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Twilight's Troubling Ordeal

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Twilight’s Troubling Ordeal


Part 1: Twilight's Flying Session

Twilight has just become a princess, and she has invited you (one of her friends) to Cloudsdale to watch her get trained to fly by the Wonderbolts. You accept this invitation because you think it would be funny to watch her fail, and because you want to spend some time with a very special friend. The event is private, so you only expect to see her and other friends she has. You arrive 30 minutes before she heads off to fly, but before you go and talk with Twilight you look at yourself in the mirror. You see your light blue body, with a dark red mane stare right back at you. You realize that your mane is a bit long for being a male.  You were supposed to trim it a few days ago, but forgot. Everything else looks fine to you, so you head out to meet Twilight. You go find her, and start talking with her. You talk about how happy you are for her on her alicornation, and explain that she earned it from all the hard work she has done for Equestria. She thanks you and gives you a big hug which you return back. You go and grab some refreshments, and talk about a few other things with Twilight before she heads out to start practice.

You head outside into the stands to watch, but before she starts flying you see her getting briefed. A few minutes later you see her begin to fly. She is moving very slowly, and you can tell she is having a bit of trouble controlling herself. About 20 minutes she begins flying a bit faster. She doesn't have enough control, and sometimes you see her flop into the clouds which make you chuckle. The other ponies there look at you weirdly, but let it go. They eventually start the cloud loops exercise. An exercise that teaches you control while turning. She begins, and goes through two before she loses control. However, this time her body jerks forcefully, and accelerates as she hits a wall sideways. Everypony there is shocked, and you can tell that this was somepony else's work. You go as fast, and as close as you can to Twilight, but you can't step on the clouds because you don't have wings. You are right above her in the stands. Twilight seems unknowing of what just happened, but you can tell she is hurting from the impact. You make out a piece of paper lodged between her, and the wall. It looks like someone intentionally placed it there. You ask Twilight to retrieve it which she does. She tells you she will try to meet you, and everypony else back in the room again if everything is okay with her.

              About an hour later she comes out. She has a bandage around her left wing. She says everything is okay for now, but she is concerned about the note that was there. She tells us that the note said what you witnessed was only a fraction of their power, and they could easily make it forceful enough to kill her. She also states we only have a week, and their demands are that they want full control over the weather factory. You become concerned, and ask Twilight how long she needs the cast for. She replies to you "5 days." You express extreme devotion in helping Twilight as does everypony else in the room. Twilight says two more things to you. First off, she tells you that everyone here could be hurt if you try to help me because the letter says, “anyone I find helping Twilight will die.” And she tells us at the end of the letter it reads “You ruined my life, and you will pay!" Still you decide the risk is worth it, and wait to start investigating.



Part 2: The Investigation Begins!

              The next day you go to Twilight's place back in Ponyville. It's midafternoon when you arrive. You enter and greet her before asking some questions. You ask her who could hate her for ruining their life? "I don't know." She replies. "I'm the princess of friendship. I would never want to do that." You tell her that someone obviously does, and you ask how can something like that can happen. She says that it was most likely a powerful magic that caused it. You ponder a bit before asking Twilight if you could have dinner before you go; which she agrees to do. You begin to eat, and all of the sudden it gets loud outside. "Hmmm it seems like a severe thunderstorm." She agrees, and you continue to eat. Before you finish eating all of the sudden the power goes out. Twilight lights the room with her magic while you finish. Once you finish you thank Twilight before you head out.

              You leave Twilight's place, and the rain has stopped, but in the back of your head you remember the note saying anyone who searches for me will die. The storm has knocked out power to most of Ponyville, and it's very dark and creepy outside. All you have is a low beam flashlight to look around with. It's not that good, and you know if there was a good time to become a victim it would be now. You continue walking around paranoid before you near your house. Everything is still quiet, and you still are creeped out as you reach your house. You become afraid that you will open your door and see the killer there. You slowly open it, and see nothing. You breathe a sigh of relief as you walk upstairs to your bed. You turn the corner, and panic all the sudden as you see something there, but you realize it's just a stand on the side of the short hallway that leads to your room. You open the door to your room, and head to sleep.

                The next day comes around, and you go back to Twilight's. You see her looking at pictures of her previous friends. As soon as you come in she tells you go spy on Cherry Hill. You ask why, and she says that I used to trample her crops as a foal. You say you don't think it's her, but Twilight still says you should go check them out. Once you get there you watch Everything she does secretively. Nothing seems out of the ordinary before someone comes behind you, and grabs you to turn you towards them. It's a Ponyville guard, and they tell you that your suspicious and you need to come with them. You quickly pull out the written paper that princess Twilight gave you that exempts you from most laws. The guard reads it, and sees that Twilight signed it before leaving. Just to make sure Cherry Hill isn't the criminal you go in, and ask her a few questions about Twilight. None of her responses seem suspicious, and you return to tell Twilight your findings. At her house you state what you found out. She is shocked because she thought it was her. She tells you to come back in 2 days because she needs time to think about it. You remind her we only have 5 days left. She says she knows before you head out. It's becoming dark, and you rush home. You get there before night arises, and go to sleep.

