Otomai's Hunters (Wakfu RP Recruitment Thread)

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"This is finally done... lets hope it's not too cringy."

"Also I really hope those spoiler things worked."


Years have passed since the defeat of Ogrest, an ogre empowered by the six Dofus, granting him godlike powers, all for the love of Dathura, one of the God Sadida’s dolls and demigods. But when Dathura disappeared, his sadness consumed the world, flooding the world with his tears and bringing an end to the Dofus era with what was known as Ogrest’s Chaos. Though in the end, it birthed the Wakfu era, and civilizations rebuilt themselves, Ogrest's Chaos still loomed overhead, threatening to plunge the world into chaos once again for Ogrest's sadness was eternal, and the gods were powerless against him.


Centuries passed until one such god challenged him, Iop himself, battling him atop Mount Zinit, the tallest mountain in the World of Twelve, were Ogrest resided. Though he eventually received help in the form of an Eliatrope powered by the six Eliatrope Dofus, and Otomai, a demigod of the Goddess Feca and father to Ogrest, their battle was hard fought, and nearly destroyed the World of Twelve. In the end Ogrest fell, and the world was still intact, though Mount Zinit was lost. Ogrest returned to his former self, a child ogre, and returned to his father, Otomai.


In the aftermath, the Dofus were returned to the dragons, their rightful owners, while the Eliatrope Dofus were kept under the care of a trusted guardian, and all was well. However, years have passed and the Dofus have been stolen once again, not by Ogrest, but by those with much more sinister intentions. Catching wind of this, Otomai seeks to fix it. Though the Brotherhood of the Tofu, a group of individuals who have saved the world more than once and had a part in Ogrest's defeat, were nowhere to be found. Now Otomai searches for new heroes, ones to aid him in gathering the stolen Dofus before another catastrophe happens.


  • General Forum rules apply
  • No godmodding (I will fucking smite you)

  • No Mary Sues (in line with the godmodding. I. Will. Smite. You.)

  • Don’t drag on character development (I don’t care if you do it, that’s part of an RP, but don’t drag it on. ie 4 pages long)

  • Don’t be a dick, to other rpers that is, if your character is that way whatever

  • Oh and no Eliatropes, this is a lore based thing


Character Sheet

Character sheets must follow this format










Weapon/Tool of Choice:






Background (not required):


Races/Classes (it’s complicated...)

Races work weird in the Krosmoz universe, in the World of Twelve all humanoid races (save for a few obvious one, but none of those will be listed) are technically human, a person’s appearance however will change based on their chosen deity. They can be born with this, or choose it during their life and their body will slowly change, they keep personal traits, but will adapt traits of their god or goddess. The severity of this change depends on their devotion. Some of the classes listed however, are either splinters (like a splinter group) or do not have a deity.

Now as for the “races” this will be alphabetical, you can as well be a simple human if you wish, but will not have any magic or special abilities.

(due to spoilers being weird af, pictures of the various races/classes will be hyperlinked to the name)





Followers of the Goddess Cra are elf like in appearance, so imagine a cartoonish elf (no not Santa’s elves you dingus). Cra’s are immensely skilled in archery, seeing a Cra without a bow (or other variant) is rare. Using their goddesses magic, Cra’s do not use physical arrows after a certain age, where they receive an enchanted bow that allows them to string magical arrows, giving them unlimited ammunition (or it’s their own magic, it’s never really explained I think). These arrows can have differing effects, from a standard arrow that’s easy to draw and quick to fire, to a homing arrow that seeks out targets, to even ones that freeze the target on impact. Deity traits: Pointed ears, typically tall, uses a bow with magical arrows (they are not restricted to it, they just prefer it). I’m not gonna force you to have blond hair however, even though most Cra’s have that.





