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Dr Ned

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okay so i decided to start my own review thread on games

where i go back and review games from my past todays review is on this game

Image result for nights journey of dreams

i remember pickin this up at gamestop for i think $14 (not bad)

so lets get started on the review shall we?

okay so this game is trippy but i love it.

way its played you control  will and helen  each with their own back story emotional baggage, and inner demons that come to life though the forming of nightmares.

They meet up with nights a dream clown instanly so they bond with nights (ie nights fuses their esscense into his/herself)

To fly around in the world of nightopia (the dream world),

and theres this thing call idyea (esscesne of the human spirit).

so you play through each of the five main levels and unlock more of the story as you go along.

setting the stage for the big finale with wiseman and his right hand man reala its a simple concept but this game pulls it off very well.

Only gripe i have with the story that the cutscenes are unskippable so if you want to get stright to the action,

you'll have to sit through cutscenes that are a bit long (all though really well done cgi cut scenes) so theres that.

this game punishes failure as in you restart the entire chapter if you fail any mission or died during the boss battle but i feel like this is really pushing the line between challenging and unfair,

i mean yeah you can challenge the player but not like this that means you'll have to do every stage again fight every boss in that chapter again all because you slipped up.

If you run out of time you fail so if you get hit you lose 5 seconds which might affect your final score and that hurts your chance of getting the true ending.

The story's structure is a bit wonky and makes a few odd cuts like you get a cut scene telling a fair amount of the story then you get stuck in a odd area.

The other gripe i have with this game is that you cant hardly hear will and helen compared to the other characters as if the voice actors for those 2 are half asleep or mumbling thier lines.

the gameplay is a mixed bag id say use the wii mote and nunchuck or the gcn or classic controllers 

 the controls are a bit odd and will take some getting used to it's noticable when you are controlling will and helen they have molassis tank controls, 

its noticeable in aqua garden where will or Helen have to do some platforming to rescue nights.

and the turning around as nights is a bit slow but other then these few areas its passible for a wii game (though i wish they would take more care in tweaking these controls a bit better)

but the flight controls for nights (using nunchuck and wii mote) arent that bad.

heres an example of how inovative the gameplay is for one boss you are in a pitch black room as nights use the paraloop (do a loop as nights) to light up that chunk of the room and attack him directly you'll defeat him and every boss has their own gimmick and ways to defeat them i really like that bout the game gives the game some veretity.

the level design is beautiful it is a very beautiful game each level really pops out at you and each are more stunning then the last.

and i nearly forgot nights can get these persona masks which turns him/her into a rocket, dragon or a dolphin depending on the situation the usefulness of each one varies.

this game isnt terrible but there are some big problems i wish they would've sorrted out


so overall i give this game a 7/10







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This is one of those games I never had a chance to pick up, wish I had though. From what I understand it was one of those hidden gems that people liked back on the Dreamcast.

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