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Digimon Comeback Part 2!! Digimon World Next Order thoughts/experiences

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Yay. Another one of these.

This time it's this...


As for why...

As I stated previously...


As always I'll be discussing this game, and my thoughts and my experiences in it, as I play through it.

Let's just get started shall we...?

Part 1: Nostalgia Factor

So... this game appears to either be a sequel or a spinoff to the very first Digimon game that game out back on the PS1. Now admittedly... I did play that but I never beat it. :mlp_facehoof:

Because its starts in a similar way. A kid puts on a Digivice and gets sucked into the Digital World.

Straight away we're thrown into battle with a FREAKING MACHINEDRAMON. THAT WAS FAST. :stararity:

Also... unlike Cyber Sleuth... this game has an english dub. :approve:


Though... it was clearly just a tutorial. Because despite all that... and despite IT FREAKING DIGIVOLVING INTO OMNIMON it somehow STILL wasn't enough. SERIOUSLY?! I CALL CHEATING. :angrytwi:

But somehow... Omnimon... does... something that causes the Machinedramon to be defeated and it reverts back to... A TOKOMON?! THIS GAME IS TROLLING ME I SWEAR. :applejargh:

Though... it seems to have been a sacrifice as the WarGreymon and MetalGurumon both disappear. :kdR94:

We get pulled into the Digital World for real and meet Jijimon. THIS SEEMS FAMILIAR SOMEHOW. I WONDER WHY. :rariwat:

So... yeah... we converse with the Jijimon.

It's pretty much the normal 'Digital World in danger' mantra. BUT I DON'T CARE. BECAUSE IT'S DIGIMON. :pwease:

Though... Machinedramon is apparently a flat-out villain/cause this time. It destroyed a city and caused Digimon to scatter. So we agree to try to help rebuild it. As our partners are reborn as Digi-Eggs. I chose Botamon and Punimon and began training.

Yep. You HAVE to train them to Rookies to even to be able to leave. It was... kinda annoying but it didn't take overly long. However... I didn't get Agumon and Gabumon. I got Black Agumon and Psychemon. It looks like you can't really 'control' digivolutions like you could in Cyber Sleuth. That's... kinda ridiculous. Oh well. Nothing I can do I guess. :rariwhat:

So yeah... this game is pretty similar to the first PS1 game. You have to feed them, they have to go to the bathroom sometimes (not joking :rariwat:) and stuff like that.

Honestly... this game is pretty addicting. I trained A LOT and was REKING EVERYTHING for awhile.

Anyway you have to recruit Digimon to move back to the city in the main field and build it back up as well as gather materials, food, etc. Kind of like Minecraft I guess? I don't play Minecraft so I don't know honestly. :pinkieshrug:

I was doing okay until my Digimons almost died to some RedVeggiemon. WELL SO MUCH FOR THAT. :toomuch:

Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I could have gone to the wrong area or maybe I need to training grind some more.

Anyway... here's the regular battle theme.

Seems motivational. :sweetieyes:

I don't even mind grinding if I get to listen to something like this. :happybonbon:

Next time:

More building up the city. More exploration. Training grinding. This game is SO different then Cyber Sleuth but still just as addicting BECAUSE IT'S DIGIMON. :gleepony:

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Part 2: Grind Fest

To be completely honest... this may have been a bad choice for a thought/experience type thing.

I'm not saying this is a bad game. Because you get addicted to it rather quickly (or at least I am) :sweetieaaa:


It seems to be one of those games were you have to do A LOT of grinding. And I mean A LOT OF GRINDING. :stararity:

It wasn't long after I finally got Champions that they died and were reborn as Digi-Eggs again and I had to training grind for a long time again. :applejargh:

Plus... some of the enemies are pretty brutal and can kill your Digimon rather quickly. I lost to a Kabuterimon I was trying to recruit. :angrytwi:

Don't get me wrong... I beat him eventually... but... still... :twitch:

Once I recruited enough... Jijimon informs that there are more humans in the Digital World other than us and if we can share information it will go a long way to trying to get us back home. YES BUT ARE THEY TRUSTWORTHY AND WILL THEY EVEN HELP US? :wtf:

That was pretty much the gist of me playing it for 2 more hours.

