a separate positive for it.


There, Sunset Shimmer would feel even worse during the competition as she feels a failure for not only stopping the magics from being stolen, from appearing, explaining what's causing it, making SciTwi sad, and to make matters worse, with no response from Twilight, she feels even more helpless as she feels further inadequate for taking on this major task of resolving this crises going on in EQG land.




Good thing she has good friends to help her out when she needs it.


There, once SciTwi turns evil thanks to corrupting magic and her becoming Midnight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer would use the same pendent that stole the magic of her friends to reignite her friends magic to pour it onto her and give her own super powered form called Daydream Shimmer.



Nice dress and wings.


There, with a bit of help from Spike the dog, Daydream Shimmer would convince Midnight Sparkle to stop being evil and accept her hand of friendship.




After that, SciTwi would be so impressed by Sunset Shimmer and how much more friendly folks are at Canterlot High that she would choose to transfer over to that school away from Crystal Prep. After that, Sunset Shimmer would be getting that peace of mind about herself where she now is more confident about her leadership abilities and figuring stuff out without needing Twilight to help her out.




While Sunset Shimmer didn't received as big of a spotlight in this movie as she should've (originally she was going to till they edited that plot of her being homesick from Equestria out), for what she received she fantastic in it and you'll really enjoy Sunset Shimmer in it.


2. The humane five had their best characterization here in Friendship Games. Speaking of the humane six, the other girls were also great too. Not only were all of them characterized very well to where there was really no faults with them, and they were fantastic supports to both Sunset Shimmer and even SciTwi. 



Affectionate consoling Rarity



Applejack helping a crying SciTwi out.



Rainbow Dash choosing to lose her place with Indigo Zap to go back and help Sunset Shimmer out.



Fluttershy offering her pet rabbit to SciTwi to help comfort her.



Pinkie Pie bringing Sci Twi to help her out with the party preparation.








The humane five's magic would play a key role in this film where due to their growing affinity for it, they now no longer need to use instruments to power up to their powered up forms, but they do not know what is causing it and without Twilight to offer advice on what it maybe, this would play to where Sunset has to figure it out while the Humane five choose to help focus on the Friendship Games instead.



Love the dresses here too.


There, they would compete against the shadowbolts of Crystal Prep and they would show a big stark contrast compared to them where while they want to win, they don't mind if they lose as the more important thing for them is to have fun and enjoy the competition as we see with how humane five would go and congratulate and support Sunset Shimmer despite losing against SciTwi while she on the other hand recieved at best lukewarm appraise and no one on her team took the time to support her.



Poor SciTwi, even when she helps Crystal Prep win a competition, they offer no vote of confidence or appraisal while Sunset gets it despite losing.


Hell, Applejack offered the best support to SciTwi when shoe chose to help her direct competitor out when saw SciTwi was struggling to hit the targets by offering her advice and telling what she should do, said advice allowed her to hit the target and allow Crystal Prep to advance. Remember, she had a teammate that could've chosen to do the same but instead chose to berate her and offered no advice to her when she needed it badly and AJ was under no obligation to help her and in fact it was beneficial she not lifted a finger to help her out, yet AJ chose to help SciTwi out. It speaks volumes of how horrid of team members Crystal Prep is if their rivals are much better team mates to SciTwi than they are. 


And that's not all, Rainbow Dash when in her Powered up form would go and not only help Sunset Shimmer out despite losing her place against Indigo Zap and let Sunset to continue racing in her stead when her bike got wrecked, but even helped Indigo Zap while she was fighting a plant monster meanwhile.



This also speaks volumes of how bad Crystal Prep students were if they didn't even showed human decency that Rainbow Dash easily had in spades.


Really, through the humane five, we see a stark difference for how different and much better Canterlot High is compared to Crystal Prep as despite competing in a competition, Canterlot High remained decent human beings who aren't so gung ho of winning a competition unlike Crystal Prep were. Yes, this will be a hint of how bad Crystal Prep was in this movie. Now to finish on the humane five, they had their best characterization in the movies here with how great of supports they were and they would learn and develop of how to better handle their growing powers to where it become a thing for the series for them. If you want more humane five goodness, this is the movie for it.


3. Canterlot High also showed of how much better behaved people they are compared to Crystal Prep. It's not just the humane six that were being good people at Canterlot High, the whole student body was as well where they (mistakenly believing it was Princess Twilgiht but understandable considering how they look alike besides glasses) showed more courtesy and affection towards the new student in SciTwi than her own school at Crystal Prep does.



How Crystal Prep students tweet one of their own top students.



How Canterlot High treats one of their own top students. I'm sure SciTwi was shocked at how courteous they were towards her.


This would be a running theme throughout the whole movie, while Crystal Prep are horrid for mistreating Twilight so badly, Canterlot High treats her with much greater respect in comparison. Seriously how can anyone want to go to such a school if their top intellectual student gets treated like shit. I don't care if they win some competition that was meant to help bond the two schools over, Crystal Prep are assholes.