For those of you that like cats… a bit too much. Follower’s of the God Ecaflip appear as… well… cats. Luck is their weapon and as such, are compulsive gamblers. As is expected, Ecaflips act much like cats in general (they even have a rough tongue). Much of an Ecaflip’s fighting relies on luck, but if their luck is found, can have devastating effects. Some Ecaflip’s can be tricky, doing whatever it takes to win, even if it means cheating. Typically uses dice and cards for their magic for various effects. Ecaflips detest Ouginaks, their dog like counterparts, avoiding them and spouting insults when crossing paths. Deity traits: Using magic is luck based (simple attacking is fine). Are catlike in appearance (basically nekos but with fur) your fur can be any natural color you wish (dyed fur is allowed, don’t go overboard). Likes to gamble. Oh they also like cats, or as they’re called in the series, Bow Meows (don’t ask…)




10/10 best class ever Followers of the Goddess Eniripsa, these little healers appear as fairies, complete with functioning wings which allow flight. Most Eniripsas are curious beings, and are adept healers, able to cure almost any ailment or mend any wound with the right healing word, as such, most kingdoms have a royal Eniripsa to keep the royal family healthy. Their healing power comes from ancient words of a long forgotten language, known almost exclusively to them, as such, some Eniripsas are multilingual, able to speak a multitude of languages and dialects. However, with this immense power in healing comes at the cost of less offensive capability, most Eniripsas are fragile and not very strong, relying on others to keep them safe. Don’t think they’re defenseless however, in addition to fire based branding spells, Eniripsas can turn the same words they use to heal, to inflict harm, basically cutting foes simply by yelling at them (don’t ever argue with one, especially if they start speaking a random language). Some as well are known to use thrown potions and flasks to fend off attackers. Deity traits: Wings (transparent bug-like wings for females, wooden stick like wings for males). Carries a plant based wand. Seem to have a sort of “pure” appearance. Can summon a “coney” to aid in battle (healer) or as a pet





Gold digging, greedy old people, yep it’s an Enutrof. Followers of the God Enutrof love all things shiny, but nothing is more shiny than a Kama and there’s a no more beautiful color than gold, and these Kama pinchers value every coin. Alway on the search for their next fortune, Enutrofs always carry a shovel for both digging and clobbering anyone in their way to riches. Even a rich Enutrof will attempt to mooch off less well off folk, saving every Kama they can, and do anything to swindle, scam, and rob others blind. Not all are greedy swindlers however, some actually put in hard work for their Kamas, and will provide services; but be warned, if you try to leave without paying, they will hunt you down to the ends of the earth, not even family get a discount. Deity traits: Appear old (dependant on their devotion). Use a shovel or other mining tool, can have a Drheller pet Drhellers can track ores and other valuable things, they’re also damn vicious. If have a drheller pet, can fuse with it.




Followers of the Goddess Feca were originally shepherds, but their purpose shifted some time in the past, now Feca’s are generally… well… nerds. Using their contraptions they are capable of many things. Generally, Fecas that fight act as defenders, guarding their allies with their inventions, so much as to even deploy a large metal shield from their gauntlet, or granting magical shields with various effects, some have even been known to teleport short distances using their gauntlet. Fecas are typically intelligent, as their appearance would suggest. Deity traits: Gauntlet where most of their abilities originate, inventive and intelligent. Your hair can be whatever color. Nerdy looking




One of the Godless classes, Foggernauts are stasis powered technomages from the old nation of Sufokia (not to be confused with the present Sufokia, Foggernauts are from the sunken Sufokia which recently resurfaced (not the actual land, but the people)). Harnessing the power of the ocean and their nautical experience, they dominate with harpoons and magic thanks to their protective suits. Of course, on land they can be just as dangerous, using their suits to lock down foes and bolster allies. However, due their heavy apparel, they aren’t very agile. If you like steampunk, these guys are for you, it’s as steampunk as it gets. Deity traits: N/A, do not have a deity. Must be from the now risen Sunken Sufokia. Wears a specialized, stasis fueled, light diving suit (though it’s still heavy).