Just more recruiting and training mostly. Like the title says... this game a long grind fest. :stararity:

So this may not be updated as much as my KH 2.8 thought/experience one or if it is, I'll only mention important stuff. Probably only story stuff.

Looking up help for this game seems to suggest that the hardest part of the game appears to actually be the beginning of the game. Which actually may explain a lot. :why:

So... yeah...

BTW here are some more themes. One is another battle and/or boss theme that is apparently a remake of the boss theme from the original boss theme of the first game on the PS1? I don't know honestly. Here it is anyway.

Honestly... this is pretty good. :chillin:

This next one is actually a map theme. But it's pretty kickin so I'm sharing. Plays in the desert area.

Relaxing but KICKIN at the same time. :awesomecheer:

Next time:

Other humans in the Digital World. Are they friend? Or foe?

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Part 3: Allies, Guardians & Taomon

We investigate to see if there really are other humans here.

Turns out... yep. There are. A girl and a guy. One has a Salamon and the other has a Guilmon.

They're suspicious of us at first, but luckily, the guy convinces the girl that he was fine so we will be too.

For whatever reason, our name seems to be familiar to them. At least to the girl.

Once the situation is explained, they quickly want to help out. In order to get back home.

Once we return to Floatia, it's revealed that apparently we're playing as a character that made it to the finals of some sort of Digimon tournament 7 years ago. This may or may not be a reference to the original PS1 game. Again I'm unsure. :rariwhat:

Apparently the girl and the guy were both semi-finalists in the same tournament. Who were all brought to the Digital World thanks to the Digivices that seemed to be prizes. TOTALLY JUST A COINCIDENCE I'M SURE. (not) :rariwat:

We'll worry about that at another time. Jijimon is trying to build some sort of device to detect the presence of Machinedramon, but needs help from a well known Digimon called Taomon. So we agree to search for them.

As far as fighting... well... about the same really.

Occasional losses. The game doesn't really punish you for losing but it's still annoying. So there were legitimate times where I made sure to save before what I thought would be difficult fights and just re-loaded my save if I lost. It's annoying, but, things are kind of ridiculous in this game so honestly, I think it evens out. :applebelch:

Anyway I was able to recruit a few more Digimon. Including a Birdramon, which took me 2 attempts to beat, that seemed to unlock transportation ability. Unfortunately... it's not as great as it may seem. It still costs money. Which is somewhat hard to come by as well. Plus, Birdramon was apparently a guardian to where Taomon was located. In a Volcano area. The music here wasn't that great honestly. I'll only share music if like it or if it's a battle theme. Sorry? :pinkieshrug:

Regardless there were a couple other guardians that needed to be defeated to make it to Taomon. A Meramon and a Kyuubimon. The Kyuubimon required math apparently. I'M NOT IN SCHOOL ANYMORE. I SHOULDN'T NEED THIS. :derp:

Well... luckily... re-loading my save prevented me from having to fight 3 of them instead of just one. Once we reach Taomon we explain the situation.

As for Taomon... you would think they would agree to help right? WELL APPARENTLY NOT. SERIOUSLY?! :glare:


For whatever reason, even our new ally couldn't do anything here. We end up being forced to plant a seed that is apparently full of 'unwanted' data and to report back. TOTALLY NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL. :eyebrow:

Not that we have a choice. But still.

By the way... there's quite the obvious and blatant reference to Cyber Sleuth in this game and it occurs rather quickly believe it or not. You get a mail from a girl called Rina, and upon investigation, it's the girl from the parallel dimension from Cyber Sleuth that helps get your Royal Knight allies near the end of the game. Her partner is called 'VeeVee' and it's an UlforceVeedramon.

Honestly... I liked that. Cyber Sleuth is still legitimately the BEST DIGIMON GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED. Anyone who considers themselves a Digiman fan SERIOUSLY NEEDS TO GO PLAY IT. RIGHT NOW. EVERYTHING IN IT IS AMAZING. THE STORY. THE MUSIC. EVERYTHING.

