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In defense of that pearl theft argument scene (Movie SPOILERS!)

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So, about that part where Twilie attempted to steal the pearl and had argument with the rest of gang. I had to take a deep breath when that part happened. It was unexpected and rather uncomfortable.

But then I had a talk about this with @Sparklefan1234, @Celli, and @ChB. The former even called that an OOC case:




I do [think she went OOC]. I know Twilight apologized immediately but, it was still difficult to take how the "Princess of Friendship" could say something so hurtful to her best friends no matter how stressed she was.


The rest of us thought otherwise:




I don't think it was OOC, I think she was lost in the heat of the moment, it happens, regardless of who you are.



Pretty much in agreement to what you and Celli said. Twilight's behavior was not OOC. She was under so much pressure, and Pinkie was so blunt about her criticism, that it was only natural for her to get overly-defensive and snap at her friends in an attempt to tell them off.


And here is why, in my opinion.

In a matter of seconds Twilie witnessed how her land got practically conquered and other princesses fell to the invaders. That pretty much left her (and her friends) as the last frontier between Storm King and total domination over Equestria. Quite a responsibility, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, Capper: the first character that she and her friends chose to trust to you-now-know-which initial results. That certainly had a serious effect on Twilie’s trust to characters other than equestrians. That led her to hastily orchestrating their escape from pirate’s airship in fear of them turning her in to Tempest. Oh, how could I forget that Twilie had Tempest in hot pursuit after her? There, actually, she also quite frankly was frustrated when Dash got too carried away helping pirates get their jam back and performed sonic rainboom. Consequences, again, you already know.

And finally we have Seaquestria part. Twilie and friends made such a journey to find those who supposedly could be their only salvation in their fight against Storm King. And what did the ruler of “hippos” answered to them? “No”. Imagine what shock this was for Twilie to realize that they were just denied their supposedly only help. This is where responsibility got mixed up with desperation. And you know what desperate ponies might resort to: pretty much anything. She didn’t tell anything her friends because she knew they probably wouldn’t understand. But neither she wanted to argue about it because time was racing against them. Which is why she ended up going the deception road.

Of course, it ultimately failed to pay off and made things worse. The band got kicked out of Seaquestria and everypony were not happy with Twilie’s actions. She obviously explained the way things were, or at least how she sees it. But her friends only were looking at it from their perspective. This, combined with everything else, started to destabilize Twilie psychologically, which ultimately led to:

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“Well, maybe, I would've been better off without friends like you!!!

Twilie immediately regretted what she spitted out, and honestly wanted to apologize, but considering the power of certain words… Needless to say that this led to her morale being destroyed by regret, as well as questioning her place as friendship princess. Mane 5 also eventually started feeling bad about that and wanted to go and talk to Twilie. I think they finally saw things from her perspective and wanted to apologize. And hey, they did go to help her when she got captured. And to show how truly regretful she was about lashing out at her friends the first thing she does when they blast in (despite everything going on around) is that she apologized to them. And of course, everything was forgiven like it is with good friends.


To wrap things up, I just want to point out this one thing: Twilie, just like her friends, is not flawless. The words "princess" and "perfect" have never been synonyms. And besides, Twilie hasn't been a princess for as long as any other equestrian princess. She still has long way ahead of her.

"Sometimes ponies want more from a princess than you can give..."
                                                               - Cadance, 2017

What do you think, everypony?

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It is important to understand that anybody is capable of anything given the right motivation. And desperation is a very powerful motivation. It was unusual for Twilight to do what she did in normal circumstances but this were not usual circumstances. The pearl was, in her mind, one thing that could save Equestria, her friends, her family and people outside Equestria at that point weren't exactly friendly like ponies.

This is common complaint in regular episodes too, good people do stupid things that they regret.  

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If you want opinions, here is one: it shows how the movie as much as the series, don't know what to do with the her title. If Twilight was just some regular schmuck, that whole thing would be fine. But what is the point of saying that she is the princess of friendship, if she just loses faith in her beliefs over something that pretty much that happened every season?

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Well, I must say that the presentation above is a very well constructed defense of Twily with lots of different statements that lead to one logical conclusion to the considered situation. I for one completely support everything @Light Blade said, being of the same opinion and being a huge fan of our beloved Princess of Friendship.

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