              You wake up the next morning to hear that someone has died. You recognize the picture of someone you saw at the event. You immediately realize that this could have been you. You feel a terrified, but at least you know he won't know it's you today because you aren’t doing anything.



Part 3: Twilight's Breakdown

              The next day comes, and you slowly proceed to Twilight's house in the afternoon. When you arrive, she senses something is off with you and asks, "did you see it...?"

"Yes, I did." You unfortunately tell her. Twilight seems very anxious, and upset like something is about to happen. She pleads for you not to leave her. "You're the last person left, and I don't want to die." She says while crying. You go up to her, and hug her for a long time. She just keeps crying, but eventually returns the hug. The crying still doesn't stop. You attempt to calm her down by saying "Don't worry. I'll be here with you. I'm not going to leave you." Her crying gets very loud for a few seconds before it hinders off into sniffles. She hugs you extremely tight for a few minutes before letting you go. She hands you something. She tells you it's a gun, and all Princesses have one for personal protection, but she's giving you it because you need to stay alive, and solve the mystery in order to save her. She tells you she has found 3 more possible suspects. She lists them out: Rose Ride, Moon Lilly, and Scarlet Letter. She tells you to visit Rose Rode today. You do everything like you did the first time on Cherry Hill, but you still don’t find anything. It is getting dark outside, so you decide to head back to Twilight's house. You make it there, and tell her what you found. She doesn’t like the results, but she tells you to come back tomorrow.


Part 4: The Walk

                 Once again you head out into the dark night to go home. There are some streetlights placed along the streets, but they are fairly far apart. Between each streetlight you walk by there is a section of darkness about 30 feet long. It has been 5 minutes, and you almost 1/4 of the way home, but there is still a long time until you get home safely. You feel a bit tense, and decide to pull out the gun Twilight gave you. There aren't that many ponies outside, but you see one every other minute on average. You continue to walk as you approach a burnt-out streetlight with a large segment of darkness. You decide to continue going because you have no other choice, but you still have thoughts going through your head. What if they come to close, and I can't react in time. I have this gun, but it can't do anything unless I can get it off in time. As you begin to walk towards the gap of darkness you hear a snap behind you. You turn around hastily, and a bit fearful of what you will see as you raise your gun. You see nothing, but you do see a bush, and realize by the loudness of the sound that a small fox or wolf broke the branch. You continue walking through the section of darkness with your gun raised incase anything comes out, and tries to attack you. You make it to the other end fine, but you still have some ways left to go. You lower your gun, and hold it by your side.

              You continue to walk towards your house.  You can tell you've made it most of the way there because you are coming to the area where the pathway narrows. Right after the pathway narrows, there are a series of bridges that connect some houses together. You know this area to be safe as it is well lit, and in an upscale area of Ponyville. However, you still feel like whoever threatened Twilight could be around here as well. As you walk through this area you don't see anything out of the ordinary. Everything....

              BANG! A loud shot goes off as it echoes throughout the general vicinity. Everypony around the area probably heard it, and it even could have caused some to panic. Your ears deafen a bit because the blast was so loud. Twilight never told you how much of a noise the gun made. You turn, and look over at what you shot as your heart is still racing a bit. You identify it to be a monkey that was playing on the low overhang. You are a bit sad, but know you had no time to identify the target, because if it was something bad it would have killed you. You continue walking forward, and get out to where the pathway widens again. You're getting very close to your house. Out of the corner of your eye you see the guards a way back looking at what happened. You keep moving, and try to quickly get home. For the remainder of the way you didn't have any other incidents. You think the gunshot might have scared off the villain if it was anywhere close to you. You enter your house, and quickly go up to your bed. You relax, and quickly fall asleep.



Part 5: The Perpetrator

              You arrive at Twilight's. It's still early in the morning, and she smiles as you walk in. "I'm glad you're back!" You talk to her for a bit, but hide about what you shot last night. She tells you to go visit Moon Lilly, and Scarlet Letter today. She tells you it might be Moon Lilly because she used to be a friend of mine, but I moved on from her and left her in the dark. Scarlet Letter was a mail pony I loved to trick a long time ago, and maybe they want revenge. You acknowledge Twilight, and head out. You should have enough time to do both of them.