Honestly... it got to the point in Cyber Sleuth where the japanese voices didn't even bother me. BECAUSE EVERYTHING ELSE WAS JUST SO GREAT THAT A DETAIL LIKE THAT WAS EASILY OVERLOOK ABLE. :awesomedash:

So... yeah... go do that. Right now. Seriously.

Honestly... so far... this game is VASTLY inferior to Cyber Sleuth. But I'm still enjoying it. It has it's moments. I just kind of wish it wasn't so... ridiculous. To put it nicely. :applejargh:

But because it's Digimon I'm even beginning to overlook it's ridiculousness. Plus, it's getting a little on the addicting side. Even training grinding isn't really bothering me anymore. :stararity:

Also... I got my first Ultimate. Angewoman. Not joking. :applejackhate:

My other one is a Woodmon.

That's all for now I suppose. I'm struggling with a Garudamon though so I might re-attempt that too. But I might not be ready for it still. We'll see.

Although... a new battle theme did appear. Though... when this played... it seems to suggest a struggle. As in a difficult fight.


Next time:

What will grow from the Illegal Seed? Can I overcome Garudamon? What else is going to happen? Time will tell I suppose.

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Part 4: City Expansion

As we continue, the seed... blooms into a flower. So we go to report that.

This seems to lead to us getting Taomon on our side. As well as us discovering that the 'cleaner' of the Digital World, who's suppose to 'purge impure data' is either broken, or just not working at all. As the seed shouldn't have sprouted if it was doing it's job. This seems to practically force Taomon's hand into helping us out. TO BAD. YOUR STUCK WITH US NOW. :awesomecheer:

This leads to the realization that... it's too cramped in the small village that's supposed to be a city. So an expansion takes place.

LOTS of things unlock afterwards. Floatia practically DOUBLES IN SIZE. MULTIPLE AREAS ARE NOW WITHIN THE CITY. :applejackhate:

At least it seems like a true city again though.

Afterwards, we learn of a village in the Desert Area where a large data corruption is being detected, and going there... we find... another human. This one has a Numemon plush.

This practically leads to confirmation that the town is being destroyed by... yep you guessed it... ANOTHER MACHINEDRAMON. :anger:

We also learn that a human may be behind this... as one in a knit cap was seen doing... something... to a Shoutmon before it turned into Machinedramon. VILLAIN ALERT. :angrytwi:

Our Guilmon ally digivolves to Growlmon and they rush off without thinking. :doublefacehoof:

Regardless... I'm not ready for this. AT ALL. This game and it's 'grinding' nature is starting to get to me. I actually had to ask for help with this game on GameFAQs. I was provided some videos but even that doesn't seem to be helping.

You need a Mega and mine seem to keep dying after Ultimate. :applejargh:

So... yeah... I have no idea how to handle this boss. AT ALL. All I've been doing is grinding. Even some extra time I had to play this game was spent GRINDING. :twitwitch:


I don't know. I'll keep trying to get a Mega but if this continues I may end up doing something CLEARLY foolish and attempting the boss without a Mega. Item Abuse? Well... not really. Money isn't exactly easy to come by either.

So I'm warning you now. There may be quite a long time before I update again. Because it seems as though I'll be doing nothing but grinding until I'm confident enough to take the boss or until I'm sick of it and I attempt the boss.

We'll see what happens first.

Next time:

Will I ever fight this Machinedramon? GOOD QUESTION. :twitch:

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Part 5: Attack of the Machinedramon

Sorry for the delay. See my controversial/polarizing thought thread for why.

Eventually...  I got tired of grinding. So I saved and decided to do something foolish.

Kouta and Growlmon try to fight the Machinedramon WHO HAS DESTROYED A WHOLE DIGIMON VILLAGE. :applejackhate:

To no avail. So we jump in.


Admittedly... the boss theme ROCKS (kind of literally lol. It's a rock theme)


It took two attempts... but... I FREAKING WON. I had to Item Abuse a little... but IT DOESN'T MATTER. I WON. :chillin:

Machinedramon then turns... back into... SHOUTMON?! :toomuch:

Once we return to the city... Shoutmon only seems to remember an egg being placed in front of it... feeling weird... and then nothing. With the same 'kid in knit cap' deal.

