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you're a kid you're a squid you're a kid you're a squid you're a kid you're a squid

The first new IP from Nintendo since Pikmin! A colorful third person shooter game featuring squids and ink that's as much about painting as getting frags.


Basic Information:

Team up and take on other teams in an action-filled battle to cover the level with as much ink as possible. Spray walls to access hard-to-reach areas.

Covering more territory with ink unlocks powered-up super weapons that can be used to attack rivals or cover more turf.

Strategy is everything. Defeat enemies to splatter them in an explosion of ink, covering more turf for your team.

Refill ink tanks, hide from opponents or move faster by turning into a squid and diving into the ink with the tap of a button. You move faster through your ink color and very slow through enemy ink.

Single player campaign, one-on-one local versus, and online multiplayer modes. Online includes both unranked and a ranked mode (to be added after launch in an update).

Single player involves several stages of platforming and fighting octopi enemies followed by large boss fights, similar to Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, or Super Mario Galaxy; except instead of Mario, you're a squid-kid.

Multiplayer is 4v4 and includes modes such as turf war, capture zones, tower control, and more. Team ranked play will also be available after launch.

Your character is customizable and can be a squid-boy or squid-girl. Eye and Skin color can be changed at will, "hair" color changes based on team ink color. Lots of clothing options are available, with many to unlock that grant skill bonuses. Lower level gear can be upgraded to give as many bonuses as high level gear. (Skill bonuses range from faster move speed to increased damage or better ink efficiency or regeneration)

Playable colors:


"color lock" mode locks the combination to blue and orange, otherwise it rotates as you play single player and online.

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Team Autobots

Though looking at the games I played earlier and having lost more than half of them, I doubt Autobots will have enough of a popularity vote to outweight the 4x win percentage that the Decepticons will likely have.

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I'm glad I joined team Decepticon for this splatfest, though I don't really have much of a connection to Transformers... I'm really looking forward to seeing what our next one is, though the Japanese Boke vs Tsukkomi ("Funny Man" vs "Straight Man", a Japanese type of comedy, a.k.a. Callie vs Marie) is one that I found really amusing to see.

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So is anyone still playing this game? I'm looking for a group to play with, maybe possibly go into some comp level play. I typically use Splatlings or the N-Zap '89.

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