One of the Godless classes, Huppermages are obviously mages, relying heavily on magic and the elements, and as a result aren’t too physically powerful. Their magic however, is downright devastating, with grandmasters being practical one man armies. Huppermages are able to manipulate the elements to their will (basically the avatar) and using all of them in conjunction are able to use a 5th element, Light. Their light spells are the signature spells of the Huppermages, from utility spells to provide an orb of light, to offensive orbs shot like bullets, to a defensive wall of light that deflects magic, and even an actual weapon made of pure light (typically a sword). It isn’t wise to face one of them head-on, but they are almost nothing without their magic. In conjunction with this, Huppermages are also capable of levitation, allowing them to literally fly through the air like fucking Superman, if only for short periods and nowhere near as fast. Lastly, due to their power, Huppermages are widely respected. Deity traits: N/A, do not have a deity. Though they are typically intelligent and wear their Huppermage robes. Females as well have a headband with ears (shown in picture) This however, is up to you, but most wear them as they are a sign of respect. Color scheme can be changed on the robes, but the pattern is the same

Iop (pronounced “yop”)



Oh boy Iop’s, everyone’s favorite lunkheads. Followers of the God Iop, they are go-getting warrior’s who love the thrill of battle, it’s impossible to find a Iop who doesn’t like to fight, whether it’s a simple brawl, or an all out war, as long as they’re fighting, they’re as happy as can be. However, where they excel in combat, they are typically lacking in the head. Most Iops aren’t exactly smart, usually having a simple outlook on situations and believe every problem can be solved by bashing it hard enough. This isn’t to say there aren’t smart Iops, they’re just rare. With all of this in mind, Iops can be compassionate when the time arises, and value honor above all else, so much as to even give the opponent a fair chance (unless you piss them off). They typically like to help others who can’t defend themselves, though this varies from Iop to Iop, it’s mostly to show off though, but some do it because they just like to. Deity traits: LOVE to fight, never turns down a challenge unless persuaded otherwise, though taunting will make them fight regardless in the end. Typically thickheaded (I won’t stop you from being a somewhat smart Iop). Usually have crazy hairdos (can be any color)





A splinter group of the God Sadida (listed below) these masked warriors venerate the masked side of their god, who created their masks, which they are never seen without. Typically strange, a Masqueraider’s attack style changes based on their currently equipped mask: a classic mask, which makes them more focused, a psychopath mask, which makes them relentless and crazy, and a coward mask, which cause them to focus on fleeing the fight. Because of this, it can be hard to determine what one will do. To make it even more confusing, they can even summon copies of themselves. Deity traits: Carries around the masks, and always has one on (typically the classic when not in a fight).





Blue skinned summoners with a connection to animals, followers of the God Osamodas are similar to monks and can summon animal companions to fight alongside them. Along with this, each Osamodas have a small companion called a GobGob (the starfish looking thing), which follows them wherever they go, it acts as both a helper and their summoning tool, as it holds the souls of their captured beasts to summon during a fight. If needed, they can as well fuse with their GobGob to take on a draconic form, boosting their speed and strength, because of this, Osamodas seem to have a connection with dragons, and some elder monks even attempt to commune with them through ancient ruins. Deity traits: Blue skinned with tail and horns, have a GobGob companion which can aid in battle and summon animal allies. (If you need help for your animal companions let me know and I can help ya out)




Barbaric dog warriors, followers of the God Ouginak are brutish, tribal warriors. Ouginaks are very territorial and often live in packs of tribes, most often in the Ohwymi desert, where their temple resides. This is not to say there are not civilized Ouginaks, but they won’t be found with others of their kind as they would likely be outcasted. As barbarians, they use rage to their advantage, going on furious rampages when it boils over, making them fearsome combatants, and for them, every battle is to the death (save for friendly brawls). They are as well brutally honest, regardless of feelings and opinions of others. Ouginaks despise Ecaflips, avoiding them and spouting insults when crossing paths, this makes rivalries between the two common. Deity traits: Dog appearance, if choosing to be barbaric, uses bone decorated weapons and tribal attire.