However... another signature is detected and we rush over.


We wait for evidence... a Gotsumon turns into ANOTHER MACHINEDRAMON. YEP. THAT'S EVIDENCE ALRIGHT. :angrytwi:

But he runs off and says 'it'll eat us too' We're left to deal with it.

So this fight... I'm not sure how I won this. I'm not even joking. When my Digimon died...

THEY FREAKING ExE DIGIVOLVED INTO ROSEMON BURST MODE. When this happened... I practically won. I don't know if it was luck or not (likely) BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? I'LL TAKE IT. :confused:

Afterwards... The previous 'kid in knit cap with a Mamemon patch' (or Mameo for short) allows us to call him that but says he's innocent. Apparently his partner, who is now a Digi-Egg, transformed itself into a Digi-Egg to prevent itself from being effected as well. He's here to get rid of some sort of 'curse' apparently that someone left behind when they attempted to, and failed, to take over the Digital World 7 years ago. Is this another reference to the first game? Probably. But I wouldn't know as I never finished Digimon World 1. :pinkieshrug:


Or... not...?

Another Digimon shows up... this one... is practically a Black Omnimon. It REKS the Machinedramon to everyone's shock. The amnesiac girl (called Luche) thinks it's a Champion of Justice. DON'T ASSUME. :derp:




Another digital gate/teleporter/whatever you want to call it appears to give us an escape. A mysterious woman's voice calls out for us to escape. With little choice... WE RUN LIKE OUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT. BECAUSE IT DOES. :gah:

This woman is revealed as...



Specifically... it's Mirei from the Digi-Lab in Cyber Sleuth. She rescued us and apparently knows who we are. NOT CREEPY OR SUSPICIOUS AT ALL. :rariwat:

She then informs us... that the Digimon that attacked us... was the 'Enforcer' that Taomon talked about. Except it had been taken over by a Brain Hack program, or BH for short. Which is apparently also responsible for the other Digimon's turning into Machinedramon. Which means 'Mameo' is innocent. WHOOPS. :confused:

Well once everything is revealed to everyone else at the city... we seem to have to wait for Mirei to contact us again or for something else to happen. Whatever comes first I guess. But Rikka and Kouta seem to think that the winner of the tournament, Shoma Tsuzuki, may not be involved after all and it was just a coincidence. Is it though? The name appears to be familiar to 'Mameo'... :derp:

Regardless... 'Mameo' gives us a prototype anti-virus/vaccine program that he was attempting to use to counter-act the 'curse' and/or BH program. To failed results. What good is this going to do us though? Well whatever. I guess we'll take it anyway. :rariwhat:

After this it was more roaming around to get more Digimon to join the city. As well as trying to grind my Digimon properly to the videos I watched on YouTube. Which seems to still not be working. I don't understand this game. Seriously. I don't. :rdnotamused:

Well... maybe I can Item Abuse my way to victory? It's probably my only hope at this point honestly.

Next time:

More recruiting and more of the Digital World has opened up to us. Which only means things will just continue to get more ridiculous. Can I really survive? I DOUBT IT. But we'll just have to wait and see I guess.

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Part 6: Determination

Not much to say unfortunately. All I really did was roam around trying to recruit more Digimon for Floatia as well as try to grind some more.

I discovered a few new areas though.

One in particular... called the 'Bony Resort'

Which... as the name implies... is pretty much the 'spooky' and/or 'haunted' and/or 'Dark' area.

But is it really all that spooky? Or are they just ROCKING OUT? :awesomecheer:

Because the area theme seems to suggest the latter. It's another AMAZING one.


The theme alone made me fall in love with this area.

I wouldn't mind being in a spooky/haunted/dark area if this theme played in the background. :approve:



Next time:

More recruiting and more grinding. Because I refuse to give up on this game no matter how ridiculous it is (and it's pretty freaking ridiculous) :anger:

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Part 7: Worst-Case Scenario

As we continue recruiting more and more Digimon for Floatia... we get several scenes.

