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Overall, it's a good episode for Halloween time.  The only thing fans take issue with , might be the message.  But when one looks at it, the message/moral is something we all deal with at some points in our life.  And what that is, is even if we don't like something at first, how we will we know we don't like it if we don't try.  And even after we try, the we can decide wither or not to give it a shot again in the future.

I also did like some of the references to anime like Sailor Moon, Utena, Dragonball, etc...  And wither people will like or not, I did like the little (subtle) RarityxSpike moments they threw at us towards the end, as well as have Spike near Twilight during certain moments.  So I did like those little tidbits.

One thing I might have changed is, if her Friends know Fluttershy will give it a shot, hoping she may join them every year for Nightmare Night as a result, shouldn't they have at least tried to tone it down for her enjoyment, or at least take the time to teach her the finer points of the holiday and how to enjoy it.  I'm just saying.

But Overall , A Good Episode for Halloween Time.  Here's hoping we get another Nightmare Night/Halloween episode in season 8.  God Bless!

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