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Growing up in the 80s, I saw Hasbro do this with the G1 MLP Movie, The G1 G.I. Joe Movie and The G1 Transformers Movie. 
So I ask, will the same thing happen with the 2O17 MLP Movie?
Here I give my thoughts on that Possibility happening.
Comments are Welcomed

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Yes it was a practiced in the 80s, over three decades ago. But why would they do it now? None of the Equestria Girl movies became mini-series. The Movie is instead, like Equestria Girls, getting novel adaptations and novels and comics that expand the story.

And I can't stay silent anymore. It is a chore trying to listen to your videos. Mystic Thunder already wrote a giant review about what's wrong and what you can do to improve yourself, though honestly I don't think that you have charisma and voice to maintain audience attention. I know it is rude of me to say this but you keep insisting on making thread after thread with all your main points being in a video format. 

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