One involved Himari who is struggling with seemingly being trapped in Digital World with no way out and no way back to the real world.

Another involves Kouta and his struggle with feeling he isn't contributing and being weak.

This all eventually leads to a slight fight between Himari and Rikka where Himari feels that Rikka doesn't understand her and Kouta feels helpless.

On top of all this, Jijimon and Taomon seemed to be able to develop a 'scanner' to detect who is infected with the BH program. When it was used... well...

Everyone tested positive. Most likely also including our own partners. WONDERFUL. :bloomgah:

So... yeah... things are much worse then anticipated. :gah:

With all of this going on... we now have to track down the runaway Himari and Kouta. Himari seems to be at another new area. Called Faulty Ex Machina. A Machine area I guess? :rariwhat:

Considering how this game has been going... I don't feel ready for whatever it is that's about to happen next. So I'll be attempting to prepare to the best of my ability. Though I don't even know myself what that will be.

Regardless, I'll head to the area when I feel ready.

Next time:

Everyone is panicking too much. Now it's our job to calm everyone down. All we really have to do is find the source and eliminate it I'm guessing. Though I could be wrong. :pinkieshrug:

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Part 8: Overcoming Struggles

As I continued to crop up denizens for Floatia, I decided to attempt to continue the main story. If I failed, I could always reload my save. :applebelch:

Honestly though... there's not much to say about the story continuation. First off though, it required me to go to the new area Faulty Ex Machina, which I'm guessing is the Machine area.

The theme here... isn't as good as Bony Resort's theme... but... it's good in it's own right. I actually liked this one as well.


Himari and Rikka (Angewoman) continue their fight... which... eventually.


Rikka begins to be effected by the BH program. We quickly use Mameo's antivirus program... which seems to work... but... we still have to fight Angewoman.


This fight wasn't as bad as I feared it would be. It took awhile, but victory was eventually mine. :chillin:

Afterwards... Rikka and Himari make up and we learn that Himari has two younger sisters in the real world and she's the only one who takes care of them. So honestly... her freak-out about being trapped actually makes sense now. WHO'S TAKING CARE OF THEM?! :bloomgah:

Well... this leads to Angewoman digivolving to Magnadramon.

Next up... we find Mameo, Kouta, and Yukimura (Growlmon) in MOD Cape. Kouta keeps pushing Yukimura non stop and we try to stop them as Mameo suggested. But Kouta keeps pushing Yukimura.


Kouta seems to think Yukimura can fight the curse and make the curse his own power. BUT HE DIGIVOLVES INTO SKULLGREYMON INSTEAD. This seems familiar... I wonder why...? :awesomecheer:

Okay... um... this fight... WAS RIDICULOUS. Don't get me wrong... I came out victorious eventually... but... I HAD TO PRACTICALLY ITEM ABUSE TO DO SO. *sighs* :anger:

Well I won. I guess that's all that matters? :rariwhat:

We use the antivirus program again on the now Digi-Egg Yukimura. We learn that Kouta was pretty much someone who was great at a lot of things but it seemed to make him an outcast and he wanted to be able to do something that only he could do and he felt that way when he got pulled into the Digital World but meeting us made him realize he was wrong. He then chastises himself for being so foolish but Mameo says that's incorrect because of how much Yukimura put himself out there for him.

Kouta assures he'll overcome this and we return back to town.


Due to all this... it seemed to help out Jijimon and Taomon figure out what to do. Also Mirei is back. We basically learn that the Digital Dive program is pretty much a 'last resort' the Digital World uses when it's in crisis and that's how everyone arrived here. It had nothing to do with the tournament 7 years ago after all. Makes sense considering the same thing happened with EVERY SINGLE DIGIMON SEASON.:mlp_DERPE:

But now... we need to attempt to spread the anti-virus which we may be able to do through cables spreading to the entirety of the Digital World at the Server Tower. But one of the cables is broken so we need to fix that. To do so we need more citizens for Floatia apparently.

So yeah that's where things go back to the 'grinding and recruiting' cycle again.

