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Here I give my thoughts on Why Princess Luna From My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic has such a huge following and fanbase amongst the fans/bronies/pegasisters/community
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No offense... but there are a few things you can do to improve the video quality overall (seeing as you have an infinitely larger channel than I do, I'm surprised that I have the honor of relaying some of this)

  • You could really use a pop filter on that mic. That'll help with the audible popping of your p's (hence the name) that can be heard through the entire video
  • You repeat yourself A LOT. However, in the case of this video, the fix would be more tedious than difficult. This video is what we refer to as a screencast. The beauty of the screencast is that you can edit the audio track to smooth out your message without creating a series of jump cuts in the video track, and you'll seldom need to re-record anything. I've only had to re-dub in a small number of instances, and usually never more than a word or two to correct the tone for continuity

That's all I could really find wrong from a technical standpoint. Other than that, it's mostly pacing and audience retention. Personally, I quickly found myself impatient with the gaps of "dead air" that constantly occurred, often times in the middle of sentences. However, this was quickly remedied by watching on 2x playback speed, which should tell you all that you need to know about your pacing. I'm going to go ahead and say that removing most of the "dead air" (long periods of audio where nothing happens to contribute to your content in any way except length) as well as any consecutively repeated phrases (there was one point where you said "she rebels" 4 times in a row, with about 3 whole seconds of "dead air" in between repetitions) should trim your audio down to a length and pace that you'll hang on to a decent number of your viewers.

I struggle to find something positive to say, but I'm unfortunately coming up lacking. Out of curiosity, I pulled YouTube's auto-generated transcript of your video and copy/pasted it into MS Word, then proceeded to reformat it into something more readable. Just removing duplications (but not duplicate mentions), time stamps, stutters and formatting errors inherent to YouTube's transcription algorithm, 12 pages quickly became 3. Out of those 3 pages, I found myself left with "...[Luna] is rebellious... [we] can identify with her..." and several comparisons to Rarity, interspersed throughout a large amount of nondescript rambling.

Overall, I don't think there's anything I can really say by way of "good job" about this video. However, that's no reason for me not to give one last observation, as well as some advice based on my observations. Believe it or not, this video is less comparable to an MLP analysis than it is to a beginner Jazz soloist. This video was too random to have been scripted, meaning that you were likely attempting to improv the whole way through. This is fine, but even Louis Armstrong read the chord progression as he played his way into music history; likewise, I feel you would benefit from providing a structure to work off of. Whether you construct a full script, or just work from a list of bullet points and then elaborate on them, I don't really see any direction to go other than up.

Technical (weighted 70% of overall score): B-
Only minor improvements are really necessary. Pop filters are relatively cheap, running as low as $15-20 on Amazon, and you can find tutorials teaching you how to edit your audio on (ironically) YouTube
Content (weighted 30% of overall score): D+
Constant rambling, repeated words/phrases, and approximately 3 whole minutes of "dead air" interspersed throughout the video left much to want for, especially in department of overall structure. Much of this would likely be helped with a script and/or outline, which you would then utilize while recording. This is not helped by the static image that is left on the screen for approximately 95% of the video, which (of itself) could easily be remedied by simply adding more visuals. Ultimately, most viewers will likely stop watching after the first 2 minutes or so.

Final score: C+
Needs work. I look forward to seeing future improvements


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