If you are familiar with Pandarens from Warcraft, you already know a bit about Pandawas, panda warriors that fight with kung fu and stuff. Only differences being, Pandawas are much skinnier, a lot more crazy, almost always buzzed, and love to PARTY! Followers of the drunken Goddess Pandawa, they use their power of drunken brawling to both confuse and dominate foes, Pandawa fighters will often carry a bamboo cask full of bamboo milk, to keep their spirits high and motor functions struggling. Most Pandawas are happy souls, due to the fact they almost never stop drinking, but are also often crude and unsanitary, going as far to even use the spit handshake (spitting into your hand before shaking) leaving more… upper class types disgusted by them, not that they care. Deity traits: Panda like appearance, loves to drink. Bamboo cask and unclean nature is up to you.




Splinter group of the god Sram (listed below) Rogues are exactly as they sound. Thieves and renegades that are always looking for their next score. They never play fair, doing whatever it takes to make off with the treasure, so they’re hard to trust. Rogues take on many different professions, from a petty thief, a cutthroat, a pirate, or even a highwayman. As long as theres gold for spilt blood, or simply for the taking, they’ll do it. Utilizes guns and explosives, it’s uncommon to see a Rogue fight with a sword, but that doesn’t mean they won’t if needed. If the going gets tough, they always got a smoke bomb up their sleeve to get some distance. Finally, while a rogue may ally with good for a time, in the end, it’ll all about the loot. Deity traits: While not taking the normal Sram traits, Rogues always wear a headband to conceal their identity (though some known rogues do this out of tradition, despite people recognizing them anyway), and usually as well wear dark colors.




Sacrifice, that is the Sacrier way. Followers of the Goddess Sacrier, using fist and foot, these berserkers go in harm’s way to protect allies, even if they don’t have any. For them sacrifice brings strength, and it couldn’t be more true. As a Sacrier is hurt, their strength grows, causing them to become more powerful and resistant the closer they are to death. A Sacrier on their last leg is a powerful adversary. Some have been known to cheat death, when taking a fatal blow their skins turns blue, and their power is at it’s maximum, a sacrier like this is clinging to life for a short time, and will be relentless and strong enough hurl a giant boulder. Along with this, all Sacriers have some form of tattoos, with the base being a heart on their chest, it can grow along their body, typically starting with the arm. These tattoos are sentient, feeding off the blood of the Sacrier, they give Sacriers their strength and can lash out at enemies to strike or grab them to either hold or reposition them. Some more clever Sacriers use this to close the gap to their enemies, or move allies out of harm’s way. All in all, they are tanks at heart, but be wary not to rouse one’s ire. Deity traits: Gain strength from being hurt, heart shaped tattoo on chest, tattoos can lash out for various uses. Hair can be any color, does not have to be orange.





Followers of the God Sadida, these forest dwellers utilize black magic and voodoo to bend nature to their will. Stout warriors, Sadidas make excellent fighters, while more clever ones utilize their voodoo to give them an advantage, summoning dolls with various abilities, others will summon vines and plants to wreck havoc on their opponents. They don’t even need to be in a forest to do so, as the vines and plants will emerge from the ground to attack the sadida’s foes. Sadidas have an immensely strong connection to nature and all are bound to the Tree of Life in the heart of the Sadida Kingdom. The royal family of the kingdom protect and tend to this tree, for if the tree falls, all Sadidas go with it. Deity traits: Dark skin and green hair, males have their face obscured by said hair. Typically have nature inspired outfits and have strong connection to nature. Will have a doll (you can customize however you want) that is an extension of themselves (ie, their behavior will reflect the Sadida’s condition/mood, like if the sadida is deathly ill, the doll will start to go crazy until the Sadida is either cured or perishes)




*teleports behind you* “Nothing personal kid." Followers of the God Sram, these assassins fight from the shadows, utilizing stealth and trickery to get behind their foes for the killing blow. Most Srams are mysterious and/or devious, and hard to trust as they are masters of illusion, you never know when they’ll stab you in the back, both literally and figuratively. Most Srams wear what appears to be a bodysuit with a skeleton theme (it doesn’t to be a carbon copy, you can change how it looks) fitting, since death is their primary service; however, this makes them easy to clobber, so a Sram must take care not to be caught. Deity traits: Skull theme apparel (doesn’t have to be a bodysuit), focus stealth above all else, uses daggers, low defense due to light clothing.