So I'll just have to keep doing that I guess. I'll try my luck in Faulty Ex Machina, but with the way this game is being, I just don't trust it anymore. So I may have to legitimately start abusing the 'save before I do anything and reload my save if something ridiculous happens' strategy. Which I don't like anymore than you do. Trust me. It reminds me of what I had to do in Persona 3 FES 'The Answer' and Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. :angrytwi:

I wouldn't call this game as ridiculous as those games though. Not yet anyway. It's getting pretty close though. :twitwitch:

Well for now... I'll just keep trying and not give up. I suppose that's all I can do for now.

Next time:

More recruiting so we can repair whatever is wrong with the Server Tower.

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Part 9: Floating Floatia

Once again... the delay was caused by grinding. My Digimon died/were reborn again so I had to spend WAY TO LONG grinding them back up again. :applebelch:

Well that... and I SERIOUSLY DON'T TRUST THIS GAME ANYMORE with it's ridiculousness. :applejargh:

Eventually... I got annoyed and saved and attempted to try to fix the problem with the cable and... it was fixed. Just like that. Well... that was anticlimactic. I was honestly expecting someone to try to stop us... but nope. :applejackhate:

With that done... we've come upon another problem. In case it wasn't obvious already... each Digimon is different and has a different type, species, trait, etc. Due to that... Jijimon and Taomon were hoping to find a way to make the antivirus program automatically detect what the best way to effect each Digimon was. Sounds impossible right?

Well... apparently not. Assuming we get a brainy Digimon that knows a lot about programming to help us. That Digimon in question is, of course, Datamon. There's another problem though. Apparently... he's a shut-in. In this case, no one rarely ever sees him. But one of the Digimon in town did and apparently he's close by. In Nigh Plains. So we try to go there to get him to help us out with Mameo.

We eventually find ourselves in a somewhat new part of Nigh Plains and find Datamon. With... a MetalEtemon. When we arrive though... MetalEtemon... FREAKING USES THE BH PROGRAM ON DATAMON. OF COURSE THIS HAPPENED. :angrytwi:

Luckily... no Machinedramon transformation. Mameo appears to help us out and takes... something away from Etemon, which was apparently used on Datamon and... we fight Datamon.

Luckily... this wasn't an overly difficult fight and I win with relative ease. :chillin:

Also... MetalEtemon as a villain. THIS GAME IS OFFICIALLY TROLLING AT THIS POINT. :rdwink:

Datamon is returned to normal and Mameo decides to explain everything on their way back to town. Or... does he? Because when we return... everyone is suspecting Mameo of being the true culprit again and being in cahoots with Datamon. SO MUCH FOR BEING INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. :derp:

However... Mameo appears to clear things up and Datamon agrees to help. Now this is the part where you needed to recruit more Digimon. However... as I was grinding... I was pretty much already doing that. So much so, that apparently, I got enough to unlock what we needed to do next.

Which, as it turns out, is to go to the Server Tower in the Desert area to spread the anti virus program that was upgraded by Datamon. Rikka and Himari also go as Rikka is fulled healed apparently. Honestly... I wasn't sure about this either. So I saved before I entered the Server Tower.


Terrible meme reference but it kind of fits here. As it pretty much was a trap. :why:

Our partners get paralyzed by... a Titamon. Is this the guy spreading the BH program? Well... who knows. But us coming here apparently allowed an upgraded BH program to be made and to be spread throughout the Digital World. WONDERFUL. :wtf:


WAIT WHAT?! :rariwat:

Yep. Not joking here. Luche throws an updated antivirus program and everyone regains mobility. This leads to... well what do you think it leads to? A fight with Titamon.


At this point... I think I need to stop caring how I win. As long as I win. Because of this game and it's ridiculousness. It was a harsh and intense battle. I once again had to Item Abuse practically throughout the entire battle. But eventually... Titamon falls.

Oh well. I won. That's all that matters. I guess? :rariwhat:

Or maybe not. Titamon refuses to give up. UNTIL THAT BLACK OMNIMON SHOWS UP AGAIN. Although apparently... it's actual name is 'Omegamon Zwart D' so yeah... Titamon gets REKT. How you may ask?


That's... just... :applejackhate:

We're... in trouble.

