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Star Tracker Gets A Kiss From Twilight

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Twilight and her family’s vacation had come to an end, despite Twilight never getting the chance to hang out with her family she still had a nice vacation. She also met a pony who she really wanted to hang out with, by the name of Star Tracker. During the whole trip he kept  getting close to her every time he saw  her but one time Twilight stomped on his hoof due to her being frustration and of course not getting any space from him.

She did apologize for lashing out at him and Star Tracker did have a fun time hanging out with her but Twilight didn’t feel that excited to see him. She was willing to accept him to be as a honorary member to her family for one day but she never asked him that she likes him.

Twilight and her family were the last ones getting off the cruise because they needed to pack their things. Star Tracker, who also stayed on the cruise decide to help Twilight and her family to pack up.

“Star Tracker, you have been so helpful as an honorary member.” Cadance said.

“It was nothing.” He said, awkwardly.

“No really,” Velvet said. “You maybe not part of the family, but to us your like a family member.”

“And it’s really sad that we’re not going to see each other for a while.” Night Light replied.

“I know I’m going to miss all of you.” He stuttered.

“It’s okay.” Shining Armor said. Meanwhile, Twilight is brushing Flurry Heart’s teeth in the bathroom. Star Tracker was thinking about helping her but he needed to learn to give Twilight some space after she yelled at him.

“Don’t you want to talk to our princess? You know we’re going to be away for awhile.” Velvet reminded.

“It’s fine, I should really gather my things.” He replied while he gets his supplies. Twilight actually heard what her family and Star Tracker we’re talking about. She thought that she should talk to him one more time before she goes back to her castle. She wanted to give him something for defending her from Iron Will, something very special for someone who isn’t one of her best friends.

“That was the most excited cruise ever!” Night Light shouted.
Flurry Heart blissed in happiness while she flies around her family.

“Flurry really had a fun time right?” Cadance said.

“She sure did,” Armor said as he tries to get better after being air sick. “When we get back to our kingdom, can we go to a hospital? I’m still a little air sick.”

“Sure.” Cadance answered.

Everyone leaves as they say goodbye to Twilight. Twilight turned around and she sees that Star Tracker is taking his things while he walks down the deck. He notice that Twilight is standing there, looking at him with a serious and sweet look on her face. He still feels nervous when he always talks to her but Twilight got closer to him.

“Star Tracker?” She said. “Did you had a great time hanging out with my family for one day?”

“Yes.” He nervously said. He also wanted to tell her about his space problem. “Twilight I’m sorry that I kelp getting close to you. It’s just that I have a habit of getting close to ponies and also this is just a once in a lifetime for me to see you.”

“I know how that feels Tracker. When I was a filly, I had idols that I really want to become closer to. Everyone desperately wants to meet somepony they dreamed of in their lifetimes. But it still feels very unpleasant.”

“Yeah I’m sorry I was out of control most of the time.” He looked at the ground feeling guilty.

“Don’t worry about it just be more careful next time. Does your hoof still hurt?”

“Not much, it’s just a little tender.” He said as he lifted his hoof. “Am I going to see you again?”

“Probably not. I’m still a princess and I have friends who missed me ever since I left Ponyville.”

“How can your friends miss you after just one day?”

“Pinkie Pie.” She answered. “Trust me she already misses me when I leave Ponyville.”

“Your friends are really that Important?”

“Their my best friends but… I know today didn’t last forever but... You can be my friend.” This made Star Tracker blushed nervously. “And even if we will never get the chance to hang out again, we can still be friends.” She walked closer to him which causes Tracker to back up.

“Umm Twilight I thought you wanted personal space.” But Twilight continued  to walk towards him.

“I do but there’s something I’m going to give you before I leave,” she said. Star Tracker got confused since he never thought that Twilight is standing close to him. Soon he was up against the deck wall. 

“Look, if there's anything you want me to repay you I can give you some ice cream, or anything!” Twilight rolled her eyes, smiling as she’s prepared to lean in slowly to him. “I’m happy that we had a fun loving vacation on the cruise but i feel like I should be-”

He was cut off when Twilight gave a kiss on his cheek. During that moment, his eyes are wide open and his face was in hot red. He never expected Twilight to give him an unexpected kiss. When Twilight pulled away, Star Tracker blushed hard and his legs shook.

“I really hope we will meet again.” Twilight giggled.

“Your a really good colt Star Tracker.” She said as she walked off to her castle, waving to Star Tracker who still stood in place. He smiled after the kiss he received from Twilight to the point he wishes he can meet her in the future again. Star Tracker who became a honorary member to Twilight’s family was the best day he ever had. While he’s still shaking from what just happen, he said his final words.

“Twilight, you are the best princess I have ever met.”

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