Followers of the God Xelor, these magi control time itself, allowing them to seemingly teleport and even slow down time in the vicinity. A skilled Xelor is nothing to laugh at, as they can disarm and pin you to the ground in the blink of an eye. Xelors hide their bodies under bandages, they do this to protect themselves from time warps caused by their magic, and either wear armour plates or robes over them; these bandages are tightly wrapped with no cracks, as this could cause major mishaps (parts of their body may not move as fast through time as the rest of them otherwise!) Xelors venerate everything related to time, from clocks, to a simple hourglass, and even the individual mechanisms. Some Xelors have mechanical pets resembling owls that do their bidding, they can even use them as remote cameras and see through their eyes. Deity traits: Bandages over entire body, control over time (self and vicinity). Never lose track of the time obviously. Can have a mechanical owl pet that shares some time warping abilities.


Now for info tidbits

Wakfu and Stasis

This is a bit of info that may become relevant during the RP, in the Krosmoz, there are two dominating elements: Wakfu, embodying life, growth, and rebirth, creation itself; and Stasis, embodying death, destruction, and decay, the end of a cycle. Neither is inherently good or bad, without one, the other will grow rampant, instead they act stabilizers, two sides of the same coin or something. Without Wakfu, death and destruction would consume everything. Without Stasis, everything would grow out of control and choke out all life. Furthermore, Wakfu flows through all living things, while more benevolent beings, those who good at heart, or powerful ancient beings have plentiful wakfu flowing through them, whereas destructive beings are filled with stasis, most notably Shu-Shus, destructive demons who wish only to destroy. There has been rumors that some powerful beings can channel wakfu into magical abilities.


Haven Bags

Those of you familiar with the source material know what these are, those who don’t however…

Haven Bags are magical items that resemble well… bags, whether a simple sack, a backpack, or any other form of bag. They act as pocket dimensions and are capable of immense storage, think of a bag of holding you can live in. Due to this function they can be quite uncommon, but those that have them will sometimes treat them a mobile home, going into the bag as needed.


Because of their utility, I will allow haven bags, but only one, and your character should have a good reason for having one. (hint, Enutrofs typically own haven bags due to their utility, but don’t use that as the sole reason, you will still have to provide a valid reason why your character owns one)



Shu-Shus are destructive demons, from another world at that. They love to destroy so much, that their homeworld is nothing more than a barren wasteland, as such they attempted to invade the World of Twelve, only to be intercepted and many of them imprisoned in items to cull their destructiveness. The rest of the Shu-Shus have only invaded once since, and again, was a failure. Despite this Shu-Shus are nothing to sneeze at, while lesser Shu-Shus can be taken on by an seasoned combatant, greater Shu-Shus should be engaged by experienced warriors as their power is immense. The strength of a Shu-Shu is determined by their class, from 1-5. This dictates how many of the elements they can control, from the 4 base (water, air, fire, and earth) and a 5th element of Dark. 1-3 class Shu-Shu are usually corralled under a general name, while 4-5s are given special names, these are the most dangerous Shu-Shus. These greater Shu-Shus each have a special power unique to them that sets them apart from other Shu-Shus, not to mention makes them all the more dangerous.


Imprisoned Shu-Shu

Shu-Shus that were imprisoned during their first invasion who put into various items, these items range from simple trinkets to weapons and armour. These items have immense power due to Shu-Shu soul residing in them, and are sentient, allowing the Shu-Shu to speak to whoever is carrying them, as well an eye, the origin of the Shu-Shu’s speaking and sight, will be somewhere on the item, usually in a noticeable location. ShuShu weapons are rare, as most are typically only given to members of the Order of the Shu-Shu, a special order who employs guardians to ensure that the Shu-Shus do not fall into evil hands. Owning one of these powerful weapons is no simple task either, depending on the Shu-Shu, some can be manipulative, convincing their owner to do their bidding, or even fuse. When fusing, the owner and item combine, creating a Shu-Shu/whatever it fused with hybrid, with the Shu-Shu’s eye somewhere on the body, depending on the owners willpower, either one of them has control. There are only two ways to separate them, either from the shushus own separation/owner forcing a separation, or ripping out the Shu-Shu eye. Fusions that are out of control (the Shu-Shu in control basically) are dangerous opponents, not to be taken lightly.