RUN FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bloomgah:

Part of the area collapses and we return to Floatia. Did we fail? Well... it seems that way. But even when we fail something else INSANE seems to happen. Once again this is the case.

The BH program is now spreading too quickly and even seeping into the soil. The antivirus program can only do so much. So what is suggested you may ask? To protect the city?

To make it fly.


What? I'm seriously not joking here. That's what they did. MAKE. IT. FREAKING. FLY. :applejackhate:

Someone had to go out and cut a cable though and fight off any enemies. That someone had to be the strongest person. That someone... is us. Who else would it be? :awesomecheer:

So... when we do that... we get attacked, not surprisingly. By... NOT SURPRISED AT ALL.

MetaEtemon and 2 PlatinumSukamons

So I got REKT right?

Actually... no. This fight didn't end up being as bad as I honestly feared it would be. The PlatinumSukamons fell relatively quickly and MetalEtemon was shortly thereafter after I was able to use one of my Digimons Special Move. SO MUCH FOR BEING AN ASSASSIN. :chillin:

The cable is cut and... we get a CG scene of Floatia... floating. Or flying. Or whatever you want to call it. Either way... IT'S FREAKING IN THE SKY NOW. :gasp:

This is like... AMAZING AND EPIC at the same time. :gleepony:

However... when we return... Mameo is being accused of being a traitor. AGAIN. Wow. Despite everything and the fact that he's been HELPING US seems to amount to NOTHING apparently. :mlp_facehoof:

Apparently... one of the residents in town was infected with the upgraded BH program and everyone was suspecting Mameo of letting that Digimon in on purpose. With no evidence to support this. BECAUSE THAT'S HOW THIS WORKS APPARENTLY. :suspicious:

Kouta, who is now calling Mameo 'Mr. Mameo' and is also calling Mameo his 'teacher' refuses to believe all this. But... Mameo says he'll leave town. Honestly... I felt bad for Mameo. Because I just can't see this. HE WOULDN'T BE HELPING US IF HE WAS THE TRUE VILLAIN. HE JUST WOULDN'T BE. :good:

I even selected the conversation option of 'I'm going with you too' but it wouldn't let me. Would have been interesting though. :ponder:

Regardless he asks us to meet up with him in Nigh Plains so we do. Kouta is with him as well.

That's when... he reveals...

That everything that was going on was a ruse. As in there is a traitor in the city... but it's not him. He had his suspicions though. WAIT. THIS ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE. IT EXPLAINS WHY THERE WAS AN ENEMY WAITING FOR US AT SERVER TOWER. :stararity:

So... who's the traitor? Well... Mameo has a plan to bring them out. Along with our Cyber Sleuth friend Mirei. Mirei feeds the traitor false information. Specifically that there's a 'secret weapon' at the Bony Resort. Despite the fact that it's false... the traitor will still have to check it out. Just to be safe. But they will most likely send one of their friends. Looks like this is how we drag the traitor out of hiding and then PUMMEL THEM UNTIL THEIR UNRECOGNIZABLE. :anger:

Mameo doesn't want to name anyone just yet though. Probably for the best. BECAUSE ACTUALLY HAVING EVIDENCE IS BETTER THAN JUST ASSUMING. LIKE THE OTHER IDIOTS IN THE CITY WERE DOING TO MAMEO. :applebelch:

So... yeah... I wanted to keep going but this is where I chose to stop. Not sure who the traitor is though.

If you really want to know who my guess is... I'd say... Taomon. Based on nothing other than that seed they gave us near the beginning of the game. That's all I'm really basing this on though. I don't know who else it could be honestly. The game is likely going to throw a curve ball here. So we'll see who it actually is.

Next time:

Who is the traitor? Why are they a traitor? Can we pummel them until they're unrecognizable? Am I even ready for this considering I didn't do all that well against Titamon?

All these questions answered and more coming soon hopefully. Honestly though I'm unsure I'm ready for whatever is about to come next so I might grind a little bit more before doing this. Though I'm not sure how much good it will actually do. We'll see I guess.

