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Toki Zensekai

Cuphead - Retro gameplay meets Classic style!

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Released 9/29/2017

Made by Studio MDHR


Consoles: PC, XBOX One / Overall Rating: 90%

Genre: Action Platform Shooting (with a heavy emphasis on Boss Fighting)

With the game finally released after nearly 2 years in development, the game has been well received with nearly overwhelming positive reception, combining old school 1980s Running and Gunning action akin to Contra, Metal Slug, and Gunstar Heroes (which is where its gameplay is more closely related to) with amazingly well hand-drawn 1930s cartoon-style cel-animation. Upon loading up the game, you're already welcomed to those old aesthetics of the golden days and are given that appeal throughout the entire game. Despite the original "Game Journalism" controversy, this game is indeed difficult, just like the original aforementioned games listed, relying heavily on precise jumping and platforming skills and rote enemy pattern memorization. Even with the high difficulty, though (there is a "Simple" difficulty setting to make the game easier mind!), this game is great to pick up and play and with the amazing jazz and big band music that plays, you'll be hooked on the game, doing everything you can to overcome each the games many and varied bosses that it throws at you.

This game was well worth the 2 year wait and I highly recommend picking up this game for yourself!

What are everyone else thoughts?

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