4. Spike the Dog is cute. On that note, we also see EQG's Spike where he's a cute little dog that doesn't speak as you'd expect.until he got hit with magic to speak out of convenience. Even before, Spike the dog was cute and especially a helpful support that would play a keyrole to beating Midnight Sparkle by reaching to SciTwi's psyche and causing her to be distracted, allowing the losing Daydream Shimmer to get the upperhand needed to beat her.



Cute doggo as always, both EQG versions.


More importantly, he was practically the only one at Crystal Prep besides Dean Cadance that offered any sort of help and advice to her, but Spike was by far the best as he comforted her at whatever turn he was in.


5. I believe the ost in Friendship Games is actually underrated. Despite the songs being put into a lower position compared to the past two movies, especially Rainbow Rocks, I actually liked the songs in this film too. Most especially with What more is out there and Unleash the Magic, which that latter is one of the series's best villain songs. 




Here they actually used their dickishness to good use here.


6. I really appreciated that SciTwi would choose to go to Canterlot High after seeing how much more friendly they are compared to Crystal Prep as she wants to learn more on friendship. In a role reversal of parallel dimensions, it would be SciTwi that would choose to go to Canterlot High so she can learn under the tutelage of Sunset Shimmer and the humane five as friends. After what you saw in Crystal Prep, yea this is a good choice for her to get away from that abusive place.



Friends are good to have.


7. I loved seeing Sunset Shimmer chew SciTwi out for her mistake. Despite what the movie may say, I really enjoyed seeing Sunset Shimmer chew SciTwi out when Sunset saw she was being irresponsible handling the magic pendent. Considering it was by SciTwi that caused a plant monster to appear and nearly had several students, including Sunset herself and the others killed. While SciTwi would try to explain she wants to learn, Sunset Shimmer doesn't let it by as she points out how irresponsible she was being and how her curiosity is going to get folks killed. This would of course soon after cause Sunset Shimmer to regret it after and make her feel bad, but honestly SciTwi deserved it.



You go Sunset Shimmer, verbally chew her ass out!


8. I also loved Princess Twilight Sparkle's cameo appearance in the epilogue. To show that Twilight didn't forget Sunset Shimmer and was too busy handling time travelling shenanigans from Starlight Glimmer from Season 5's finale, she would appear at the end to try to help Sunset Shimmer out only to find not only the crises was resolved without her but also that she got to meet her EQG counterpart too.



Well, this is strange meeting your AU counterpart.


Funny too.





1. I hated Crystal Prep Academy in Friendship Games. Now as you can tell from above, I loathed Crystal Prep Academy here for how atrocious their behavior was, especially their principal who deserves her own slot. The whole student body at Crystal Prep Academy was so unpleasant as they only cared about their own accomplishments and no one else, they would berate Canterlot High for losing against them despite the purpose of the games being about the two schools bonding, and they would bully SciTwi for no reason other than cause she's meek and never helped her out all during the competition despite being their top student academically that has certainly helped them win competitions. They just have no sense of care for each other or even unity as they pretty much believe that it's every person for themselves in it.Their mistreatment for Twilight was so bad that you will actually be pleased she is leaving them for Canterlot High. They do not deserve such a brilliant student for their horrid behavior in the movie.




To be fair to them, from what we saw at the party when they were actually enjoying hanging out with Canterlot High until Principal Cinch told them to stop and how they did came to help several Canterlot High Students at the climax and as we see they're going against Cinch for what she has done, this is probably more on Cinch being a horrific human being than they themselves really. Still not a good reprieve for their behavior.


2. Despite the hype the Shadowbolts had around them during the movie's promos, they actually really didn't do much and were supplanted by Principal Cinch as the main villains in it. Remember at how much hype the movie was building up to the Shadow Bolts to oppose the humane five with their own rivals like Sugar Sweet for Fluttershy, Sunny Flare for Rarity, not Lightning Dust  Indigo Zap for Rainbow Dash, Lemon Zest for Pinkie Pie, and Sugar Coat for Applejack to show off their elements of harmony disharmony versions? Yea in the movie, other than being assholes to SciTwi and being one note rivals to oppose the humane five that they really didn't even get real personal or so to make us like them, they were largely relegated to the Friendship Games competition as opponent stand ins while it was Cinch that was the movie's real villain. While not a major negative, it still hurts seeing that all that hype proved to be a bait and switch at the end.



This is pretty much the closest we get to them standing off as rivals in it.


3. The Motorcross event makes no sense. The one event that I have issues with is the fact they included motorcrossing in as an event for the Friendship Games despite alot of the competitors probably don't even have a license for driving, let alone motorcrossing competitively and even if they did, considering how they had the plant monster putting students lives in danger, I'm amazed that Cinch was that willing to continue the competition cause she refuses to tie with Canterlot High. Course it's amazing they continued after but considering how hell bent Cinch is and how they probably don't want to explain to the school board (who mind you approved of the motorcrossing) of a plant monster that they themselves only saw and probably don't want to expose Equestrian magic for the world to see, yea they had little choice on the matter.