For the RP, only one is allowed to have a Shu-Shu weapon, and must have a reason, along with it, whoever has it can choose to be a Shu-Shu Guardian. Whoever owns the Shu-Shu cannot own the Haven Bag and vice versa. When fusing with the Shu-Shu, you must roll initially and occasionally to maintain control, else the Shu-Shu takes control. If your Shu-Shu respects/fears you, this does not have to be done, to gain the respect/fear of one you have to prove yourself to them or be powerful enough to scare them into submission, this however can be difficult unless your character is either immensely powerful or of evil nature.








GOD that was long... anyway, post your stuff below and we'll get started soon.... ish...

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Oh also *spoilers* in case you didn't watch Wakfu cartoon. Anyway if there is an interest I might consider making a character. Probably a Xelor, they seem like nice and insane bunch. I am mostly worried about time to be active, you know how it is.

And I could probably comment about each race descriptions since they are rater interestingly written. Though I must at least say that you could have just said "cat folk" or "cat anthro" for ecaflips.

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Lol, yes it would be spoilers I guess.

Xelors are an interesting bunch, will be interesting to see how you play them, as for times, it's a forum so post when you can, I allow at least 24 hours. I like doing a storyboard type rp, so it'll be done on the forum itself, less stressful for me.


Also yeah that's pretty much what Ecaflips are yes.


Also I should note, I will be providing an Eniripsa of my own in the rp, incase that influences anyone's choices


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18 minutes ago, Ryo Marufuji said:

I wish I could join but im nervous bout being laughed out of the group

If anyone did that, I would smite them. Don't worry about judgement here, this is roleplay

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Name: Ellie


Gender: Female


Class: Iop


Age: 22


Height: 161 cm / 5'3"


Weight: 68kg / 149lb


Weapon: Chantélise, a greatsword that resonates with its master's soul to amplify their power (increase strength as the battle drags on).

She can and will often fight barehanded however, prefering drawing her sword for important fights.


Appearance: Lavender hair brought together in a messy ponytail, she has kept a really young face despite her age. She wears a romper in white and purple shades, white fingerless gloves and boots. Her eyes are deep purple.

She wears a pendant of her family crest used as a distinctive emblem, along with her unique weapon Chantélise.


Personality: Simple, optimistic and scatterbrained. While she is from a noble family she will act like any commoner.

She can be easily subdued with food.


Background: Heiress of the Duskcloud family, an influent merchant guild of Astrub, Lady Eleanor Palatina Duskcloud gave up her birth rights on her 16th anniversary to lead a adventurer's life and contribute in her own way to the guild's prosperity.

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Figured I might as well post the character I will be playing, she will act as the groups healer basically so y'all can focus on the fightin'

Due to the time this RP takes place I had to alter her a bit and make her older, but she's generally the same, not that'd you'd notice.



Name: Cesse


Gender: Female


Class: Eniripsa


Age: 30 (at the time of this RP, she's younger on her original sheet)


Weapon: Flower wand to cast healing spells and branding based fire spells (brands have different effects on enemies or allies); backup vials with various effects


Height/Weight: 4’11”, 90lbs


Appearance: (note this is her younger self, though there won't be much difference other than a tiny bit of aging, she is an Eni after all)




Personality: Shy, and timid. She prefers to avoid confrontation, but is always there to help her allies with her healing words (though usually behind the tougher ones); she is not a fighter and requires protection.


Background: Born in the Eniripsa Kingdom, she resides in Bonta outside it's capital (which is also called Bonta) with her family. She's known through parts of the city for her healing prowess and for being married to a reknowned Gobbowl captain.





For those of you curious, Gobbowl is popular sport in the Krosmoz universe, it's basically rugby but with a twist, and it's SUPER popular in Bonta, professional teams are treated like celebrities there.

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