              You decide to spy on Moon Lilly first. You approach her house, and peer in the window. What you see at first is a lot of books, and a large desk which is probably where she does her work. It seems like she might have been a rival of Twilight before, but you wonder why a rival would want to kill. A few minutes later you see her come out of the room, and into the room where you're watching. You duck as you see her walk in, but you can tell it looks like she's going to the front door. She opens it, and grabs the daily paper at front. When the door closes you look back inside. She sits down, and looks at the paper which you already read earlier in the morning. She smiles, and you get tipped off that something isn't right. You decide to go get some coffee, and come back 1/2 an hour later to ask some questions.

              You arrive back, and knock on the door. She answers it. "Who is this? I've never seen you before." You reply that you're a friend of Twilight, and you want to ask her a few questions about how you feel about her. "Psssh, Twilight..." She replies. "Sure, but you might not like what I have to say about her." You both sit down, and begin asking her some questions about Twilight.

"How long did you, and Twilight know each other for?"

"3 years. We used to be friends, and liked to study together, but she just randomly left me without saying anything. It devastated me." You get a frown on your face from her response, but ask her the next question.

"Do you think you pushed her away?"

She firmly replies "No! I did nothing to get her to dislike me! She just left!"

You follow up by asking "So I assume you didn't like Twilight becoming an alicorn, and becoming the princess of friendship."

"Exactly!" She replies. "She isn't even worthy of it! I was her friend, and she just left me. That isn't what a princess does." You reluctantly agree with her as you feel like what she says is correct. You slip up, and say that Twilight is scared that she would die.

She instantly replies "How would you know that? Are you one of them?"

"One of them?" You reply confused.

"You know the ones helping Twilight." She gets annoyed, and unknowingly mumbles "Why does anyone even help her she should just die."

"Would you help Twilight if I asked you to?"

"No, I won't help her! She doesn't deserve help, and she sure doesn't deserve yours! You're just helping someone I hate! Now get out!"

     You leave, and head back to Twilight's in a rush. When you arrive, she asks you why you're back so soon. You tell her you're 85% sure that you know it's Moon Lilly, and tell her that she said a lot of key words that only the one who is behind it would know. She acknowledges you as she calls Celestia, and Luna to bring some guards to raid the place. She says we will do it tomorrow morning, but in the meantime, I'll grab Rainbow to guard me. I'll be back in about 20 minutes. She returns with Rainbow, and Twilight says you can leave now, but you tell her you think Moon Dancer knows your helping Twilight, and you think she will come after you tonight. You kneel down, and ask Twilight if you can stay the night with her. She chuckles a bit, and says "Sure! Follow me." You head up to her room, and hand her the gun back saying you don't need it anymore. As she inspects it she notices a bullet missing, and asks what happened. You feel nervous, but say a monkey was playing around on some low overhangs bear my eye level. I didn't have time to identify it because if it was the villain I would have probably died. She says "Don't worry. You know what you had to do protect yourself, and me." Twilight jumps in bed.

"Where do I sleep?" you ask.

"In bed with me silly. You deserve it for saving me by finding the villain." You get in bed next to her, and she rests her wing on you. You seem a bit surprised, but enjoy it. "Goodnight" Twilight says.



Part 6: The Raid

    You don't feel like it's been long before Twilight wakes you up. “It's time.” Twilight says. You get up, and see it's 5 AM.

"5AM!" You say surprisingly.

"Yes, 5AM. We need to make sure to be there before they get up." Twilight says you will meet everyone there. You arrive, and everyone is already set up.

"Ready?" The guards ask.

"Yes." Twilight confirms. Celestia casts a spell on the house to prevent any magical spells from being cast inside of it to make the raid safer. As soon as the spell is casts you hear lots of noise from inside. She probably felt the change from the spell. Because magic doesn’t work anywhere on, or inside the house the guards set charges to the door. You hear, and see a small explosion, and then the guards rush in the house. You can hear a lengthy fight going on inside before she comes out with a lead helmet on her to prevent her from casting any magic spells. She is loaded into a trailer, and sent off to await trial. About 10 minutes later a guard comes out with some evidence proving it was her. Twilight immediately comes up to you, and hugs you tightly. "You saved me!" She says excitingly. "Come back to the castle with me. I have something I want to tell you before you go.”

     When you get back to Twilight's castle she thanks you again, and says "If you ever need anything just ask.” “Thank you for everything!" You think about the ordeal for a while, and remember a few things you've done with each other. You get the courage to tell Twilight something that you might want your favor to be.

"Twilight; I have really enjoyed the time I had with you, and you are an amazing friend. I really like you, and I can tell that the actions you have been doing you really like me. For the one favor I get I would like to ask you if I can move into the castle with you, so we can be together." She immediately perks up, and has a blank moment for 2 seconds before rushing over to you. She hugs you tightly, and teasingly knocks you over before yelling "YES! I can't believe that this is actually happening! This is the best thing I could have wished for!" she proclaims.

"I feel the same way Twilight." You both stand up together as Twilight leads you around the castle.



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