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A very interestinc character, even though she falls for the standard "Serve the bad guy just cuz he promised you whatever". I like her colour palette a lot. I can relate to her picking a different name, her original one is just too long ^.^. I am resorting to calling her fizzles now.

Random Fact: Her german VA is a singer who's never done voice acting before. And boy, she did great, really got that bitter, dark and threatening tone across. And her version of "open your eyes" is definately my favorite song from the movie, though I'd really like to give the original a listen

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She's definitely the best part of the movie. Out of all the new characters (and even some of the old characters), she's the most developed and interesting, on top of easily stealing every scene she was in. Love edgelord pony.


Movie Spoiler:


Also, her actual name being Fizzlepop Berrytwist is fucking hilarious and was a great way of the show staff to make fun of themselves and the show

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