4. Principal Cinch is perhaps an even worse villain than Sunset Shimmer from EQG1. That's right, Principal Cinch is now my new worse villain for the series. The reason for that while Sunset Shimmer at least became a much better reformed heroine and does at least have an interesting tie to Twilight in EQG1 for being a former student of Celestia, here Cinch is just an unabashedly greedy asshole to the point of being a malicious monster. Not only was it indicated in the movie that she is responsible for Crystal Prep Academy's student body for behaving as such since she gives so much care to reputation and is jealousy competitive as fuck for it, but she has no qualms pulling unethical moves like black mailing SciTwilight to compete or she'll revoke her application to a prestigious school SciTwi wants to go to so badly and hangs that threat over her head repeatedly throughout the film.



Oh and if you want to be even more irate, Shining Armor, Sci Twi's own brother, and Dean Cadance pretty much approved of what Cinch is doing to Twilight since they know what she's doing and raised no issue with her about it just to get her to compete in Friendship Games. Damn her life sucks so hard if she has these people supporting her.


Cinch has no other character than to be an asshole turned up to eleven and she's so arrogant about her school that she openly mocks them in front Canterlot High's Principal and the student body and how Crystal Prep Academy is going to crush them again. 



Yes, I'm so brazenly arrogant that I have no fear speaking badly about your school in front of you everybody.


To make matters worse, when Principal Celestia wanted to call off the Friendship Games due to the plant monster attacking and saying it should end in a draw, Cinch pretty much her to fuck off with that as she's not going to allow it and was ready to accuse her school of cheating in order to embellish her threat even more as she will not allow her school to tie with Canterlot High. To show off of how hypocritical she is, she has no problems cheating herself if it was done onto her as she forces SciTwi to go and use the magic she harnessed to help her school win the competition which SciTwi does and turns into Midnight Sparkle. To make you hate her even more, she fucking called Midnight Sparkle a monster despite it was her own hand that caused this mess to happen.



So who the real monster is here?


Course, she got her comeuppance when she not only got her ass chewed out by everyone, including her own students, but it was heavily implied that she was heavily censured to where it seems Dean Cadance has her on a tight leash at the very least as she had to give in SciTwi's demands for a transfer.



I hope I don't see again other than prison.


If you wanted someone that is even worse than Sunset Shimmer as a villain, Friendship Games has that with Principal Cinch's one note and over the top arrogant and bully behavior.



5. SciTwilight was an irresponsible idiot handling the magic pendent and stealing magic recklessly. Now as for SciTwilight herself, I'm not a big fan of her character in it. For the most part, her characterization can stem to 'Fluttershy if she liked science but not as shy'. What actually makes her character more interesting is how much sympathy you can garner for how horrid her life at Crystal Prep is. However, she's annoying for me in the Friendship Games movie due to how stupid she was searching for magic. While I can understand why she would be curious for magic, her behavior was so idiotic and reckless that Sunset Shimmer deserved to chew her out for it at one point. The reasoning for this is that she was able to see magic was coming from one classroom where students were in it so instead of asking questions if they know about it, she chose to take the magic and leave. When she saw how Fluttershy got her magic drained directly from her, Fluttershy looked winded (aka hurt), caused dimensional rifts to open up (not the first time she saw it even) that had animals and strange beings appearing, and Spike the dog could speak in that scene, instead of asking questions to Fluttershy about it and if she could help her to understand that phenomena more, she chose to run away.





Yes, instead of helping the girl who was being nice to me get back up and ask her questions for what just happened as I saw the magic being drained from her, I'm going to run away instead!


What's even worse that instead of choosing to do any of that or even stop using the pendent since it was clearly getting worse, she chose to keep it instead of putting somewhere away from Canterlot High which she knows it's where the magic source is coming from. This would come to head when she would drain Applejack's magic and would cause the plant monsters to attack and nearly kill folks at the motorcross event. When you consider all of the stupidity SciTwi was displaying throughout this film, yea you can easily see why she deserved to get her ass chewed out by Sunset Shimmer.



I just want to learn. Then learn to be responsible and careful with things you don't understand you idiot.


Had she chosen the options I mentioned above, she would've been able to get what she wanted (understanding the phenomena from Canterlot High) from friendly folks, helped Sunset Shimmer out figuring out her problem with magic going haywire as SciTwi was responsible for it, but it would've resolved the film before it got to it's intended climax too.


Conclusion: Friendship Games is in my opinion not as good as Rainbow Rocks but is a better film than the first one. My reasoning for that is due to how great the humane six were throughout the movie with the humane five having their best characterization in the movie series, how great Sunset Shimmer was in taking her step to being more sure of herself and leading the gang in EQG, how good Canterlot High is itself, the underrated ost, the cute Dog Spike, Sunset Shimmer chewing out SciTwi was a delight to see, her transferring over to Canterlot High is a plus for the series, and I did loved the cameo with Princess Twilight Sparkle at the end. However, the film does get marred by the one note characterizations of the Shadowbolts that proved to be a bust despite the hype machine, Cinch's horrid character that is easily one of the series's worst villains, SciTwi's idiocy that extended the plot longer than it should've been, the nonsensical motorcross scene, and how horrid Crystal Prep Academy was in behavior. Still, compared to the other films, it's the 2nd best one of the three, but much weaker than the series best in Rainbow Rocks.


Score: 7.5/10

Grade: C






































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