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Part 10: Reincarnation

We go to Bony Resort... and... we caught MetalEtemon in our trap. :ajlol:

We try to get some answers out of him... but instead... he gives a 'jungle cry' and...


We're forced to fight it.



I had to abuse stat increasing items as well as regular healing items to win. Oh, did I forget to mention it took me TWO attempts? That happened too. :applejargh:


The traitor is......................


The traitor is.... Luche. :why:

To make things worse... Shoma Tsuzuki and his two Digimon partners appear to make things worse. But luckily we don't have to fight them. They just taunt us with their grand plan of creating chaos by dismantling the barrier between worlds. SOMEHOW THIS BEING THE GRAND PLAN ISN'T SURPRISING AT ALL. :derp:

But... once Mirei 'analyzes' her... it's pretty much revealed that she was pretty much being used. Well that... and apparently she's a Digimon. WAIT WHAT?! BUT SHE LOOKS LIKE A HUMAN. :toomuch:

Plus... the Numemon plush toy she had apparently concealed a transmitter in it that transmitted everything going on to an unknown location... likely to Tsuzuki. :applejargh:


However... what these jerks didn't expect... is that the transmitter could be used to find their location. However... due to the BH program... the Digital World has to pretty much be 'reincarnated' and 'born anew' to purge all the infection from it. Once enough Digimon are gathered for it... Tsuzuki is tracked to... a place called the Singular Zone. Which is where all the trash data from the Digital World is sent. Basically like the 'Beyond' of the human world.

Using the transmitter... the gate to the ENDGAME is opened up. I... wasn't expecting this honestly. :stararity:


Are you ready for the ENDGAME?



Next time:


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Part 11 (Final): Broken Curse

I grinded as much as I could. But I got tired of it. So I made sure I got some particular items...

We confront Samudramon and Kuzuhamon but they throw bunches of Digimon at us. Luckily all of our other allies come to help us out. So we continue further and confront Samudramon and Kuzuhamon for real.

Item Abuse leads to victory once again.

We confront Shoma and he alter digivolves Omegamon Zwart D into Omegamon Alter B.

WONDERFUL. :bloomgah:

So... yeah...

Final Boss Fight.


I used some stat increasing items and just Item Abused the rest of the way.

I tried to use ExE but it wouldn't let me. Luckily... it didn't matter.


Look... I like Digimon. I really do.


It's unnecessarily difficult and WAY HARDER THAN IT SHOULD OR NEEDED TO BE. :applebelch:

So I got turned off from this game rather quickly and it stopped being fun for me.

I guess all I can do is hope Cyber Sleuth Hacker Memory makes up for this ridiculousness and isn't like this.

As for the rest of the story...

Shoma was apparently possessed by the 'curse' Mameo talked about it and everything that happened and that he did was due to him trying to modify his partner Digimon's data 7 years ago in the tournament. He may have won but he really didn't. He basically became obsessed with finding the 'Ultimate Digimon' and it lead him to the Digital World, to use Luche, and pretty much everything else.

We bring him back to Floatia with us and Reincarnation is successful. Shoma is regretful for everything he did and feels he should be purged entirely. But everyone else doesn't agree and the game asks us to forgive him.

Now... I'll be honest with you... I WANTED to say no. I really did. But I said yes because it seemed like possession to me (Nightmare Moon) so whatever. APPARENTLY BS REDEMPTIONS ARE ALL THE RAGE NOW. :newspaper:

Everyone promises to come back to the Digital World and they do so.

That was pretty much the game.

Well not really. Because I just did a sort of 'TL;DR' version of that. Because, as I said, I started to hate and loath this game honestly so I wasn't really paying that much attention and really didn't care about the ending or it's contents. I was just glad to be done with this ridiculous crap. :angrytwi:

If you really want to see the ending... I guess you'll have to look up a Let's Play on YouTube or just play it yourself and view it yourself. But I wouldn't recommend the latter due to the ridiculous and unnecessary difficulty of the game. But do whatever you want. I could care less.


I need a break from ridiculous BS. Seriously. Luckily... Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World and Danganronpa 1-2 Reload are next. So I'll get my break.

That's all guys.

See you when I see you.

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