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Since I'm new here, I want to get a feel for what is okay on here and what's not. 


1. Promoting yourself is probably frowned upon, right? :ajlie: Different forums have different rules on this, so I just want to make sure what kinds of promotion are cool on here.

2. Are posting blogs/ articles on writing, grammar, story planning, and other writing-related advice okay on here? 


3. What about posting things like quizzes made for fun, story reviews, and contests?


I read the rules, but I still want to double check. Looking forward to being a part of this site!

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On 1) We have an art and fan-fiction section, which we have and has been used to post about one's own work. Though in my experience it's usefulness only really depends on who cares. But that goes for any thread to be honest.


On 2) Yes. The off-topic section at the bottom of the listing should do the trick.


On 3) Probably Forum Games or OT, depending on how it's set up. But I'm sure the mods can move it if you fuck up.

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1- Aaron is right, you can post your own work in the relevant subforums (music in Spotlight, etc...)


2- Writing tips and tutos would actually fit in this category


3-Quizzes would go in Pony Free, story reviews in FiM and contests in Events

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